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Newsradio WFLA 94.5 99.1 970
What is the name of the new financial program that was on this Saturday morning around the 11 o'clock time?
By: Nicholas on September 11, 2021

KCON 92.7
Hey been listening in Greenbrier have a stereo outside and I just left you on keep playing music and we are going to get along fine, maybe, do you have a phone number, maybe I'll call
By: Jimmy in Greenbrier on September 11, 2021

American Family Radio 88.5 (KAYK)
Is your Bose stuck in AM mode? KAYK is an FM station, though it would appear that they have reception issues too. ZBG
By: ZBG on September 11, 2021

92.7 Jack FM (KKCH)
Still listening in Greenbrier, some of the stuff I don't have to tune down to play yeah, keep a guitar outside a lot of the time too, keep playing music and we are going to get along great,say something about Greenbrier if you get this, just so I know you know, I was there but they were gone and when I got back they had already left 😜
By: Jimmy in Greenbrier on September 11, 2021

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
Actually, I will monitor KDFD with an SDR until I get back to Cheyenne. Hope this helps ZBG
By: ZBG on September 11, 2021

American Family Radio 88.5 (KAYK)
I can get AM88.5 on my old radio but I can’t get it on the car or my newer Bose radio. It will let tune Am 88.0 not not 88.5 did u know this?
By: Sylvia on September 11, 2021

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
Ler, Once I get back into town I'll check in on KDFD and see if I get the same results. I've had a hard time contacting stations in general, so it's kind of random if you get a response back. So, is this happening to the 760 AM signal, the 93.7 FM signal, or both? Z of Cheyenne
By: ZBG on September 11, 2021

WSHT 100.1
Enjoying the classic hits you guys play.
By: Tom on September 11, 2021

KLSP 91.7
It's the Incarceration Station.
By: Anonymous on September 11, 2021

97.7 The Breeze (KORJ)
Love your music. Been listening ever since you first went on the air way back when. With streaming, I can take you where ever I travel. Please, please, keep the music coming. Thank you.
By: Jim F on September 10, 2021

Freedom 93.7 (KDFD)
Radio Stations KDFD and KDFR have been intermittenly going off of the air for the last couple of days. Calls to the radio station go unanswered. Will you make an announcement on the station, so people will know if it is their radio or the stations that are having problems. It's very poor customer service and relations. Thanks
By: LER on September 10, 2021

600 KCOL Fort Collins
i just heard Bill O'Reilly say to Glenn Beck he thinks the Delta variant is being caused by the un-vaccinated. How does he know? Is he some renowned virologist or epidemiologist? The answer is NO. He's just another blowhard ex-famous TV personality airing his views. BTW, I haven't listened to kcol in a while but what happened to Jimmy Lakey? Is he on vacation and Beck is filling in for him?
By: Jane on September 10, 2021

WRJH 105.3
Love your station and feel that it helps bring me closer to God. I listen online everyday! May God bless you and keep you! -K
By: K on September 9, 2021

Big 1290 (WFBG)
What happened to Referee Rich? We need a talk show in the morning. A local talk show !!
By: Michael on September 9, 2021

Family Radio 88.1 (KEBR)
Hello, I was briefly listening to 88.1 between 5:00-5:30 pm on Wednesday, 9-8-2012 before arriving at our church. I do not know the person giving the lesson or the topic title except he seemed to be discussing the second coming and if there was a pre-trib rapture. I would like to listen to this program or get a transcript of the study. Please contact me with any information you have on the gentleman teaching the lesson and the name of his program and when this program comes on again. Thank you, Linda
By: Linda on September 9, 2021

WLMC 1470 & 101.1
Wlmc 101.1FM is now the voice of Pawleys Island SC. Playing hits from the 60s and 70s. Local football on Friday nights and beach music on Sundays.
By: Blaine on September 9, 2021

KFAQ 1170
Where is the Joe Pags show ( used to be on around 5:35pm)??? Another time slot possibly?
By: Kathleen on September 9, 2021

96.9 The Game (WYGM)
I would like to know if Mark and Coach Malzahn have a weekly radio show where they discuss last and upcoming game. what time and day is it on?
By: HARRY on September 8, 2021

KTKN 930
For years, three hours each weekday, we have been bombarded by lies and misinformation on this station. First the Rush Limbaugh show and now the Buck Sexton show. It was bad enough when it was just political propaganda and lies, but now - in the middle of a pandemic - to hear COVID denying, anti mask, anti vaccine conspiracy theories being pushed on 930 KTKN is beyond reprehensible. Alaskans are suffering and dying because many actually believe this crap. I’m shocked the owners of this radio station put profit before the lives of Alaskans and I won’t be surprised if KTKN suffers financial consequences from this. I would urge you to reconsider airing programs which undermine the safety and well being of Alaskans and only add to the hate and divisions in our country.
By: Norbert on September 8, 2021

94.1 The Sound (KSWD)
Play some Linda ronstadt's songs, please. Re:I've got a crush on you
By: Russ on September 8, 2021

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