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WSTT 730
Hi I’m Abigail I’m with Israel United in Christ a Faith Based Organization. We are  Community Activists and work to better the community in various ways. We are interested in setting up a platform with you that can show how the Holy Bible Relates to Real life and the overall Society Of Black and Hispanics. We seek to improve and empower our people. We work in the urban communities to locate missing men,women, and children. We also have various mentorship programs for youth and rehabilitation for adults who want to change their lives for the better. We would like a slot with your station where we can bring a light  to our people and deal With the issues and concerns that relate to us directly.
By: Abigail Israel on January 7, 2021

610 WTVN
Well.bere we go again. WTVN putting that West Side Jeff on in place of Hannity (today Jan 6) Jeff is even more irritating than Joel was. If I hear him say again just how much common sense he has I'm gonna scream! He's offensive. This jackass seems to believe he is Walter Cronkite. Get rid of him, NOW! His presence profane the station. No one wants to hear this fool.
By: Kem Hayesw on January 7, 2021

KJCU 89.9
Driving home I happened to catch a 'Christian' host relate a trifecta of non-truths. 1) He said that the new Covid-19 genetic variant does not respond to vaccines. According to experts there is no evidence that this is true. 2) He intimated pedophilia is legal in California. That is probably an outright lie-You think he would do a some fact checking before making such a serious allegation. 3) He also discouraged getting vaccinated for Covid-19 and that there were less deaths overall in the United States in 2019 that 2020. The data for 2020 is not complete at this early date, January 5, but preliminary data suggests that the death rate in the US for 2020 over 2019 is up about 15%, the largest jump since 1918 when World War 1 and the 'Spanish Flu' claimed so many American lives.
By: Jeff Russell on January 7, 2021

KWRD 100.7
Please do something! Your station is bleeding over on top of WRR 101.1, Dallas. Receiving WRR is the only Classical Music station in the metroplex. I live in North East Plano. Maybe you could tighten up you signal so that it doesn't cause a problem for 101.1.
By: Robert Megee on January 6, 2021

WQRZ 103.5
I served in the Marine Corps with Dennis Spellman. I know he was living near the radio station when he passed away a few tears ago. I would appreciate any information someone might have about Dennis. Thank you very much,
By: Chris Buttitta on January 6, 2021

WENT 1340
This is one of the most unethical radio stations. They have on numerous occasions reported knowingly incorrect data, that has caused angst to many. They should be removed, and/or fined.
By: WENT 1340am Radio Former Consumer on January 6, 2021

WFHA 94.1
Love your station! Great music. Keep it up!!
By: David Devore on January 6, 2021

WEMP 98.9
Still listening to this great radio station! Best one out there. Thanks for renewing your license this past December. Also thanks for streaming online!
By: Shannon Nyhof on January 6, 2021

KSVB 94.1
Just found you! Love your music. Heard some songs I haven't heard in 40 years. Thank you. Just got all Radio-Active this year. Building crystal sets Short wave listening Vintage radios. Long live radio!
By: Jim Shea on January 6, 2021

KTBX 98.1
Great Stuff! I tuned my Radio to 98.1 and broke the knob off!
By: Tim Grady on January 5, 2021

KXBA 93.3
Love their music, but, conspiracy theory advertising. Beware, they seem to be willing to take money to spread anything that is untrue.
By: Russell on January 5, 2021

U.S. 106 (WUSH)
I would like to talk to somebody about advertising on your channel. Please call me back at 757-494-0530
By: ROHIT MEHTA on January 5, 2021

Big Cheese 107.9 (WBCV)
In these turbulent times I think a great song to add to your sets, as food for thought would be "Mason Proffit: Two Hangmen". Great song that's not played as much as should be!
By: Wayne Pakonen on January 5, 2021

New Life 94.5 (WYNL)
Bring back WVTS FM on 94.5 it been crappy music for years am sucks
By: Rio Dealsz on January 4, 2021

96 Rock (WBBB)
I am searching to find the song title and artist for a currently-running PSA by "Pass it On." This is a hard rock song, very driving cadence, and some of the lyrics are as follows: "...lie for it, cry for it, die for it, aaaahhhhhh, Believe!" cand you identify this song for me?
By: Alan R Hall on January 4, 2021

WASQ 99.1
I just heard you guys play Fly on the Wall live. You have a listener for life. You guys are awesome!!
By: Timothy Lee on January 4, 2021

KTTR 99.7
99.7 is gone! What happened???
By: Steve Clark on January 4, 2021

99 Rock (WKSM)
If you really play anything, please play: "If Ever" by Gratitude. Love your spirit!
By: Belle on January 4, 2021

KKCA 95.7
ABOUT FLIPPIN’ TIME, BAKERSFIELD !. EVERY STATION played the same 300 songs (in their respective genre) over and over, so getting a variety was impossible. THANK-YOU KKCA- For exposing me to some new tunes I’ve never heard, but mostly for expanding the “list of classics”. It’s not that the classics are stale, it’s the fact that there are so many more to enjoy. For years, most stations stick with the same 100 songs, FOR THAT, I SALUTE YOU !✌️
By: Jennifer lackey on January 3, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
What was song played approx 10:30 Am on 01/03/2021 prior to “ Night Ranger “ song , killer guitar solo at end , please , title And artist 🙏🙏🙏
By: Rhonda on January 3, 2021

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