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101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Please don’t ever play Real One by Smash Into Pieces again. SO BAD.
By: Dave on March 13, 2022

WRSD 94.9
Miss you guys Listen all day every day Please come back on!
By: Jennifer on March 11, 2022

Amor 93.1 FM (WPAT)
Was a great radio station back in the old days. Now, it's the worst one out there! The DJs are such idiots for dropping the Spanish AC format and sticking to Tropical music since 2018. Why is that?! NYC has 0 Spanish AC radio stations because of that. We need at least one Spanish AC radio station to enjoy listening to the spanish love songs.
By: SpanishAC4NYC on March 11, 2022

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
Steven, .I feel you, KDFD is a great one to listen to. How well does 920 KVEL, 750 KOAL, and 1100 KNZZ come in while driving around? Overall, they have the same lean as KDFD does. Particularly, I find KNZZ to be quite enjoyable when it comes in at night to my area. If nothing else, just stream KDFD, I guess? Those state corners just lack coverage in general. Hope this Helps, Z Cheyenne, WY, where KDFD is like a local around here.
By: ZBG on March 8, 2022

KXJX 92.5
Great Catholic Radio Stations as an affiliate of Relevant Radio. Learn it! Love it! Pray it! Relevant Radio Family Rosary Across America is the best! Get your family involved and pass the faith on to the next generations.
By: Brenda on March 8, 2022

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
I wish you could get a station in the north west part of the state of Colorado. Radio up here is vary important and all we hear is lies and crap. Please help
By: Steven on March 7, 2022

KCBP 95.5
If this is the correct 95.5 around the foothills of Copperopolis, I love the cyberwayve, and vapor wave techno music around midnight.
By: Chris on March 6, 2022

WPJB 93.3
Over the past few weeks, been getting even more new songs to play. Now adding them to the mix. Hope to premier them very soon.
By: Dan Presley on March 5, 2022

WTOE 1470
I have moved into a senior living home in Columbus NC but still stream your station till 9:00 when you go to a different music format. Thank you. Always admired JR commentary.
By: Ed on March 4, 2022

KGDN 101.3
I Listen to this Station maybe around 50% or more of all my radio Listening , i have been maybe listening to Station about 8 to 10 years maybe even longer , I really enjoy Straight talk that comes on 9AM , 12 PM my time , i live in the state of Virginia , good Christian Based Station , with a very good line up of Christian Programming , very good !!
By: Arthur on March 3, 2022

KOAC 550
Why is KOAC 5500 AM off the air again? Sevice has been very irregular of late.
By: Lynda on March 3, 2022

KAAN 870
Enjoy broadcasts
By: Tom on March 3, 2022

Newsradio 590 (KID)
KID-AM is currently "off the air" and has been since early November 2021. Does anyone know WHY? Any information would be helpful. Bob
By: bob on March 2, 2022

KTXC 104.7
Do u know who sings estoy disponible
By: Tommie A on March 1, 2022

WZRF 99.3
Stay tuned. We are working to bring this station back on the air. Satay tuned.
By: Chopper Kovach on February 28, 2022

WJAS 1320
What’s with the ego-bloated mushmouth mall cop mumbling self-importantly from noon till three? Even Radio Rose was better in this berth.
By: Been away on February 28, 2022

WBQR 104.3
Finally!! A classical music station! I have missed it so since WFMR went off the air. What I would call a "scattered" programming--a movement from here, a movement from there, a lack of information as to what we are hearing--- I can manage if I can only hear great music! Thank you
By: Conductorwoman on February 28, 2022

WEPB 106.3
Please tell me the artist and name of song that ended this morning around 9:40. A Caucasian male sang a slow, freelance, romantic songs with orchestra. I believe his final words were, "when I was young"
By: Lisa on February 26, 2022

WZEN 107.9
Today is Feb 26, 2022 and I have not heard you guys on the radio last Sunday. What gives guys.
By: Sandra on February 26, 2022

KAGU 88.7
I was listening to KAGu this morning, 2/25/22, from 11:00-11:30. What was the piece that was on? It is very familiar but I did not hear the name or composer. I would very much appreciate knowing. Thank you By Peggy McDonald on Feb. 25, 2022
By: Peggy on February 25, 2022

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