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KSSZ 93.9
would you please do a public service announcement explaining that its ok,no expected,no pleaded that everyone use both lanes all the way up to the merge sign on the bridge construction on 63. Its such a problem that the highway patrol put a cruiser with lights flashing next to a sign the size of the car that reads USE BOTH LANES. There is a flashing sign that reads... USE BOTH LANES,MERGE AT SIGN....People, you are not cutting line when you do whats asked by the highway department ,and staying in a single line that gets backed up for a mile is ridiculous
By: Greg on August 13, 2019

WMYZ 88.7
I don't know if you do this type of thing. I had a traffic accident on rt 27 and Citrus Tower intersection. One of my cats who was caged in the back of my van got loose and ran into the vacant overgrown field next to me. I have tried many ways to try to find her to no avail. I am hoping you can announce her on your radio station. She has been mine since I got her from a shelter. She is a grey and gold tiger stripe with a bob tail and kind of an orange yellow belly. I found her chipped tag when the tow truck moved my van. She may still be wearing her pink collar and rabies tag. I keep hoping someone may find her and take her in. If they take her to a vet she is chipped and they can get my phone number. I live in Ohio and could not stay to continue to search for her. PawBoost has had her picture posted. Thank You
By: Sylvia L Williams on August 13, 2019

AM 1460 The Answer (KZNT)
I have enjoyed your AM 1460 station for years and I understand that when Michael Medvedev retired you had to fill in his time space. I love that you have Sebastian Gorka but hate the real estate infomercial. Could you find anything else for that hour? I always turn over to am 740 and forget to get back to Gorka at 2:00. A second concern is the reception in Manitou. I used to get you clearly at home and in the car. It went bad for a while then got better. Now it is terrible. Both the am and the fm stations have too much static on both home and car radios until I drive out of Manitou. I can get am 1220 and 740 clearly but I want your station. Do you have any hope for me? I also left a message on your voice mail. Thank you for having someone get back to me. Leslie Zak, 685-9790 or by email
By: Leslie Zak on August 12, 2019

WGNC 88.5
Hi, my name is Danielle Miller my boyfriends sister in law is Marci who suffered a very unexpected stroke and 3 brain aneurysms. She spent over a month in Salt Lake City UT in the ICU recovering and having multiple surgeries. Unfortunately, she has no medical coverage as she and her husband are self-employed truck drivers. THEY NEED OUR HELP! We will have corn hole, beers bee, beer pong, music, food by That Guys BBQ, silent auctions and much more! This is an event you do not want to miss! Tickets will be on sale in the next few days! Mark your calendars! DON"T MISS IT! DATE &TIME Sat, September 21, 2019 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT TICKETS $12.00 Under 14- Free LOCATION Moose Lodge 1500 County Road 6 Elkhart, IN 46514 Any of my friends willing to donate gift cards or stuff for a silent auction please get with me asap. I hope to see a lot of you out there! Its a kid friendly event and there will be plenty for the little ones to do!
By: danielle miller on August 12, 2019

KVWM 970
Has something happening to your broadcast power. I reside in Hondac RV park. And cannot receive a clear reception. Also while driving in Show Low today at 2pm the station went silent for a time.
By: Martin Novak on August 12, 2019

KJMC 89.3
Hi Minority Communications, Inc. Representative: I am a local writer of diversity children's books in Des Moines. I would like to talk with you about my books and my other writing activities. I am interested in discussing these topics on air, after our initial talk. I would like to include in our discussion, how radio helps us learn to listen and how this impacts reading and learning in other areas. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely, Lana Jean Mitchell
By: Lana Mitchell on August 12, 2019

WXKU 92.7
My name is Tia and I host charity cornhole tournaments in North Vernon. On October 12th i will be hosting my next one and i was wondering if you could advertise it for me. The event will be held at the Vernon Gym in Vernon Indiana on October 12th, there will be a sign in sheet on the stage at the gym and sign in times are from 3:45 to 4:45. The tournament will start at 5:00 pm. Buy ins for the tournament will be $20 a team\two players to a team. The tournament will be Double elimination, so each team will get two chances to play. First place winners of the tournament will each receive their own set of custom cornhole boards(Each player gets their own set) and get to choose the charity which will receive all the profits made at the event. second place winners will receive their buy in money back. Along with the tournament there will be lots of fun things for families of all ages. There will be a bounce house\slide(free), face painting, food, drinks, silent auction, and a canned food drive. Everyone who brings in canned food will be entered into a drawing for a prize, five cans= 1 ticket entered. There will also be side games for people to play as well.. This event is promoted by SEYMOUR PARTY RENTALS LLC, SEYMOUR INDIANA, 317-250-2520 If you could advertise that for me I would very very much appreciate it! If you cannot then I understand. This will be my second event, last event we raised $330 for the Minton Benefit and I consider that a success but I would love to raise more at the next event!!
By: Tia Stearns on August 12, 2019

WJZR 105.9
Do you have any idea how I can purchase a Jimmie Highsmith Jr. Indigo Chronicles CD? Amazon is only offering MP3 downloads.
By: Jerry on August 12, 2019

Air 1 94.3 (WJKL)
Good day If this is not the proper way to introduce myself, then please forgive the interruption. My name is Pastor Gregory "G. Wayne" Covington II, and I am the writer/producer of one of the fastest rising Gospel groups in the Washington, DC area. My purpose for writing to you at this time, is to exclusively present to you, my recent offering. See, my wife grew up everything quartet, and I grew up all things contemporary. Building on this foundation, God has enabled me to write and produce her CD which we have entitled, "Quartet Fusion". What is Quartet Fusion? Quartet Fusion is the term God gave me, because the entire project revolutionizes quartet music by fusing it with many other genres. I promise you, we have changed the entire quartet game, but I want you to hear for yourself. We will be releasing her new single, "Come By Here", on the 23rd of August, and I was hoping that you would be one of the first, to show us love in your region. So, please, allow me to prove to you, the uniqueness of our sound, and our strong desire to revolutionize, and revive, quartet music, as a whole. The reviews thus far, have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you. Pastor Gregory "G. Wayne" Covington II Latter House Records 240.397.9823
By: Bernice Smith on August 12, 2019

KLSU 91.1
I would like to get my music played on your channel. If I can get information of how to get our music player on you guys channel you can email me at thanks
By: Michelle on August 12, 2019

WSHT 100.1
WSHT Patreon Page:
By: Listener on August 12, 2019

WSSW 89.1
No Kid HUNGRY BAKESALE WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, 2019 Roshek Building 700 LOCUST STREET Dubuque Iowa. 52001 Time:8am til 2pg2pgm
By: Kristy Brosnan on August 12, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
I'm very disappointed in the format change. Not only has the Albuquerque community lost the only Progressive radio station available, but iHeart management has replaced it with pure drivel in the form of uninteresting, niche podcasts. I made a point to frequent businesses advertising on 1350. Radio listeners, customers and businesses all lose with the new format. Very disappointing.
By: Michelle Blake on August 12, 2019

WMPR 90.1
Just wanted to say that I'm listening to your Sunday show , the 4-8 pm show, and it's really taking me back. Please keep it going.
By: Lawrence Woodberry on August 12, 2019

American Family Radio 88.1 (KKWV)
DR m. brown did u say that god or jesus talked to u? wow that sure makes me think that u and D. Trump have something in common.You are both insane plus your book Jezebel I suppose that god told u to write that book because god favores Trump and according to you jezebel wants to imasculate Trump but that is going against evil against evil, that does not make sense.I hope she does deprive him of his manlyhood and you of your book sale after all u are like your savior D Trump a con man all the way using the gospel in your case. There are so many people out there that want to believe or they do believe in the gospel that a high % of them will fall for your lies, god/jesus talked to you ,give me a break . You are a con man. Despicable.
By: arthur gonzales on August 12, 2019

WNKR 106.7
I work with Blind, Autistic, Deaf & other Disabilities & I have a client interested in seeing your station Is this a possibility? Thank you so much
By: Miriam CSLDSP Specialist on August 11, 2019

WAEM 94.9
This station really is fantastic, and that is not an exaggeration! You can listen for hours without switching. I love all music, new and classic - so I'm not picky - but would love a stronger reach - because none of my friends closer to Boston know what I am talking about. It's "project" music - throw it on - and work, clean, or whatever. It's really a jem. One time I heard Tina Turner, next song was from Credence Clearwater, then Aerosmith, then Biggie Smalls. Great, great, great. Thanks 94.9fm!
By: Jessica on August 11, 2019

Q105.9 (KCNL)
When I listen I listen about a couple hours at a time... I haven't got that Loop feeling yet. Please don't go silent.
By: Michael V on August 11, 2019

KTXO 94.7
Looking for a radio station that plays variety of genres. Frank Sinatra , Elvis Tony Bennett etc. I want to be able to listen in my car.
By: Donna Fox on August 11, 2019

Family Radio 91.9 (WJCH)
I was listening to one of your broadcast messages Friday at around 11:30 a.m. I believe it was "Renewing Your Mind". The gentleman was talking about fear and courage. There..there was an offer to receive the DVDs. I did not get the 800 number to call. would you PLEASE send it to me because I'd like to order it. Appreciate your station, music etc. Blessings and peace, Martha Bruning p.s I was listening to it while driving through Wheaton
By: Martha Bruning on August 10, 2019

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