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WKIE 105.5
Spanish Christian Radio Station, with excellent music and great teaching programs.
By: Jose M Garcia on January 15, 2020

NewsTalk 1420 WOC
Not pleased with new format! Would like local news back on!
By: Chris and Bev Heidgerken on January 15, 2020

KLDB 99.1
By: SONJA MOLLOY on January 15, 2020

WJJL 1440
By: Big Bopper on January 15, 2020

NewsRadio 570 WKBN
WHAT HAPPENED TO GROUND ZERO??? Every weeknight at 10:00 pm, I have been listening faithfully for approximately 2 years. Since the New Year it hasn't been on as normally scheduled? It's always followed by Coast to Coast with George Nory. Now some annoying political show, kinda like Bill Cunningham on Sundays annoying.... Did you guys cancel the show or change the schedule? Please Reply back, I had no luck researching the schedule. Coast to Coast still comes on at 1:00 am, I hope to hear Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis back at 10:00 pm. Thanks
By: Melissa on January 15, 2020

Power 92.7 (KINL)
For Ric Mendez I had a second surgery on my arm. I clown orthopedic there is a fraud. The hardware he put in broke leaving my shiuld that nothing was wrong with shattered. 32 claps later I am still living with it. I so wish I could send you the picture of my arm you would be horrified. But I fucjen cant get it to you. It is what YOUR son jonluc you know jon he the the son you and the devil are so proud of. I may never be able to use the arm again. Dint ever bring the evil boy around here cuz everybody's read to hold him down and let me wale on him. I am more ashamed of you. Telling people ge never hit me all those times. And you standing there not getting him off of me. KARMA bitch. Your already getting it being miserable in your life with the Devil wife of yours. Dont ever come around here. You may as well cut us out if your life because we already cut you out of ours. Roger is in prison. We tried to help but hes like you an idiot. So this time he went in for 3 years. I hope you remain as miserable as you are for the rest of your life. I will pray for you.
By: Maria Mendez on January 15, 2020

KGGV 95.1
where is newest radio page? I want to comment on the radio meeting and check the forming schedule. When am I on?
By: sadie damascus on January 14, 2020

KZEQ 104.9
Hi, I have listened a couple times to your station on Tuesday mornings and really liked it. How can I listen to is again and share it with others? Thanks!
By: Foppe VanderZwaag on January 14, 2020

99.1 FM Talk Radio (KKFT)
I think Monica Jaye should know that the RPD cops absolutely don’t want to let the homeless live in tents by the river. The 9th circuit court has made the homeless essentially a protected class by saying that you can’t stop people from public camping. They do what they can, but the homeless problem is becoming terrible everywhere and it’s gotten worse because of this ruling, and the Supreme Court has upheld it. The cops are the ones that have to deal with the homeless and it makes their job very difficult. Please don’t blame it on them. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that cops are not allowed to do their jobs anymore, and it becomes that way more and more all the time. I don’t know about the purpose of getting more funding, but we sure do need more cops. The reason that they can’t go to every call is because there aren’t enough of them.
By: Jessica on January 14, 2020

WSHT 100.1
I really love your radio station! Keep up the good work! I would like to build a playlist in spotify so I can listen to these songs when not in the car. I would be happy to donate some money (or to a charity of your choice) if you can send me a list of songs you play. -Andrew in Broad Ripple
By: Andrew on January 14, 2020

KWMT 540
I was just wondering if your station or another local radio is carrying the High School Basketball games against Waukee this evening. - Brent
By: Brent Larson on January 14, 2020

Praise 100.9 (WPZS)
We would like to invite you all to our. Valentine's Jazz Comedy Bash. On February 15th at 6:00 .Dinner included. At the Moore's Sanctuary AME Zion Church on 4101 Moores Field Rd. 28208. Tckets are $25.00 a person. We would like to give you 4 tickets to give away to your radio listeners. You may contact me at Willa Roberts. 704.363.3163 or call the Church. at 704.392.3037. Thank you for your Prayers and participation. Willa Roberts.
By: To Willie Moe Jr. and Yolanda Adams and Erica Camb on January 14, 2020

WODB 90.9
Hola soy de coamo y los e escuchado cuando voy para esa area me parece muy buena la estacion y seria mas atractiva si tubieran locutores en la programcion psra interactuar con el publico tube una en coamo y era fantastico inteactuar con la audiencia..gracias mil..sino fueta de tan lejos me hubiera encantado estar en sus estudios...
By: Ervin E Torres Rodriguez on January 14, 2020

Wild 93.5 (KDEY) Check me out fam! Stay alive ft. Supreme patty 🙏🏾🙏🏾
By: Dank Puffs on January 14, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
Now 53 years old and been listening to your previous format for the 20 years I have lived here in Naples. It was attractive to the 30 year old group back then as it was now. Great music for the mature crowd which is what we have here in SW Florida. If the listeners wanted the songs from the new format then they all knew to tune into SUNNY 106.3 with the John Tesh show which is going to be hard for you to beat with the change. That''s where they are going to head with the music you are playing now. At least you were smart enough to retain your DJ staff. They have always been enjoyable. WAVV was always a dependable entertainment and always preset before the others. Now your dropped to the bottom buttons. I guess you are going to force us to go satalite or look elsewhere. By the time you realize the mistake, all your listeners are going to be someplace else and settled in with out knowing you wento back. Just sayin'. SOMETIMES PEOPLE FORGET THAT IF IT AIN'Y BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!
By: John in Naples on January 14, 2020

WGRU 99.1
Jan. 13, 2020- Would love to hear at least 1 song by Dorothy Norwood, James Moore, Milton Biggham, or Shirley Caesar each day. Thanks.
By: 24 hr Listener on January 14, 2020

WBAC 1340
Garbage station static and bad programming. Sell or close
By: Chuck davis on January 14, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
If you like the old format you can listen online without an HD radio. If you like the new format like myself you can also listen online as I live on Long Island NY. The jazz selections and easy listening vocals were very enjoyable on the old format. The instrumental Muzak like cover versions of popular songs were 70s elevator music annoying
By: Chris on January 14, 2020

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
I love the music u now play but can get it on other stations. What I want is this station to return to ur old format. That has been my go to station for years at work, while driving and to relax to when hobbying at home. Just can not understand why the change. Wavv was such a unique station where no other station played the older standards, light jazz. etc. Sorry to say good-bye but you lost me at change. I'm sure your fan base will be shrinking accordingly.
By: Sue g on January 13, 2020

KKVR 106.1
Helllo, we were listening Monday 01/13/2020 approximately 4:20 pm & the song before (The Eagles) "Take it Easy" we cannot remember who it is or the name . . Could you please let me know who that was ?
By: Dwain duncan on January 13, 2020

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