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KNLL 90.5
Hi I was listening to your radio station from Hope AR on 90.5fm and I was wanting to get the name of the preacher or pastor the was on at the time of 7pm he was preaching from Psalms 37. I was wanting to get his name or if you know the podcast of that I would be most grateful.
By: Shamica on January 23, 2024

KALE 960
Today I got a call from a salesman asking to sponsor a safe driving segment for young drivers- I asked if he could email me the information ---- he hung up -- rudly You don't want him selling your ads
By: Rich on January 22, 2024

News Talk 103.9 WDBT
Get rid of the Health and Welfare show from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM. It is mostly reruns and does not have any important stuff to say. Put on the Lars Larson show for its entirety.
By: David on January 20, 2024

WXBA 88.1
What the hell is going on there. These “dj’s are repulsive. Interrupting a song. A lot of dead air. Not good.
By: John on January 19, 2024

KXLE 1240
What has happened to Coast to Coast AM? Isn't 1 County music Station enough in our area.?
By: Nellie on January 19, 2024

KDXU 890
While driving in my car today I think I heard a promo for a Hypnotist meeting here in St George. But as I was driving I was not able to capture the Details. Can you send them to me?
By: Jim on January 17, 2024

WSQA 88.7
Since Sunday, Jan 14 I have not been able to receive the 88.7 station in Hornell. I listen every day and I want it back. Oddly enough, I now can receive WXXI radio which I have not had since around 2008. What is going on????
By: Linda on January 16, 2024

KXTJ 96.9
Listening from New York State. I live only 25-30 miles north-northwest of NYC. This radio station is literally the BEST among any other out-of-state station I have tried. I'm happy to have deleted my Spotify accounts for the better. In fact, I can attest that KXTJ-LP is COMPLETELY underrated. Many times I tune in to out-of-state stations like 94.7 WCSX, 104.3 WOMC, and 100.3 WNIC (all 3 are based in Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan areas), The commercial breaks that play are not based in the respective broadcasting area; the ads are instead based on current location or areas closest to your current location, which absolutely drives me crazy. This radio station has no commercial breaks at ALL. What's more: SO MANY new hits to listen to. Barely anyone knows most of what is played on this radio station. This station is a perfect place to transition away from the typical "overrated" hits while simultaneously experiencing everything nonstop. Come to think of this experience like you're listening to SiriusXM, which is famous for many or all their music channels having zero commercial breaks. KXTJ-LP essentially integrates tons of songs you'd see on multiple SiriusXM channels into one live non-commercial radio station. For some time, I have been searching for a fantastic classic hits station based in San Antonio after most recently becoming a fan of the San Antonio Spurs following an extremely frustrating 11 years of being a fan of the Brooklyn Nets (who have an extremely dirty reputation and damaged bright future that all started with an atrocious trade that occurred in the Summer of 2013). As of last weekend, I am beyond thankful for having getting to know KXTJ-LP kudos to its real-time playlist showing on OnlineRadioBox. I'm more importantly thankful that I can listen in whether at my home area, in NYC, on any NYC Area-based mad transit system, or even while in the Philippines, where I will travel to for a month just a week after I write this. One thing I will say is that if you really want to listen to this radio station using the actual radio feature in your car, you need to strictly be located within the Northeast Suburbs of San Antonio; there is minimal to no signal reception of this station in Downtown San Antonio or anywhere else within the city. The DJs also recommend funding (see the Classic Hits 96.9 website for more information) to keep this radio station in operation for the long term. All in all, excellent playlist; I strongly recommend to anyone who up to today continues to be an avid radio station fan like me.
By: Johnluke on January 16, 2024

The Bet 1520 (WWKB)
I am happy to report thet Your station can be heard in Sweden from Your WWKB transmitter on 1520 Khz. The reception was load and clear transmitting the Dolphin game . Very nice programe and reception. I have a clip if You are interested. I use an old Icom R71E reciever and a brand new 100 meter antenna. I am 72 yeras old and I like to li.sten to overseas AM-stations. I live in a small town in the south of Sweden. I had the opertunety to visit Buffalo last Year including visits to Niagara Falls and passing Rainbow Bridge on our way down to Detroit. Greetings from a snowy and cold Sweden. Roger Larsson, Vårlundavagen 12,54931 Tidan, Sweden
By: Roger on January 15, 2024

on my car radio when a song is played you use to show the name of the song and the artist but you dont anymore. what happened. i call you never answer the phone or text message also send an email. never get a response. what is the problem?
By: steven on January 14, 2024

96X (KKTX)
If you keep those AM Mo$%#, I will not listen to your station again, in FACT I will tell your advisors that I will not do business with them either. My god how can you even think they could represent A ROCK station.
By: Dee. farral on January 12, 2024

96X (KKTX)
What happened to John Boy and Billy morning show?
By: Michele on January 12, 2024

KUAS 88.9
Did something happen to your tower? I cannot pick up your signal.
By: Max on January 12, 2024

KOOL 107.1 (KPKL)
KOOL Oldies continues to be heard on 107.1 and now streaming online at the KOOL website and also the website for the Oldies Preservation Society, at KOOLOPS (dot) ORG
By: Big on January 12, 2024

Tzap this station has been off the air for almost a year. It would likely be a different station carry the Dodgers in Las Vegas this upcoming season.
By: Anonymous on January 12, 2024

KTXT 88.1 FM
Hi! I don't like any of the Lubbock FM stations very much but I am writing y' all because y' all play more variety than many. (I flip around a lot.) I would like to hear some Earth, Wind and Fire ("September") or some ABBA other than "Dancing Queen" How about "Angel Eyes?" And what about "Valerie" by the Monkeys? dcd
By: Douglas on January 11, 2024

Boom 94.5 (KZMJ)
You guys are a bunch of idiots this is how false news gets spread stfu about politics.
By: J on January 11, 2024

KUAS 88.9
Unable to connect with npr sierra vista. Are you on or off the air in Cochise County?
By: Barry on January 11, 2024

Nash FM 97.3 (KHKI)
KHKI is all time famous for being the first FM stereo station in Des Moines and was a rocker in the late 50's to the 70's by owner Dick Vance. The station was Iowa's most powerful FM then at 115kw. I was a student at Des Moines Tech then and went on to be a KBSEE engineer.
By: Steve on January 11, 2024

KIDG 92.1
I love your station and listen to it every day while I am working The past 2 weeks or so there is a lot of static and noise on your station here in Pocatello. It is so bad I cannot listen to it at this time. Also there are many times when I am listening to one of my favorite commentators and suddenly every thing goes blank for several minutes and then on the hour when you do local information it comes back on line.
By: Charles on January 10, 2024

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