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FM106.1 (WMIL)
Why do you allow advertising that promotes miss information? I was listening to your station this morning and heard a very disturbing add for a gun store. “You know they are coming to take your guns” - really??? I’m sure I’m not the only liberal, gun owner that loves country music. Please let me know if you support this type of misinformation advertising.
By: Mindy P on June 26, 2021

WSBP 94.3
I live in a community next to Wood Ridge and can't get your radio station anymore. What happened?
By: Jo on June 26, 2021

Y100 - Hit Music Now (WZJZ)
You guys should put kpop like bts or Babymetal or black pink y'all would get more people listening to the radio
By: Deymeli on June 26, 2021

KXEX 1550
I am really enjoying Dan Bongino, but I am yelling at the radio every time the ABC News comes on during the breaks. They lean so far left a feather could make them fall over! Isn’t there some other news you could broadcast?
By: Arthursgram on June 25, 2021

Mix 100.7 (WMTX)
Hi! I'm from Sweden and I saw on A FB group that You will play Christmas Music from now and forward on. I've looked at your playlist, but I can't find any C- music to stream. Have I misunderstood the whole thing or am I at wrong radiochannel ? The Lady who wrote this was in Lakeside FL 100,7 Kindly regards, and Happy Christmas in July ! Rose, Sweden , Europe 😊🤶🎅
By: Rose on June 25, 2021

910 The Fan (WRNL)
I am very disappointed that the Dan Patrick show is no longer on. It is the most entertaining sports show on the radio. They get nominated for a sports Emmy every year. I could care less about sports betting radio. I would rather be entertained.
By: Gary on June 25, 2021

KTBX 98.1
Another KTBX fan who wishes it was available as a streaming station. Hands-down the best music selection anywhere! Would gladly pay a subscription if that would do the trick!!!
By: Debbie on June 25, 2021

KNOD 105.3
Great station love the music
By: Brad on June 25, 2021

1660 The Score (KWOD)
Why did you drop Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd and Dan Gotlieb and stick us with this terrible new lineup? These were the only good week day sports shows on in KC. Now there's nothing worth listening to, especially not this new loser of a lineup.
By: Mark on June 25, 2021

KXRQ 94.3
I was the first announcer at KXRQ back in 60's when it was in Sacramento.
By: Bruce Jensen on June 24, 2021

NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1
I occasionally listen to WRVA when scanning stations in the car. Today's Jeff Katz show was disgraceful and consisted of Mr. Katz mocking President Biden for speaking in a monotone and stumbling over his words from time to time. Perhaps Mr. Katz is unaware that the president has dealt with stuttering his entire life and manages it, like many stutterers, by speaking in a monotone, preparing for problem words and occasionally tripping over them, avoiding inflection and emphasis which can trigger stuttering, and other techniques. I know that I shouldn't let it get to me considering that Katz is a liar, a Trump apologist, and a genuine a**hole.
By: John on June 24, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
Lost another fan of 106.1 Sunday mornings with Rick Jackson was what made Sundays!
By: Dave V. on June 24, 2021

KBPB 91.9
Glitching once again. I am missing the Bill Gaither hour. Heard the first few minutes and it cut out and replaced with awful misic.
By: John on June 24, 2021

1660 The Score (KWOD)
You failed! Bring back Dan Patrick!
By: OJ on June 24, 2021

KCDR 94.3
Is this the station playing top 40? Wish I could find it online.
By: Robert B on June 24, 2021

WQRW 93.5
why does the radio station keep going off air alot some for long periods of time and it happens mostly on the weekend. Its very annoying and its the only radio station that doesnt have alot of static
By: Sandra on June 24, 2021

WJAS 1320
Rose Tennent is such an unusual character in local talk radio. She comports herself as if she were a national figure yet can't hold a job at even marginal radio stations in a small market. The name of the show, "Rose Unplugged," is also peculiar; borrowed from that old MTV program in which musicians played on unamplified ("unplugged") instruments, the term "unplugged" on Rose's show always suggested that the connection to the power source had been severed. She has usually been low on energy. True, she is great at chitchat, but the low energy reveals itself when the discussion turns to substantive issues and devolves into platitudes and generalizations. I remember when I first started listening to Quinn and Rose while getting ready for work. (Why did I listen, you might ask? Because the pace was very, very s-l-o-w , and I always needed a very gradual re-entry into consciousness and the workday.) She would never show up on time, and when she eventually waltzed in, her contributions to the program were usually limited to insults directed at Quinn (often at his appearance, despite his have aged a lot more gracefully than she has) and her reading aloud of articles she had found online. Quinn did a lot of on-air reading as well (the show always sounded like a filibuster), but he has a charming, self-deprecating personality, so a listener could be a little forgiving of his undisguised underachievement. Wendy Bell is easily the loopiest of the locals, but at least she does her homework: she can cite the twisted statistics and distorted logic of cranks and crackpots chapter and verse. Rose, on the other hand, always tried to get by on cutesy personality alone, and Quinn indulged her. Only a few weeks into her new show, she failed to show up one afternoon, and Quinn, having been summoned, kept saying, "Something came up, we're waiting for her." She never did show up. The next day, the most we learned was that she was suddenly in Florida. I guess she just assumes that everybody finds her winsome and bubbly and adorable. If she could rein in her narcissism, she could probably be a capable host of a puppet show for kids. She has talent, absolutely, but it's underdeveloped. As a fill-in host sitting in for Hannity and others, she always sounds like a substitute teacher, pleasant for a day but not quite up to the rigors and demands of a full-time job. We need more women in talk radio, so I was very hopeful when WJAS signed Bell and Tennent: I really was wishing that they would flourish this time. But neither of them seems to learn from mistakes. Fortunately, they still have time to do so. They obviously have the desire to succeed, and I'd be the first to cheer them on. Maybe reinvention is just around the corner!
By: my two cents on June 24, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
The lady now in the Rush time slot is annoying. The fill in hosts were better. I would like Dan Bongino would be better. I now listen to another station at noon.
By: Paco on June 23, 2021

1660 The Score (KWOD)
I'm disappointed to hear that you guys let go all of the National FOX Sports radio host radio sports show. I really enjoyed Colin Cowherd Doug Gottlieb and Dan Patrick. Everybody's not as far as the city and I moved here from Chicago and I really like the national team. Forced to listen to ESPN for not listen to you local radio
By: Keith on June 23, 2021

WPLX 93.3
I really like WPLX. I found it looking for another station. Nothing better than 60’s 70’s & 80’s music. Used to listen to an FM station, but you could set your watch by what they play. Hope WPLX is around for a long time. GOOD LISTENING!! Thanks!
By: C Gold on June 23, 2021

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