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95.9 The Cloud (KKLD)
Nancy are you talking about Every Breath You Take by The Police? That's one of the most played songs in the history of radio and still immensely popular. I doubt it will ever get pulled.
By: Dave on September 11, 2022

WTCM 580
Just tuned in Sat AM at the last 10 minutes of a show. It was a wonderful talk with an author that had moved to TC after having bee diagnosed with RA. At no time did I hear her name not even at the end with the thank you’d from host. There was enough time as when it cut out for next program there were about 4-5 seconds until ad started z Host did welcome new listeners to next show. With who ?I got on search for Saturday Line-up- nothing. Some were from eons ago. Even a comment about Norm Jones way back when. As an avid listener, it would be great to See a line up wiith that days info that you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for it. I don’t want to stream, just want to find out who was on the show I was unlucky enough to come in late and hear her name. You make it so difficult to find any info regarding anything. It sounded like a great interview- too bad I have no idea what it was! 9/10/22 Thanks. For listening!
By: Beth on September 10, 2022

K-Love 105.3 (WLVE)
I like listening to Christian music. Most of the talking between songs is good. I am a 57 year old single male with a Bachelors Degree in Business. My hobby is triathlon. Over 20 years ago I changed my career path. I have never found a job where I am a good fit since. So, when a caller is on the air boasting about raises and promotions it hurts because my prayers aren't answered.
By: Mark on September 9, 2022

KTBX 98.1
THANK YOU TO THE POSTER RE KCDX 103.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moved to Tubac a month ago. KTBX has been on all day every day. Pissed i couldn't find a way to stream - UNTIL I WAS TOLD ABOUT KCDX - THEY ARE THE SAME STATION/TUNES. THANK YOU THANK YOU I want a KTBX tshirt "KTBX Tubac - the B-side of life!
By: Jim on September 7, 2022

Sunny 95 (WSNY)
Stop playing running in the hill by kate bush
By: Dalton on September 5, 2022

102.7 The Wolf (KWVF)
Where's the d.j. that sounds like the wolf man
By: Anonymous on September 4, 2022

KRZN 96.3
I am looking for a radio station I can listen to, yours has been good for new artist discovery, but not good (as most radio) for variety by any given artist. There are so many great songs other than the one you play. I’d argue many times the one song isn’t the best from the album. I remember when DJs tracked albums until something grabbed them. The time of over automation seems to have made DJs superfluous. They just talk over songs, few, if any, interviews, no info and the idea a certain single is all the band has. I’d give examples, but it isn’t worthwhile if all you will tell me is I am not your demographic and anyone listening just wants to hear a hit in the 5 minutes they listen. Love to find a station that is about the music again and you are the closest, so I am curious, but when I hear Ozzy’s newest over and over and over, I have to wonder. I’ll be on Spotify making my own playlists while you think about it.
By: Michael on September 4, 2022

KRZX 106.1
Best station ever before format change. Now seems like FM is dead. Time to get sirius
By: Wayne V on September 4, 2022

KDOA 97.5
Currently broadcasting, today's date is 2 Sept 2022
By: J on September 3, 2022

KFGG 101.9
Sounds like you have a nice Ministry here- Blessings to you as you serve. In Christ, Pastor Bill Perry
By: Pastor Bill Perry on September 2, 2022

KRXF 92.9
So Cool to hear Brian Again !
By: Rich on September 2, 2022

WSLA 1560
Please bring back the Houston Astros games........we loved daily baseball coverage.......huge following.....thanks
By: BOBBY on September 2, 2022

WWPH 107.9
i love ur music but after this last commercial on politics re donald trump i am fuming! music is a beautiful thing and for ur 2 hosts to bring politics and degrade someone who clearly has millions that believe he was treated unfairly is just wrong! i’m done! good luck with your division of our great country. u need to listen, i mean listen to a republican because it’s the democrats that keep ppl of color in their place! republicans love everyone regardless of what u have heard, democrats r evil - good luck in ur socialism… clueless…
By: linda on September 1, 2022

105.7 Willy FM (XHPRS)
Someone has to get more information out there on Vanguard the name of the band makes internet searching very hard and I haven't found them on bandcamp. But all three songs of theirs that I have heard absolutely rock. by the way my dial is locked on 105.7 I thought I was the only guy on the planet that had Hall / Oates, RATT and Rod Stewart in equal rotation - this radio station proved me way wrong
By: James on September 1, 2022

WPJB 93.3
More new songs are now being added. Listen for them and enjoy! Live streaming and a Facebook page is still on the way.
By: Dan Presley on August 31, 2022

1250 The Answer (WPGP)
Please just give the weather without adjectives. Tell Steve Williams to stop saying tomorrow will be "TERRIFIC" 80 degrees and sunny. Just say 80 degrees and sunny. Handicap bed ridden people who cant get outside get depressed by this. Thank you
By: Stanley on August 31, 2022

WBNZ 92.3
Love the radio station and the “Memories” music it plays but get frustrated when the station goes off the air for extended periods of time. Why does this happen?
By: Paul on August 30, 2022

Classic Oldies 90.3 FM (WRBK)
Have been a listener for as long as I can remember. Everyone always gives me a hard time in my car because the station comes in kinda fuzzy. If ever I am riding with somebody and they step out of their vehicle, I secretly program every one of their presets with wrbk. Just trying to spread the joy 😉
By: Peter on August 27, 2022

WTCM 580
Why no high school football?
By: Greg on August 26, 2022

KOOL 102.3 / 1280 (KQLL)
I haven't been able to listen to KQLL, 102.3, because I moved behind Black Mountain, in Henderson, Nevada; which blocks the signal. I miss the 60's, 70's, and Motown; and in Stereo. ☹ The FCC isn't going to boost their signal. But recently, I found a website where I can listen to 102.3 again. Yay! Here it is: Click on the link, below:
By: Kim on August 26, 2022

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