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KNSB 91.1
Kick ass who is playing ???
By: Aaron Borodychuk on April 5, 2020

KJZC 90.5
Hello! My name is Delores Dryden and I am ordained under Joan Hunter Healing Ministries out of Tom Bsll Texas and I also am a Motivational Speaker! If you can use my talents to encourage, edify & lift up...dont hesitate to contact me at 406-407-5541 for a quick interview! Thank You for reading this! PASTOR DELORES DRYDEN
By: Delores Dryden on April 5, 2020

WVXS 104.1
Imagine my surprise when I was going down the radio dial and found that your format had changed to rock. Sounds good! Don't go wimpy like 106.1. What they play isn't rock, it's mostly what was heard on Top 40 stations. Keep up the good work.
By: Walter Gostowski Jr on April 5, 2020

WSHT 100.1 THE RESTART TASK FORCE !! ... Getting Our Economy Back. Blue Collar Logic
By: Listener on April 5, 2020

WWJB 1450
Would like to talk to you about a 30 min Sunday Church Service... 407-474-7847 (Brooksville, Florida)
By: Pastor Leonard O'Donnell on April 5, 2020

WELT 95.7
I'm searching for a radio station that features local musicians/composers in their programming. I am a composer who has recorded 16 of my original compositions at Sweetwater Sound. They exist in CD form. The music ambiance is basically orchestral with orchestral instruments, concert piano along with chorus. There are actually melodies requiring no drum beats or singing/shouting. They are simply music in orchestral format. If your station does not feature such programming, would you know of any other stations in the area that would? Thanks. Ray Beights, Ed.D. (
By: Ray Beights on April 5, 2020

WHRZ 104.1
Thank You for adding "DROWNING" by Skylee Shea to your playlist! If you would like to interview Skylee, or have her do any liners for your station (or both), please feel free to reach out & reply. Thank You! Blessings, Wes Richardson - Public Relations ENCOR MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC

95.7 The Jet Seattle (KJR)
carona virus I think we need to get ALL radio stations in the world to get together every day, (say 5PM) and play the same upbeat song, different every day. my choice for the first one is We are the world run with it - make it happen thanks in advance bill
By: bill boender on April 5, 2020

92.1 The Wolf (WOHF)
Do you take requests
By: Home girl on April 4, 2020

100.1 Jack FM (WRHN)
Join the Jump around Wisconsin group
By: Anonymous on April 4, 2020

WCCH 103.5
#1.Baby Don't Lie Gwen Stefani
By: Emily Glover on April 4, 2020

KAGU 88.7
KAGU needs to stream on Tunein or iHeart radio. I'm an alumni of Gonzaga and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would love to listen to them here in California.
By: Kevin Ashford on April 4, 2020

KQED 88.5
what happened to 88.5 and 104.9 ??? I can’t get my classical opera and music 🎼 🎵 🎼🎶 ????
By: Carrole on April 4, 2020

WEVR 106.3
Please get an announcer who can read script without mispronouncing words & long pauses when he loses his way while reading. TJ Campbell is a terrible announcer. It's very frustrating to try & listen to your station when he is doing the announcing....far from professional.
By: Anonymous on April 4, 2020

WXJB 99.9
Joe Pags is not on? What happened to my favorite show from Noon -3 PM Saturdays. 4-4-20.
By: JOHN MARSHALL on April 4, 2020

WSHT 100.1
Has anyone ever thought about using Amtrak to move stabilized patients from large metro hospitals to smaller hospitals where resources are available.
By: Listener on April 4, 2020

KVDR 94.7
Baby doll mackenzie sounds hot on radio!👍
By: Ruben on April 4, 2020

WSHT 100.1
NY is asking manufacturers for PPE, yet there are millions of people that are sitting in their homes, they have school's and businesses that have the equipment available but the trainable man power is sitting at home. Just my two cents.
By: Listener on April 4, 2020

104.3 WBBQ
I love your station please stop playing the same songs over and over , how many times do we hear Jessie’s girl . Get off the loop of playing same songs all day long.
By: Laura on April 4, 2020

WSHT 100.1
If the coastal cities are in such a need of beds why don't they utilize cruise ships as temporary hospitals. The ships have rooms, beds, bathrooms, showers, water, power, heat, cooling, etc for each room. Most of them are capable of housing several thousand patients and maybe some loved ones that want to be near by. These ships can basically be turned into hospitals in a matter of hours. Just my two cents.
By: Listener on April 4, 2020

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