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KRZX 106.1
Great station, found by accident, you rock!
By: Dana on January 22, 2020

Bayou 95.7 (WKBU)
In reference to the body hanging over canal street. Easy to put up tarp, not so easy to remove a body that is pinned under rubble.
By: Joe pittman on January 22, 2020

WWLZ 820
how do like censorship?why would anyone listen to silly music? rush is on internet radio EVERYWHERE!,
By: Anonymous on January 22, 2020

590 KQNT
I have listened to your station for thirty years and you have made some bad changes before but you are really blowing it again. Put Glenn Beck back at 3 where he belongs and put Buck back where he was. You are going to loose a lot of listeners and you can count me among them if you Don't fix your mistakes.
By: Vanessa Miller on January 22, 2020

106.5 WSFL
I have a question. A few days ago you guys ran a clip of a person talking about reburying this mans brother next to his mother. The guy said a man at the funeral home asked him to bring his brothers nicest shoes so they can put them on him for the viewing. The guy telling the story said “that’s weird, you can’t see his feet anyways.” Later on he says when he dug up his brother, he wasn’t wearing any shoes. so the man at the funeral home must be wearing his brothers shoes. Anyways, i was wondering if there was a way to find this online. I would love to show my dad, it was very funny.
By: Austin on January 22, 2020

590 KQNT
WOW! BUCKS GONE AND MORNING EXPRESS? And added more looney Glenn Beck! WTF is goin on with the program manager. Been a faithful listener for years several hours a day but not anymore. You'll lose 25% of your audience within a month because of these asinine changes. SAD
By: Wake up call on January 22, 2020

WLKX 95.9
Discovered your station last year and had it on every day for several hours. Since Jan 2020, you've added a lot of 50's and 60,s and we won't be tuning in anymore, can't stand it! Please go back to your 70's, 80's and 90's!
By: Dave on January 22, 2020

94.9 KCMO
You should listen to Melissa Ethridge’s Chiefs Song. It’s on YouTube. It’s great.
By: Tina Arnett on January 22, 2020

K-Love 89.1 (KLVK)
We have attempted no less than 3 times to contact KLove to ask for their assistance with promoting our Christian Women's Program, called HIDING HURTING & HEALING. Our Program begins Thurs Feb 6th, 2020 from 6:30 p.m- 8:30 pm and the program runs Thursday nights until March 26th/20 We had successfully promoted our 8 WK program with Klove for the past 14 yrs and had even been announced over the air-waves, for which we are grateful. I have e mailed and phoned Klove but without any success. I have more information but we are asking if someone could help us get this news out to hurting women. Sincerely, Rita Havel c/o Hiding Hurting Healing c/o Fountain Hills Christian Center Church phone # 480-837-3735 My Cell # 480-287-6461
By: Rita Havel on January 21, 2020

K-Love 89.1 (KLVK)
Okay, So I recently asked my dad to give me one of his many mp3 player, AGPTEK. Its an old model bu guess what, it has FM tuning capabilities and I have K-love radio at my finger tips. I am super excited that I will be running with my music. I first had of K-love playing in someone's car and it blessed my soul. When I finally learnt how to drive, it was the first station I programmed in. I am super excited now. My phone is not the best to have radio on as it drains the charge. Now, I can slowly save up and buy a new phone while I enjoy music through out.
By: JK on January 21, 2020

590 KQNT
Where is my morning news, traffic, business report, etc.????? This is what got me safely and sanely to work every day on my 1 hour commute! PLUS I really enjoyed listening to the Glenn Beck show ON THE WAY HOME every afternoon. (Buck Sexton is ok, but....) Did someone get fired there? Signed, saddened commuter.
By: loyal morning commute listener on January 21, 2020

590 KQNT
You have replaced the Morning News Express with Glenn Beck? Seriously? He's the most obnoxious host on radio and this doesn't give the listeners any useful information while they are preparing for their day. Big mistake. Are you trying to ruin your business or what?
By: Kaniksu Kidd on January 21, 2020

KJRT 88.3
I am looking to buy some airtime. At the Clements Unit we have 3800 inmates and 1050 staff. Many of them listen to Christian radio many hours a day. If I could buy/rent airtime on a regular basis, I can address them and do Disciple Making over the radio, as God leads and provides. is my business email, but the ministry would be Thank you
By: Chaplain Jack McCarty on January 21, 2020

590 KQNT
The first week I didn't hear the Morning News Express, I thought maybe folks were on more vacation. The second week I started getting concerned. No more traffic reports, no more weather reports, no more local news. 590 has been in institution going back to the days of my grandparents. And suddenly it's all the syndicated big talk shows all day. That's very unhelpful during the morning and afternoon commute, when things like traffic reports are key to making sure I'm taking a good route. And also to find out there has been absolutely no news about this at all. The web site changes, it takes nearly an act of God to get a response on the facebook page, this isn't how to conduct business professionally. Sadly, I'll have to find a different station to listen to now. The unfortunate outcome is that even if 590 decides to change back, it will have lost listeners who may never even know it did change back (if it does). I can understand change, but this wasn't done very well, and doesn't improve my commute.
By: Daily Commute Listener on January 21, 2020

WOOG 92.7
I found this station accidentally. I’m so happy to hear REAL country not country-pop where the melodies are all the same along with the lyrics. There’s so much great music that I have turned my nephew who relocated to Texas onto it. I want to find out more and more about WOOG. Someone really knows their stuff to play such important music. THANK YOU!!
By: Kmr on January 21, 2020

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Hi, thank you for playing the new single from Jeff Leonard "Saturday's for the Boys" !
By: Dana Moody on January 21, 2020

KMFO 98.1
I love this radio station! It's a welcome relief from the usual radio programming in town.
By: Ruth on January 21, 2020

ALT 106.3 (KDXA)
I am extremely disappointed that you have replaced The Woody Show with sports talk radio. I began listening to your channel exclusively over other morning programs like Kiss's Elvis Duran Show when it came on and loved the blend of talk and music. I am glad to hear the KXNO crew got their jobs back but in your station's tone deafness you have swung the pendulum too far by replacing a much loved nationally broadcast show with content that only a small percentage of listeners are fans of. I have removed 106.3 from my preprogrammed stations and will not be supporting you any longer. Bring back The Woody Show.
By: Laura on January 21, 2020

Relevant Radio 890 (KIHC)
Station 8.90 has been off air in Los Osos since Saturday Jan 11. Is this permanent?
By: Rochele Ullum on January 21, 2020

106.9 Kiss FM (WKZA)
Hello My name si Jose Sanchez and I’m the president of Los Contrincantes Car Club of Jamestown NY we will be hosting a big car show at Bergman park and would like information on how It can be promoted on your radio station?
By: Jose Sanchez on January 21, 2020

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