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KSQM 91.5
Great Radio Station playing terrific oldies and very good announcers.
By: Gabriella on July 6, 2021

K-Love 107.5 FM (KLVE)
I was wondering what songs were playing today July 5th, 2021 between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm today if you know please Thank you
By: Marcus on July 6, 2021

KEEH 104.9
The finest contemporary Christian station I've ever listened to or heard. I adore it's worship theme..& yes...I do's easy with the grand music they provide. I've never heard such beauty.
By: Sharon on July 6, 2021

WMOS 102.3
I just found your station on the dial. I’m listening to you guy from Fall River, Massachusetts. Keep on Rocking! Can’t tell you how happy I am to listen to some great rock! Rock On!
By: Bill on July 5, 2021

KAHM 102.1
on June 16, 2021 your announcer had about 15 seconds of dead air at 10:37 AM. On July 2nd, 2021 your announcer / DJ had about 60 seconds of dead air at 10:15 PM. I believe he needs to get his act together. Dead air is lost revenue from advertisements. I have been listening to KAHM for many years and this had not happened in the past.
By: J. Burris on July 5, 2021

WKSH 97.7
Come on someDonnieH.,WillieH.,Ojays,Blue Magic, Delfonics,Emotions ,Johnny T.,etc.
By: J L on July 5, 2021

WNLB 97.7
LISTENED TO YOUSUN,7/4/21 ALL DAY! Please keep it going.
By: Jamison on July 5, 2021

89.9 WEVL
Great show.Rocked all the way to the casino in my WEVL shirt! Thanks Man🤘
By: Gabriel on July 4, 2021

WNAH 1360
Glad I found WNAH 1360 am, need more like it to hear messages from The Book of books, uplifting!
By: Dave on July 4, 2021

KINS 106.3
Used to be loyal listener,,,,BUT commercial load has became overbearing. Station seems owned by mexican restaurant...and same ads over and over. Tune in seldom these days. The way of radio these days. We listen to satellite only when in car.
By: Mark on July 4, 2021

1640 The Patriot (KDZR)
I cannot get any radio reception for 1640 A.M., what happened ? just get some Mexican speaking station and static. Did the liberals cut it off ? Miss Christopher Plante, the best !
By: Ron on July 4, 2021

NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1
I grew up listening to WRVA and the station was on all day before TV and even after TV when the radio was on it was always tuned to WRVA at home and in the car. In recent years all that has changed. There have been few programs that offer any listening pleasure. Viette’s is the only one we regularly listen to and were always disappointed that you did not carry the third hour. Thankfully we can pick him up live online. Please bring back programs that offer information without opinions influencing every comment.
By: NM on July 3, 2021

WNHC 104.1
I was listening on July 2nd 2021 around 8pm to 830pm and Pastor Perry Stone was on teaching about the threes: 3 parts of the door for anointing, 3 days in the grave, 3 nails, 3 crosses. Where can I find this teaching?
By: Tim on July 3, 2021

WYRL 105.5
My husband and I both really enjoy this station. Never thought I would enjoy the classical hour but hey I do now! The big band songs are our favorite. Keep up the great work and please keep playing. Thanks!
By: Joy on July 2, 2021

KUAL 103.5
Been meaning to ask. What happened to Linda in the afternoon? She hasn't been on for weeks. I used to enjoy having her follow Dave. I pray she's all right. Just wondering. I'm a daily listener. The music fits my vintage...
By: William on July 2, 2021

97.1 The Eagle (KEGL)
Enough with the talk radio in the afternoon on what used to be the best rock station probably in the country. You make us listen to sirus.
By: David on July 2, 2021

KLOT 107.7
I've been looking for this station all my life . now found you I'll just rip the knob off.
By: James on July 2, 2021

KLEB 1600
Your new format sucks.
By: Dennis on July 2, 2021

K-Love 88.5 (KLKA)
Hello Service tech and antenna developer engineer Here is a great story I am picking your station up(88.5) in east Mesa.. I am using my Godar in door FM1a FM antenna(I invented) and getting 1% clear audible signal with no stereo beacon lite. I just restored a classic All vacuum tube Mclntosh Model Mr71 stereo FM tuner.This tuner is ranked as one of the best for picking up weak stations Just thought I would pass this on Mike
By: Mike on July 2, 2021

WLSV 790
you shoyld put the station on the audacy app so more peole can hear it and those like me that loose the signal on one side of the hill i live on can listen all over the place.
By: Reuben on July 2, 2021

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