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WCZQ 105.5
Hello Im A Radio Ancher I Will Love To Host A Segment On Your Sunday Night's.. My Number Is 901-513-1946 Please Give Me A Call I Really Dont Know If You Listen That Often To The Segments On Sunday Night's But Its Wack Really Im A Great Oldies DJ With Great References And Work On Occasions In My Profession I Take This Very Serious We Will Get To The Top And Stay My Friend. Thanks For This Opportunity .
By: Shawnta Coleman on March 29, 2020

WKLD 92.7
There was a program on Sunday @ 11am. And a awesome sermon starting around 11ish. The sermon was about Job,I would like to to know if I could purchase that program. Tracy Johnson 229-289-9895
By: Tracy Johnson on March 29, 2020

ALT 106.3 (KDXA)
Please please please bring back the Alternative music! I’m not trying to hate on the new guys, but it should NOT have replaced Alt 106.3 and the Woody Show. That was my favorite station, the only one I listened to consistently who gave me new, refreshing music that was actually good! I would play it in my car for friends, and they would ask for the station name so they could add it. It was hugely popular, and now I had to remove it from my presets because I am interested in music, not sports. :( So disappointing.
By: KMissesAlt on March 29, 2020

KAGU 88.7
As a Ferris orchestra kid I am very interested in this station. There is no way to check what has recently played on this channel. I am trying to find a certain song and it is not available to find.
By: Brandon Dooley on March 29, 2020

WSSQ 105.5
Did Hannah come back yet? Did someone find her? Post a link to her pix if ya can. I drive a lot in volunteering to help homeless. We all can help keep our eyes & ears wide open.
By: John Creighton on March 29, 2020

KTXJ 102.7
Please help us share this message in time like these .
By: Henry Reggans on March 29, 2020

KISD 98.7
Love to hear Frankie Valie and 4 Seasons sing Sherri Thank you
By: ShariGroen on March 29, 2020

K-Love 89.9 (KLXA) Today is your day: please share 💯
By: Henry Reggans on March 28, 2020

WTBJ 91.3
This is a public service announcement from Rock of Ages Baptist Churchwe will be having Facebook services Sunday morning at 11 a.m. with the Rock of Ages Baptist Church Facebook page
By: mike hall on March 28, 2020

WLGQ 91.5
Public service announcement from Rock of Ages Baptist Church Weaver Alabama we will be holding Facebook services Sunday morning at 11 to look this up on Facebook go to the Rock of Ages Baptist Church page
By: mike hall on March 28, 2020

WJXI 96.3
Public service announcement for Rock of Ages Baptist Church Rock of Ages Baptist Church will be holding Facebook services starting at 11 each Sunday morning that's Rock of Ages Baptist Church Facebook page we will also be having services on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. on Facebook the Rock of Ages Baptist Church Facebook page
By: mike hall on March 28, 2020

WCXI 1160
I live in Detroit,Michigan,I am unable to receive your station. Do you have to have special radio? Thank you I do not have a code.
By: Gary Cote on March 28, 2020

WCXI 1160
I live in Detroit,Michigan,I am unable to receive your station. Do you have to have special radio? Thank you
By: Gary Cote on March 28, 2020

WNLB 97.7
Thank you so very much for this format! I graduated in 1968 and am LOVING the music! Brings back great memories and gives me happiness especially while quarantined! Keep up the good work.. Wonderful station!
By: Judy Kandiguranis on March 28, 2020

WPCI 1490
We just discovered this by accident. Anything that plays John Lee Hooker and a polka version of a Beatles song with nary a commercial would have been beyond my imagination...
By: Frances Eckert on March 28, 2020

Big 93.9 (KMXR)
Hello to 93.9 John Richards GM, program directors and similar from a listener: Ads are something we have to listen to because it pays YOUR bills. I believe one thing causing LISTENERS to turn 93.9 OFF are the many ads with long irritating TURBO-VOICE qualifying statements ie. T-mobil... etc Why not get more interesting advertising by celebrities?!! Dennis Haysbert for Allstate insurance... I listen to his ads and really enjoy them!! Dennis Hopper did some kind of motivational ad for a company that sounded great!! Loved it and would hear it over and over again. "Beef, it's what's for dinner." The beef ad, first one might have been with Robert Mitchum, lately Michael McConnehy? Always playing "Rodeo" classical music by American composer Aaron Copeland... COOL!! Melanie Paxson Glad Garbage Bags, Red Robin Morgan Freeman what ads has he done? Ever shop for ads by what celebrity has done them? "We don't ever hear complaints about this..." Ever notice people don't talk about something if they cannot describe it... they may say they don't like it and turn you off but may not complain because they don't happen to put it to words easily... QUALIFYING STATEMENTS .... TURBO-VOICE. Listeners have MANY other things to listen to, podcasts, music apps on phone pay for them to be ad-free, ipods or PC collections. Don't you think that your program is going to get so bad that even companies paying you for ad time are going to balk or not want your ad time because they see your program is not good to listen to? And listeners wil turn YOU, 93.9, OFF? That time has come for many listeners. I can only stand to listen until I hear a typical Tmobile ad with Turbo Voice qual statmts and then OFF you go. Just imagine if you are hearing from me, how many don't you hear from that have turned you OFF. I like Older rock music Rockin Robin, Lil Red Riding Hood, etc and would really like to be able to listen to your station more. Can YOU change 93.9 ads to make it better? Could you take those qual statmts and speed them up faster like 2.5 times more and paste them back in to the ad track eliminating the LONG turbo voice ad cutting it by almost 1/3? Can YOU find better ads or get better ads from Tmobile and other such offenders, that don't have qualifying statements. Ads can be made to sound much better. And that singing funny toilet paper ad just doesn't make it... NO WAY!! I would like to hear that you plan to improve on this problem OR what you intend doing. Thank You Len
By: len k on March 28, 2020

Buzz 102.9 (WBUZ)
You guys must take a look at this new rock band called Census. They just released a new song/ video on YouTube called “Hydrangea”. They are on fire and rocking the South. You won’t be disappointed!!
By: Michael Carey on March 28, 2020

WADV 940
Looks like WADV is gone for good. Hope they sell to someone interested in continuing their programming
By: jim weber on March 28, 2020

Lonestar 92 (KNFM)
please play make me want to by jimmie alan
By: madison on March 27, 2020

KCUA 92.5
Why don’t you play Kenny Logan’s I haven’t Heard Him for years
By: Rashael Dunn on March 27, 2020

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