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WRSK 97.5
Just found your radio station and I can't believe my ears. Keep the oldies coming. Great college station. John from Sparta.
By: John on October 18, 2022

WAXT 98.9
I discovered this station by mistake 2 years ago. No loud DJ. Minimal commercials. Conservative news on the hour. Spirituality/church on Sundays, with no commercial classical music after from 10:00 to 11:00. A dream come true! I'm looking for a song that you play. Google is unable to pick it up the tune. I have no idea who sings it or the name of it. Is a playlist available?
By: Jim on October 17, 2022

WIOM 101.7
Good evening, Thank you for your wonderful programming!
By: Eric on October 16, 2022

Amor 93.1 FM (WPAT)
I don’t see the point of this radio station since it’s a Mega and La X . There’s is another radio station called Que Buena NY which is very similar to what Amor used to be but it’s only online and through Uforia/ IHeart radio apps but at least it has most of the romantic / AC music Amor used to air if not even more but it’s very good and I recommend it
By: Bringbackspanishac on October 14, 2022

Real 92.3 (KRRL)
I miss 92.3 The Beat
By: Rafael Lua Salazar on October 13, 2022

KQBK 104.7
Why is about every 5 minutes the sound goes off on the songs?
By: Dan on October 13, 2022

Seaview 104.9 (WCVU)
We are new listeners and very much enjoy your Station. However, while the announcer Todd Matthews is no doubt a very nice, knowledgeable radio professional, we immediately change stations while he is on. His voice is grating and annoying and does not “keep us relaxed”..unfortunately just the opposite. Hoping you can replace him with another announcer and find another responsible position for him.
By: Tom and Marie L. on October 13, 2022

KPPS 97.5
Best kept secret on FM! I hear you in West St. Paul!! Where is your cult? I want to join and expand!
By: Mike on October 12, 2022

WBXE 93.7
Play Lissie ... When I'm Alone & Night Moves If u got anny BALLS! Thank u
By: Lin P on October 12, 2022

WUTT 95.5
Best play list EVER! If you made your playlist 90% SMALLER you could be just another commercial station!?? Thank you for so much great listening!
By: Joezen on October 11, 2022

Southern Gospel Music 93.9 (KGGM)
Thanks for playing our single "Just Sing"! Murray Galloway Galloway & Co
By: Murray L Galloway on October 11, 2022

WMUK 102.1
Why are you NOT playing classical music on 89.1 ??? It is just noise talk and noise music.
By: martin on October 11, 2022

KCUP 1230
What happened to the patrot radio
By: Lyons on October 10, 2022

WCFW 105.7
My wife and I are very unhappy with the new format of music. Unfortunately, we will be looking for a new station.
By: Gerald on October 10, 2022

WRCS 970
I Love the new set up,Good music .Keep up good work God Bless you All
By: Geraldene on October 10, 2022

WSHT 100.1
Where do you find some of this crazy music?
By: Listener on October 10, 2022

WGNR 97.9
On September 23 in the morning I heard a talk to young men. I was familiar with the speaker but cannot recall the name. I would appreciate if you could give me that information. It was an excellent talk to young men.
By: E. Yoder on October 7, 2022

KRLC 1350
Why can’t I get your call in classifieds? I tried Nothing.
By: Tami on October 7, 2022

WCFW 105.7
I would like you to post updates on the Silver Alert in Rusk County now. I'm sad my polka music is gone. It had been a great way to start my day.
By: Cindy on October 7, 2022

WISY 92.5
Please, the name of the singer I just heard singing “world don’t mean nuthin’ without a woman or a girl. Musta come on around 1:47, just now. Thanks in advance. KimZ
By: Kim on October 6, 2022

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