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KCLW 900
I think it’s off the air? What happened to the office in the downtown area appears to be closed? Any updates and DJ’s?
By: Michael on May 7, 2022

WVKB 101.5
What happened to this station?
By: Thomas on May 6, 2022

105.1 The Bone (KYSX)
I really dig the format you guys offer. Super deep cuts from way back and good local tunes.
By: Beau on May 6, 2022

WGNY 98.9
Miss Bob O, not a big fan van in the morning
By: Kathy on May 1, 2022

NewsRadio 950 (WWJ)
Love this station. Listen alot. But have to make Erin stop making those mouth, lip smack noises. Disgusting & I have turn station off. Thank you
By: Kelle on May 1, 2022

WBQR 104.3
Sounds like elevator music. All nicey nicey string music from the 17th & 18th centuries. Nothing to make a person think or experience passion. Nice for a Brookfield audience, I guess.
By: Andy on May 1, 2022

FM 106.1 (WMIL)
I miss Rick Jackson's Sunday morning music. Please bring him back.
By: Anonymous on May 1, 2022

KRZX 106.1
Great station. Wonderful song play list. Sounds like my college Station in the 70s. Please go online so I can listen in Denver. Keep up the good work and great tunes.
By: Joe W on May 1, 2022

Classic Oldies 90.3 FM (WRBK)
I love this station. It takes me waaaaaay back!! I also enjoy it being free from a lot of commmercials. Wow brings back so many memories!😊
By: Bunny on April 30, 2022

Oldies 96.5 (KIKO)
They recently changed their library and now play songs that they didn't before. One new song to the playlist is Mambo number 5. They really stands out like a sore thumb. In addition to the change in library was a huge drop in audio quality. If they fix the audio and drop Mambo number 5 I would probably listen more.
By: Anonymous on April 30, 2022

KQMI 88.9
I live locally.. once heard a local bluegrass show out here cant find it since.. I have been looking to donate or lend 100’s hrs. Of Live digital recordings of very rare collaborations.. small venue shows, festival etc.. per example complete sets of Chris thile & david Grier, norman blake .. and others. Other not quite traditional but branch artists as well. Wouldnt be adverse to hosting a weekly hour as well.. any ditection or help would be appreciated
By: Charlie on April 29, 2022

KXQT 105.9
Found this station while in the area on business, wish I could listen online! Love it.
By: Luis on April 28, 2022

KXQT 105.9
Thanks for bringing Tejano radio station back to west tx it's been a long time.
By: Melissa on April 28, 2022

WPJB 93.3
If you like the sounds of A-cappella styled music, I have more of those songs premiering on air too.
By: Dan Presley on April 28, 2022

WPJB 93.3
More new songs are being added to the mix. Hope these new adds will bless, strengthen and encourage you, in some way.
By: Dan Presley on April 28, 2022

KRUS 1490
While attending La. Tech I worked part time at KRUS as an announcer on weekends, filling in when regulars had off or were on vacation. That was 1958-60, and my only source of spending money. An English-Speech major, I went on to work in TV and Radio before entering the Coast Guard Officer Training Program. As Public Information Officer in Miami from 1962 to ‘65, I handled news briefings concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis and mass refugee exodus. My learning curve was steep and swift! My early days at KRUS and TV announcing jobs paid extra dividends. I am 83 years old and retired from 35 yrs in Corporate. Communications! Make your KRUS days count! LARRY LARANCE
By: Larry Larance on April 27, 2022

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Joe, Glad to help! Yeah, Amy Lawrence is CBS, my bad. Sincerely, ZBG
By: ZBG on April 26, 2022

99.1 FM Talk Radio (KKFT)
Why was Lars Larson not on at 4 pm today. I’m not crazy about Markley-VanKamp&Robbins. I listen to your station all day but when they come on I change to another network
By: Kemp on April 26, 2022

104.1 The Edge (KTEG)
The reception for 104.1 in Albuquerque is poor the last few days. What gives?
By: Jan on April 25, 2022

Newsradio Orlando WFLA 540 (WFLF)
What happened to Bud Hettinger
By: Justin G on April 25, 2022

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