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WKCL 91.5
What were the programs that you aired tonight ( Friday) between 9 and 10. Thank you and May He richly bless you !
By: Bob on June 18, 2022

KSRO 1350AM 103.5FM
Come on KSRO Santa Rosa & Amaturo Media Group. This is Dem country, please represent it! We don’t need conservative loud mouths on our local news talk radio that aren’t even in Calif! The only show I listen to is Steve Jaxon. I miss the old morning crew too. Now that you’ve changed to the Tune In app I can’t listen with my phone anymore- which plays thru my hear aides. Thanks a lot Amaturo Group😡. Bye 👋
By: Kathy on June 17, 2022

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
You had a great radio station going! Classic rock you don’t hear much and not many commercials. Wow has that changed! The lopsided liberal news view has been the final blow! Time to delete you from my favorites.
By: Rowdy on June 13, 2022

WRYN 89.1
I was wondering who the minister was that you were broadcasting around noon on Sunday June 12th Thank You
By: Darrell on June 12, 2022

KBVA 106.5
Miss Fox News instead of fake news ABC! Sorry won’t listen to your radio station anymore, Who is responsible for that bad decision? Been a follower for so long! Sorry it’s ruined for me🥲
By: Diane on June 12, 2022

KDAP 1450
Sad to report this station went off the air permanently. It had been on the air for over 70 years. It is sad to see any station go away especially ones that were the ground breakers in their city.
By: Jim K. on June 11, 2022

KDAP 1450
It is a shame this radio station have forever gone of the air. It lasted over 70 years before going broke.
By: E. Montano on June 9, 2022

KVFD 1400
Is KVFD Am1400 on Audacy? If so, how does one get it online? Audacy on our computer as well as smartphone. We cannot find KVFD as one of Audacy's listed stations.
By: Dave on June 8, 2022

WPJB 93.3
Exciting News! Preaching The Gospel with Dr. Joseph V. Carmichael is getting new Sermons. Hope to have them premiering sometime this month. The program itself is still on daily at 3 P.M. Tune in and be blessed.
By: Dan Presley on June 4, 2022

105.7 Willy FM (XHPRS)
What song played at 5 pm on Jun 3 right before Twisted Sister Born to be Wild?
By: David on June 4, 2022

WSHT 100.1
We had your station on during our Memorial Day family barbecue, you guys play a wide range of music that isn't heard today, it brought back some memories one being that I sing as badly now as I did fifty years ago.
By: Charles on June 2, 2022

KRZX 106.1
This station was a cornerstone of he Grand Junction high quality of life. Best station in the universe. Please return to classic rock :) :)
By: sam on June 1, 2022

Kick 107 (KASS)
Why does your station keep going out
By: Matthew on May 29, 2022

KOMA 92.5
1960's-1980's, KOMA was a 50,000 Watt Clear Channel on 1520 AM with ALL those HOF Musical Acts. It was the unforgettable Okla-KOMA City Station ( simulcasting on 92.5 FM, starting in the 1990's ? ). It is Now more typical 21st Century TRASH Music Radio ! NOTHING there to listen to.
By: Mr. K. on May 28, 2022

KYET 1170
I really enjoy the old country music it's more calming then the new country music. Can you please play Jeannie C. Riley's These Boots are Made for Walking, more often please?
By: Tabby on May 27, 2022

93.7 WSTW
Please stop playing heatwaves
By: Anonymous on May 27, 2022

WRSK 97.5
Love your radio station. I have never heard such a professional sounding college radio station like WRSK in my life. My best to the staff and president of the college.
By: Mary on May 26, 2022

KRZX 106.1
I've been listening to your station for years. Love the old classic rock...takes me back to high school days and beyond. Plus I love hearing music I've never heard before. I hope you return to the old format! Miss the old 106.1 music!
By: Sandie on May 25, 2022

KXQT 105.9
I love that you have brought Tejano music back to our area 24/7! Your music is a must-have here in this area. We have alot of tejano music lovers. I listen all day and all the time!
By: MMG on May 24, 2022

KRZX 106.1
I had you on both vehicles and my home stereo. Great tunes! I am deeply saddened by your change in format. Please, revert back to the Classic Rock. I loved it so.
By: Troy on May 23, 2022

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