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KNKX 88.5
Hey, check out my song on You Tube. Stand up America. "We must overcome." By Josiah Mataele II (808) 358-8588. Don't worry. I live here in Fife. Thanks
By: Josiah Mataele II on October 10, 2020

KWTO 560
I quit listening when they replaced Chris Plante with Howie Carr. I'm sure Howie Carr is a fine whatever, I'd rather listen to Chris Plante call out media bias. Perhaps that is why they cut his show?
By: Thought Criminal on October 10, 2020

WAUP 99.1
OK, finally found this site. I understand from reading the other people that there is some kind of change in morning. Is that a morning show you have now or just a somebody filling in? Please get back to what you had. The man and woman were the whole reason I tuned to your station before. I find myself tunning around everywhere else now just to find anything other than what you have on now.
By: Now I understand on October 9, 2020

WPAK 106.9
Thank you for your coverage all through the virus time. Your team there at the station has been good friends to us out here where we never know quite what to believe from the national news. Most everybody on our staff listens, and we listen to your morning team at home, too. You are thorough and caring and fun to listen to.
By: Greg Beatty on October 9, 2020

WDXM 98.9
Ray, I'm in Dallas and a cousin in Boonville told me about your LP station. Very cool. However, I went searching on line and am getting mixed signals as to whether or not the station is available over the internet. Help. I would love to listen/support, but I need to know how. BTW, this is the way Rupert Murdock started in Australia years ago. Good luck in amassing radio stations..... Thanks  Russ Meinert  (469-774-7774)
By: Russ Meinert on October 9, 2020

KXPR 88.9
Hi there! I am a school teacher or Elk Grove Unified, and am gathering information for a drive-thru school event. We are hoping to host a contact-free drive thru harvest festival for students and their families. I am inquiring if your radio statin would be able to play music over the radio for the families to tune into while they drive through the event. Please let me know if you can, or if you are able to point me in a different direction for this info. Thanks so much! Brittany Danielson 916-271-5621
By: Brittany Danielson on October 9, 2020

KRVS 88.7
Love this station.Follow us on instagram or facebook for great baby info. @postpartumpros
By: Postpartum Pro on October 9, 2020

WRPP 92.7
Fix the audio on you 92.7 FM station it keeps popping and skipping !
By: Mike Brandt on October 9, 2020

102.7 The Wolf (KWVF)
I do love to listen to your station but I agree with the first person, John, that you are playing the same songs over and over every day. It seems to have gotten worse lately. Sometimes I hear one song two or three times in the same day. I will be glad to help out the program director if he needs it. Also too many hard rock songs are playing now. Please don't get like the S. F. stations. Bill on Oct. 9, 2020.
By: bill on October 9, 2020

KANU 91.5
This is some of my thoughts regarding what is happening in this great nation. Even if there is nothing you wish to use, I think you should reflect on what is being said. Please recognize that I am not a trained wordsmith. thanks - don see below: Debates, Justices, News and Election Candidate Biden has said that voters should choose who selects the next Supreme Court Justice. To me, this is disingenuous. Do not think for even 1 tenth of a second that the Democrats would not nominate a Justice if the roles are reversed. I for one believe we need to have a justice in place because of this election. A Court with 8 Justices will not serve the citizens if this coming election has significant challenges. Additionally, Candidate Biden has refused to release a list of his of potential Justices because it will “Politicize the Court.” The Court has already been politicized by the Democrats. Conversely, Candidate Biden has refused to say if he supports “Packing the Court!” This is an important issue for voters. This is the Democrats wanting to have things their way every time. It seems that one party in government wants to mold the “Constitution” that they swear to defend to fit their party purposes. My answer to this demand/threat to “Packing the Court” is to “Repeal the 17th Amendment.” This amendment has failed to serve the people. The Founders set the legislations of the States to select Senators for a reason. While I am not a lawyer, I suspect the reason our Founders did this is to ensure that too much Power does not get invested into the Legislative Branch. Having the State Government choosing senators gives a power to States that we need to keep Government working “For the People!” There is a huge benefit of repealing this amendment. If repealed, the Senators would then be allowed to pay attention to the citizens needs and not devote so much time campaigning and fundraising. In other words they get to spend their time working for “We the People!” Another benefit might be that the legislations are less likely (I hope) to be packed with unnecessary funding for political party intersests. As an example for the above I will mention ObamaCare. There were 27 state that sued over this legislation. Given that, had the Senators been accountable to State Legislators, ObamaCare would not have passed. Additionally, Senators elected by popular vote are free to ignore citizens’ wishes and side with their political party at any time there by not doing the will of the people. An example of this is Former Senator Claire McCaskill. In the 2016 election, Missouri voted 57% for President Trump and 38% for Ms. Clinton. The difference is significant. After the election, Ms. McCaskill on bills up or vote clearly voted in favor of the democratic congressional districts (Kansas City and St. Louis) and against the remaining 6 rural congressional districts. In other words, she favored the wishes to 25% of the congressional districts over the wishes of 75% of congressional districts. Please consider how the Democrats abuse the “Constitution!” Look back at the “Tea Party” organizations. During the Obama-Biden Administration, they were perfectly ok with getting the IRS to stonewall IRS Tax Exempt Applications. This was encouraged by a number of Democratic Senators and Congressmen. Yet the Democrats feel free to criticize President Trump for “abuse of power!” The hindering of a citizen’s Constitutional Right to organize is far more grievous than what the President was accused of doing. Just ask two current Senators. I suggest Senators Schumer and Durbin as they are a couple of Senators that encouraged the obstructing the Tea Party groups. I do not understand how Messrs. Schumer and Durbin can still be in office. “Repeal the 17th Amendment!” In the debate, Former VP Biden stated that “Antifa is an idea.” My feeble research shows that Antifa has a website and has tax exempt status. Naturally, I have no way to be certain if this is accurate but a number of organizations/website claim Antifa has 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. According to IRS guidelines only individuals and organizations can have tax exempt status. Perhaps this is the first idea to qualify for tax status. With respect to News media, I am very disappointed in them. I see them as pure Democratic Political Action Committees (PACs). Freedom of the Press is a gift not for the new media but for us citizens. A truly open press would be giving the full news picture so we, as somewhat reasonable people, can better decide our voting criteria. Recently there has been news about the Russia interference. The reports indicate that this was initiated by Mrs. Clinton and the Obama - Biden Administration had been briefed. The PAC media has not mentioned this. This is so much bigger than “Watergate!” As a taxpayer, I think the Clintons, DNC and sitting House and Senate Democrats need to and must reimburse the US Treasury for the money spent on the investigations plus restoring the funds (including a Penalty amount) to the defendant individuals that had to pay lawyers for their defense. VP Biden, in Gettysburg said there is “furious division” in this nation. Naturally, he says he can fix this divide. He appears to indirectly blame President Trump and white supremacy. I have not seen any white supremacy in the riots and unrest. I have not seen conservatives in restaurants bullying and intimidating diners. This bullying and intimidating technique comes directly from the Democrats in their statements from several years ago “if you see a conservative in a restaurant get in their face!” There is a current video out by a former first lady stating that the demonstrations are mostly peaceful. Yes, peaceful to an estimated damages of over $2 billion dollars. Not only that but if we think Democrats are responsible for the damage, “we are racist.” That statement is the same as Ms. Clinton’s “basket of deplorables!” No one truly knows what is in our hearts, only God knows! I have not seen a conservative stealing a hat from a 4 to 6 year old child. I have seen a Trump hat taken from a 4 to 6 year old child by some adults. I can only guess but I suspect that they are Democrats. So where is this division coming from Conservatives, Tea Party, or Democrats? I was brought up by the “Golden Rule” to treat others as I would like to be treated. I am still trying to do this. According to my religion, “We are all created in God’s image!” Given that I submit that we are all one Race, called “Human Race!” In conclusion, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, “…good is to be done and pursued, and evil is to be avoided. All other precepts of the natural law are based upon this…” We are supposed to be intelligent and rational beings. Demonstrations are good, however the first brick or Molotov cocktail that goes through a store window or any building changes the demonstration to “evil!” Good does not come from evil ever! Looting is “Stealing” a clear violation of the 7th Commandment, “You shall not steal! "O blood and water, which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You". (From the Chaplet of Divine Mercy)
By: don hagstrom on October 9, 2020

WKVE 103.1
I was driving home last night (10/8/2020 around 9:00 + or - and I heard a rock song that had what sounded like Gazooks, Gazooks in the you know the song? By the way, you're station is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx, Alan Wise
By: Alan D. Wise on October 9, 2020

KTWJ 90.9
Pastor Jose Rojas had an excellent sermon tonight on A Message of Hope at 8 pm, could you tell us what the title of his message was so we can listen to it again. Thank you!
By: Rebecca on October 9, 2020

WFCF 88.5
Please ask people to contact the Registrar of Voters where they used to live and have their name removed from the voter rolls. Many are actively registered in multiple places and that leaves us all vulnerable for voter fraud. We each need to do our part to fight voter fraud. Also, if you've lost a loved one in the last decade or so, you need to tell the Registrar of Voters to remove their name. Especially with all the ballets that are being mailed to these lists, these extra names leave us vulnerable to fraud. Thank you.
By: Doris Taylor on October 9, 2020

WHOG 95.7
I've learned that many Floridians didn't contact the Registrar of Voters in the town where they used to live when they moved to Florida. We each need to contact those old towns and make sure our name isn't showing as an active voter. With all the mass-mailed ballets, those open names may be used fraudulently. Please encourage people to do their part to fight voter fraud. We should also have our loved ones names taken off the voter rolls when they died. My name sat on a voter list as acitve for thirteen years before I learned about it and had it removed. The older moves are the most likely to be sitting there. Thank you. I'm sure most of us just want an honest election. Doris Taylor
By: Doris Taylor on October 9, 2020

KDTD 1340
Literally the best thing on the radio
By: Coby on October 8, 2020

KQJO 99.3
I am Paul J Jones (country-gospel singer-songwriter from SW Missouri) Do you accept music from independent artists?
By: Paul Jones on October 8, 2020

KEUN 105.5
To much talk man
By: Cin on October 8, 2020

Z105.9 (KFXZ)
To much talk not enough music
By: Cindy on October 8, 2020

Rock 93.7 (KYFJ)
I got christian music you not rock hell no! You deciding people and thats not right at all.
By: Cindy on October 8, 2020

WXBA 88.1
Best radio station ever. need better antenna. i live in ronkonkoma and only get good reception sometimes. in the car can get it from exit 58 to exit 51. keep playing the best.
By: michael mangino on October 8, 2020

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