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Cave 97.7 (KAVV)
It is sad that Paul Lotsoff, the owner of KAVV-FM passed away of natural causes while working alone in his station in the wee hours of the morning of October 4th. At times he was contrversial, but he deeply cared about the small town he brought a radio station to. Running a radio station in a small town with limited advertisers is very difficult. Mr. Lotsoff worked tirelessly to keep the station going. The station is currently being sold and I hope the new owners remember the legacy Mr. Lotsoff brought to Benson, Arizona.
By: R.T. Kensington on November 12, 2022

KRWL 97.7
By: SAL on November 9, 2022

Y-101 (KWYE)
Whats up the station is so fuzzy!?
By: Cat on November 9, 2022

WYFG 91.1
Today Nov. 9th,22 a lady Speaker was on the radio. Her name was Sonia that’s all I know. She had a WONDERFUL MESSAGE! I would like to know if she has a page I can find her , please. I would love to hear more from of her sermons. Thanks!
By: Etta on November 9, 2022

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Less talk more music. Other than traffic and weather. All I want to hear is music. And Kady Cruz needs to keep her political views to her self.
By: Janice on November 7, 2022

WRSK 97.5
Love Dave the Rave on Saturday nights. The station is really great.Thanks Sussex County Community College for your tremendous sounding radio station. Janet Branchville, NJ
By: Janet on November 7, 2022

WSHT 100.1
Where can I listen to you online?
By: Mary on November 7, 2022

KOMA 92.5
I grew up listening to KOMA while my best girl sat next to me in my car which I spent pay check after pay check preparing my girl to host me and what later became my wife to drag the loop in Leadville. The car is long gone, but my wife still sits next to me after 56 of marriage. Now welcome the mystic moments we had once again with KOMA.
By: Perry on November 6, 2022

KENJ 104.5
Really enjoyed the music I don't speak Spanish but hope to learn by listening to the worship of God Jesus and the Holy Spirit Thanks for what you do
By: Bruce on November 5, 2022

Channel 99.9 (WCHD)
Stop Playing Running in the hill by kate rush
By: Dalton on November 3, 2022

KERW 101.3
played on Tuesday 11/01/2022 7:50pm-7:54pm please!!
By: Rio on November 2, 2022

WLRD 96.9
Do you have a play list. I moved here from Atlanta Ga. area. I recognize a lot of the performers but can't remember all their names.
By: Bill on November 1, 2022

New York Jewish Radio 107.9 (WMDI)
Hi! How can I reach the JEWISH RADIO STATION ?
By: Sandy on November 1, 2022

WLRW 94.5
love this station!
By: tyler on October 31, 2022

WTYE 101.7
i like the station! cuz it containing my favorite classic hits from david bowie.
By: megan on October 31, 2022

WPEZ 93.7
Was listening to your station Sunday morning about 9:30. He was giving a sermon about being more committed to the world, instead of God, and corruption of our political leaders. Would like to know how to obtain a copy of the sermon. Thank you
By: Steven on October 31, 2022

WKZI 800
why is it gone?
By: tyler on October 28, 2022

News Talk 820 (WBAP)
Just wanted to know if the contest is over...I wait everyday for the word
By: Lea on October 27, 2022

WMCQ 91.7
I was on my way to work this morning Oct 26 and a program was on at 7;30. In the 5 minutes I listened I found it very interesting but I had to get to work so I have no idea who it was or how I can listen to the program that was on at 7:30 am again. Can you help me find his name and direct me so I can hear the entire program. Bob Rosenberg
By: Robert on October 26, 2022

KPSH 90.9
Hearing a speech by your announcer on station 90.9 And disgusted by his political views! Embracing socialism! Nothing wrong with Socialism! Do you people even know what it is? Its you Social Security, your medicare and medicaid, its our safety net! Jesus wants us all to have a safety net. Amen
By: Libby on October 24, 2022

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