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KHLS 96.3
I am a retired USAF TSgt, whom now teaches Intel officers as my real job. However I have been blessed to have enough success in the evenings as a stand-up comedian that I have toured around Texas and experienced some great moments that I would love to share with your listener. I am in town until Friday morning. Please consider having me on as a guest. My number is 434 987 9167
By: Chris Crawford on July 2, 2018

KROO 1430
This station is very weak all we hear is just buzz and static
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

KEMA 94.5
Hi, I was wondering if ya'll do public announcements? We are hosting a Free play event for the kids at the Skate Park in Beeville Texas this weekend July 7th from 6:30PM-8PM. We would love for all kids in and surrounding Beeville to have the opportunity to come out play and have some fun! If yall could share this free event that would be great! Thank you so much for your time! - Royalty Fit Family
By: Annette Howard on July 2, 2018

WXTC 88.1
We are wondering if WXTC has changed its programming. Over the past several years we have been so pleased that WXTC re-broadcasts WQED; We are classical music lovers and are missing WQED's programming. Please advise. We know that Jim Cunningham from WQED is a Thiel graduate and hope that his voice will still reach us over WXTC's airwaves! Carol Hosmer
By: Carol Hosmer on July 2, 2018

KKWV 88.1
Hi I was wondering if ya'll do public announcements. We are hosting a FREE PLAY event in Beeville Texas on July 7th from 6:30PM-8PM for the children to get outdoors and have some fun playing. We would love all kids in and around Beeville to have this opportunity. Anything ya'll can do would be great. Thank you so much. God Bless from the Royalty Fit Family
By: Annette Howard on July 2, 2018

KQCF 88.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03.15.18 5TH Annual B-17 Alliance Fly-In Fundraiser Aug 3-4, 2018 With your help the “Lacey Lady” will fly again! 501 C3 non-profit corporation ID# 20-3507294 (All donations are tax deductible) All are invited to attend the B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser August 3 & 4, 2013 9am-6pm at historic McNary Field in Salem, Oregon. Join the B-17 Alliance for WWII Aircraft, Vintage Aircraft, Military & Aviation Swap Meet, WWII Living History Encampment, Military Vehicles, Aviation Themed Rat Rods from the famous Gary Fisher located in Hood River, Oregon & plenty of eats and drinks! Friday August 3, 2018 also hosts a Fabulous 40’s Hangar Dance & Party (5:30pm-8:30pm) *Gate admission applies* Erickson Aircraft Collection’s WWII P-40e Kittyhawk & SBD Dauntless to headline the 5th Annual! B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser August 3-4, 2018. (formerly known as “Warbirds Over the West”) The B-17 Alliance Foundation is very excited to announce that the Madras, Oregon based Erickson Aircraft Collections’ WWII P-40e Kittyhawk and SBD Dauntless will headline the 5th Annual B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser. The Erickson Aircraft Collection (formerly located at the historic Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon) based in Madras, Oregon displays a vintage WWII aircraft collection started by Jack Erickson in 1983. The collection features over twenty plus warbirds, most of which are still in flying condition. **Flying schedules will be published prior to the Annual Fly-In.** Also featured at the 5th Annual Fly-In will be Ragwood Refactory owner Kyle Bushman’s 1943 Navy N3N “Old Glory” & Bryan Harper’s 1943 T-6 Texan Aircraft (Harper Family Farms). Selected in 2017 from over 800 rally applicants Kyle and Bryan are among the rare pilots of the 15 competing rally teams in the Vintage Air Rally Race Ushuala2USA scheduled for November 2018 spanning South America. 15 Teams, 44 days, 9200 miles – 44 days, 9200 miles – the Rally is on! The Fly-In will be the last public viewing of “Old Glory” prior to departing to South America in mid-August 2018. The B-17 Alliance Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the people of WWII, all our veterans and the restoration of the “Lacy Lady”, a B-17G Flying Fortress that served as a service canopy in Milwaukee, Oregon for over 67 years. The “Lacey Lady” is now undergoing full restoration to flying condition at the Alliance’s Museum & Restoration hangar in Salem, Oregon. To read more about the B-17 Alliance Foundation you can visit or follow us on Facebook. Facebook: B-17 Alliance Foundation Bryan Heim – 503.709.5330 Terry Scott – 503.654.6491 B-17 Alliance Foundation B-17 Alliance Foundation Annual Fly-In Coordinator Executive Director Professional Photographer B-17 Alliance Headquarters B-17 Alliance Museum & Restoration Hangar 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd. 3278 25th Street SE Milwaukee, Oregon 97222 Salem, OR 97302 503.654.6491 971.803.2428
By: Larry Bentley on July 2, 2018

KUYI 88.1
Wild horses need your help..many many horses are starving at your local it possible to spread the word that people are looking for donations of water and hay please?
By: Marion Van Der Kuij on July 2, 2018

KLLL 96.3
Could you please play Burnin for you by Cameron Hobbs? He is an amazing artist out of Denton Texas! He deserves radio play and I hope we can get him back to Lubbock to play again soon!
By: Leslie McConal on July 2, 2018

KQBR 99.5
Can you possibly play Cameron Hobbs - Burnin for you? It is an amazing song and we need to have it played on the radio! He is an artist out of Denton, Texas!
By: Leslie McConal on July 2, 2018

WSWN 900
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist CHurch, Located at 801 8th Street, west palm beach, fl 33401 is offering a FREE Health Fair Saturday July 28th, From 10am-2pm with ALL FREE SERVICES including: Back to school check-ups, FREE Mammograms,Hearing, Vision,Diabetes, and HIV testing. Also Free healthy snacks, and Food Preparation, Stress Reduction,and Movement classes. Also THE FL DMV will be on site for drivers licenses and Registrations, as well as the CITY of West Palm Beach is giving away FREE TREES.
By: Joi Cardwell on July 2, 2018

WIRA 1400
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist church, located at 801 8th Street West Plam Beach FL 33401, is offering a FREE Health Fair July 28th, 2018 from 10am-2pm. ALL SERVICES are Free, including: Kids back to school checkups. FREE Mammograms, Vision, Diabetes, Hearing and HIV testing. Healthy Snacks and Food Choices, FL DMV will be on site for Licenses and Registrations, and the City of West Palm Beach will be giving away FREE TREES too.
By: Joi Cardwell on July 2, 2018

WEPB 106.3
Love your music format, keep it up haven't heard that kind in a while.
By: Robert Davenport sr on July 2, 2018

WRVX 91.7
This station is a very real blessing to me. I work 2nd shift and get to hear Crosstalk on my way in and Unshackled during my drive home. Thank you WRVX.
By: Kathleen Adkins on July 2, 2018

KTRH 740
The Michael Berry Show is a variety show. More of variety on what music, food and restaurants he likes. Seems he talks more about music than today’s politics. He’ll be telling a story then go off into left field. He’s easily distracted. Talks too much about himself and how his life is awesome. All I see while waiting for Rush Limbaugh at 11am is an empty chair in the booth
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

KJHB 97.7
I Love this radio station. We listened to it all four days while in Jackson. I wish we had the station in AZ. We loved 99.99% of the music played. Wish we had it recorded!
By: Jo Rita Nielsen on July 2, 2018

KCYA 97.7
We absolutely love this station! Where have you gone? It’s been a week since we have heard from you! All we get is static! We all know there is enough static here! Please come back, we miss you!
By: Laurie and Paul on July 2, 2018

KGKL 960
All we hear is just hum weak signal in our neighborhood plus dsl power lines are interfering
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

KGKL 960
Great station poor signal in our neighborhood
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

KGKL 960
Wish you had a website for it
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

KGKL 960
This station is very weak
By: Anonymous on July 2, 2018

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