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WDXM 98.9
Thank You Ray and Rock a couple weeks back I requested the song Hot Rod Lincoln and responded saying you had it in the lineup and that You did. I believe it was 5:20 today Saturday July 7th as I was working in my garage listening to WDXM and you played hot rod Lincoln. thanks Again.
By: gerald bowser on July 8, 2018

KQUI 100.3
Ivy and Teddy outsold!
By: Daniel on July 8, 2018

KGUD 90.7
Greatly enjoy your recent broadcast of music ( some old favorites and some newer but excellent as well ) employing SYNTHESIZER. I am a fan of quality electronic music, and this is a little taste of it! It is often thought of as "mood music". Thank you.
By: John on July 8, 2018

WEGW 107.5
Been into radio (literally!) since I was a kid...Former two way/satcom tech, ham radio call N3KEX. Cleaning up my station and consistently receive your signal (S8) on my Icom R9000. Antenna is a discobe at 20 feet AGL, 1/4 inch hardline run to my Stridesberg Engineering Active multicoupler. With the preamp off, still a solid clean signal, although a S1. Excellent waves! Pittsburgh stations blow so my station is WEGL, The Rock of Wheeling! ed
By: Ed Hutton on July 8, 2018

KFEL 970
unable to get the chaplet of mercy and the rosary in the afternoon on kfel at 3pm
By: Adolph Koroshetz on July 8, 2018

KDOO 101.5
This is the best station in Portland! It’s about time we got a station that plays real hip-hop and the funkiest old school jams.
By: Anonymous on July 8, 2018

KRDX 98.5
This is a great station, the music is awesome! But you really need to do something about your broadcast signal! Turn up that dial!
By: M. Aguilar on July 7, 2018

WFXJ 107.5
I can't find you guys online,I cant find 107.5 online, Im in lake county and live in a radio dead zone. I would like to listen online.
By: Steve milosic on July 7, 2018

WLPS 89.5
Who sings I've done done what you to me to do? I heard it on the radio on July 7, 2018. it was sung the fast way. thank you
By: Sherry Thurman on July 7, 2018

WKYE 96.5
Hi my name is Mr Kevin Gaskins wanted to know if your station having any contest for the smokey Robinson concert if so could you please let me know either way thanks.
By: Kevin Gaskins on July 7, 2018

KVRO 101.1
Where are you located physically? What is your phone contact information?
By: Shelia on July 7, 2018

KSPI 93.7
Where are you physically located? How do I contact you via phone?
By: Shelia on July 7, 2018

WIKY 104.1
I would like have listing of songs or the audio track songs you played during the 4 of July fireworks. I had my radio set to FM 104.1 but my tape recorder only record a few min. I had set my recorder from 9:00 to 9:45 pm. Thank you
By: James Rose on July 7, 2018

WZBZ 99.3
I would like to get in contact with the DJ of this station but there is no email provided
By: Ken MacLean on July 7, 2018

WKVP 106.9
Hello my name is Cynthia Miller I am a volunteer with the Camden Coalition of Health Care Providers we are having our 2nd Annual TAKE BACK OUR HEALTH outreach. Please respond as to how we can submit our flyer to your community calendar so we can inform the Camden Community of our event. Please respond to this email address with the procedure. If you require additional information please contact the CCHP at 856-965-9510, Whitney Buchmann Thank you.
By: Cynthia Miller on July 7, 2018

WCSW 940
What happened to the talk radio format. This is the 21st century. Nobody listens to rock on AM radio stations anymore. You might as well flip the transformer switch off and save the electricity. Nobody is listening.
By: Jim on July 7, 2018

KAUM 107.1
Beautiful music though
By: Anonymous on July 6, 2018

KCRS 103.3
Beautiful music this station plays
By: Anonymous on July 6, 2018

KAUM 107.1
Your not on satellite radio
By: Anonymous on July 6, 2018

KAUM 107.1
Great station great music
By: Adam on July 6, 2018

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