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KWHL 106.5
I am writing to you to see if your station would be interested in playing our song Wrong Side Of Heaven by Italio. It is on most online stores. We are a band out of Juneau. Thanks Adam Legend 907-957-2422
By: Robert Adams on November 29, 2018

WYXB 105.7
Dear Ma'am/Sir: For my future reference, can you tell me typical day of the year when you begin broadcasting Christmas music. Does it begin on Thanksgiving Day?
By: jim cree on November 29, 2018

WWLB 93.1
Are you now playing classical music. I was listening this morning and think I heard Chanukah music. Where can I get a list of music played this morning and more information about Chanukah programming possibly this Sunday?
By: Jim on November 29, 2018

KORJ 97.7
Best find on air since KFSR 90.7 FM in Fresno in the late 80's. Please stream so reception can be made anywhere. Thanks again. D
By: Demosthenes on November 29, 2018

WRBQ 104.7
you used to play 70s, 80s and more.... what happened to the 70s?
By: Barbara McMullen on November 29, 2018

WSVQ 92.1
Please keep this station up and running! It’s the BOMB! Thank you!💛
By: Carol on November 29, 2018

KNEW 960
That Greg Jarrett guy is awesome!
By: Austin Boston on November 29, 2018

WAVV 101.1
You just played a tune I've been trying to find the name of its an instrumental the voices start by singing ahhh a piano, flute and it may be whistle sound through the tune.Fades at the end of the tune. Love it and its not played enough. Thanks
By: nancy parsons on November 29, 2018

WXWS 100.1
Recently came across your station channel surfing. Now it's the main station I listen to was suprising it was local. I especially like Alex Jones. Keep up the good works.
By: Dewane lomas on November 29, 2018

KLEA 95.7
Wrong information. KYKK is in Junction, Texas at 93.5 FM. Traditional Country Radio station.
By: TennVol Corp on November 28, 2018

WJLG 900
I enjoy your station. Even when it goes off the air for hours! But like Gary says the noise interference is too much! Fix it soon?
By: joseph gillivan on November 28, 2018

WOOG 92.7
Just found your channel today and I am in total love. Have not heard GOOD country music like this in years. Keep up the great work.
By: Carol on November 28, 2018

WZML 92.9
Hi there, trying to see if someone can help me with a song I heard last night. It is by a "known" band but the song was one I never hear. I know this is common for 92.9, which is why I like the station. It was such a lame song, but funny and I wish I knew the name. It was on between 7:45 and 8:45 and it sounded like a kid would have written the lyrics. please help Tina, PS it was a male band
By: Tina Gervasi on November 28, 2018

KXJS 88.7
Local author with bipolar disorder announces new book on meditating with your pets Petitating with my dogs has helped me control my devastating suicidality and hypomanic bipolar symptoms. The Petitation Companion written by Dr. Elisabeth Paige with Joanne Leslie, her mother, is now available from Amazon for $8.99 in paperback and $3.99 on Kindle. It’s written from the perspective of Pago, the quasi-Buddhist, scientifically minded Schipperke. He describes his adventures with his little sister, Pippi and Negative Norman the obnoxious tabby cat. The book presents ten Petitations in in detail. They range from a simple Petting Petitation, where you focus on stroking your pet instead of using your breath as an anchor, to the Gratitude Petitation where you start your mantras concentrating on your pet, before you circle out to other beings, and then eventually to your own body. There is also the Self-Compassion Petitation, based in Kristen Neff’s work, where you invite your non-judgmental wise pet to provide unconditional support through a difficult time. Readers of the book, in addition, have access to streaming the Petitations set to music. Meditation and self-compassion have been shown to improve a wide array of physical and mental health ailments, as well as help enhance the immune system. The book is not only a fun and interesting read with adventure, quasi-Buddhism and the science supporting meditation and the benefits of living with pets, but can act as a bridge to establishing a meditation and self-compassion practice.
By: Dr. Elisabeth Paige on November 28, 2018

WTSE 91.1
Hello, God gave me this song called The Greatest Gift. The song is about the true meaning of Christmas.. the birth of Jesus Christ! you can listen to it and watch the video on youtube, it is also on iTunes.I am praying that this is the year for the World to hear this inspiring, uplifting song.the message is...JESUS IS THR REASON FOR THE SEASON!Il I look forward to hearing from you...Thank you and God Bless! 201-233-0479
By: John Lauria on November 28, 2018

WKTS 90.1
Hello, God gave me this Great song.It is called The Greatest Gift! It is about the true meaning of Christmas,the birth of Jesus Christ! to remind people what the true meaning of Christmas is...You can see the video, and listen to the song on youtube, it is also on iTunes.I am praying that this could be the year for the whole world to be Blessed by this song! I look forward to hearing from you! 201-233-0479 Thank you, and God Bless!
By: John Lauria on November 28, 2018

WOFM 89.1
Hello,I have a Great song that God gave to me! It is called The Greatest Gift! The song is to remind people the true meaning of Christmas, the Birth of Jesus Christ! You can listen to it on youtube.It is also on iTunes.I am praying that this is the year..that the world will hear this inspiring, uplifting song! I would love to hear back from you, and help spread the word that.. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! Thank you and God Bless! 201- 233-0479
By: John Lauria on November 28, 2018

WRAE 88.7
I was listening to your station on November 22, thanksgiving day, to Sandy Rios? I think; her guest was a Christian Comic book writer, but I could not catch his name or his website; is there any way you can send me that info? Your station is the best! Thanks for all you do
By: Kathy on November 28, 2018

WUTY 102.9
Regarding plastic bag discussion: Walmart does have a recycling bin at the customer service area. They collect used thin plastic bags from all stores and have them recycled. Most people are probably not aware of it. You can simply confirm this information by calling any Walmart store. Hope this information will help spread the idea to recycle these bags. Walmart does have a target date by I believe it is 2025 to omit this way of bundling purchases.
By: Patty Chouinard on November 28, 2018

KOKE 1600
would like to dedicate una cancion a mi Corazon,,,,,soledad orona,,,,,,mi esposa un rinconcito en el cielo ramon ayala,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,que la token dia y noche por favor gracias
By: frank orona on November 28, 2018

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