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B93.3 (WLDB)
What's going on with the station? I can't get it on any of my home radios and it cuts in & out in my car.
By: Susan on November 13, 2021

106.5 The Truth (WTKD)
Where did the fun Christmas and 60s-70s music go?!?
By: Andrew on November 13, 2021

KAFR 88.3
Few months ago I hear in your radio a preacher that seemed to be British, kind of young and very funny, very well suited for children and youngsters and for adults too! If anyone knows his name please pass it along. Thank y’all and God bless!
By: Manny on November 13, 2021

WSHT 100.1
The music your station plays sure brings back some good memories. Keep it up.
By: Richard on November 13, 2021

KCDC 102.5
KCDC does, in fact, have plans to move to 102.3, to protect KQSE. Otherwise, this is kind of an odd decision.
By: ZBG on November 12, 2021

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
I really really miss the music from your last format. Such beautiful music that I never got tired of. Is there any chance you would bring it back? There are no other stations like that. Now your the same as everyone else😞
By: Karen on November 11, 2021

KCDC 102.5
I bought an old radio shack table radio to listen to your station in Grand Junction. It was fine for awhile but now I can't get KCDC at 102.5, it is some other station in the house that is not the same music KCDC plays. I can still listen to you on the car radio when I am out. Is there another station on my radio that would tune you in in the house?
By: Jane on November 11, 2021

WEBY 1330
Haven't talked on the radio station for a while and just wondering if your tournament still there thank you.
By: James on November 11, 2021

106.1 FM Talk (WTKK)
Thank you for replacing Schnitt. No other show had so many spoken words that communicated less content.
By: Brian on November 11, 2021

Sunny 101.7 (WHOF)
You seem to play the same christmas songs over and over just by different artist and truly their are so many songs you are leaving out. I love your station but I want to hear some fun christmas music from olden days and new. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
By: Renee on November 11, 2021

KIT 1280 News Talk
Larry, I just talked to someone who's from Ellensburg, WA, and they could confirm it was 1310 KZXR causing the problems. Have a nice day, Z
By: ZBG on November 11, 2021

WMBZ 92.5
Why fo you guys keep playing the same thing in a loop all the time??? You ever heard of willie Nelson, brooks and dun , Charlie Daniels and the real cowboys and not this hip hop junk you keep playing. Every day the same thing. Change your format! But we do like the banter in the mornings. We get up at 0530 every morning to go to we listen every day but your format stinks after a while.
By: John on November 11, 2021

WJAT 800
Nick, Sounds like a wonderful idea! Before you read further, you should know that I'm not a legal expert, but I have some broadcasting knowledge. For certain advice, post your question to radiodiscussions, sign up for their free account. Back to my post. There are a few hoops to jump through, but here's a rundown that should make it easier: *Start an LPFM. This is the easiest way to get on board, and the next window is likely to occur in the next 3-6 months, as the NCE window just took place. (Source: Broadcast Law Blog). You are allotted 100 watts to broadcast whatever you feel like as so long as you keep it local to the community. Use radio-locator to find an open and unused frequency (106.9 is looking real promising), and always check the radio-dial with your car radio to determine which frequencies are actually open. Beware that you may have to compete against other stations in the next filing window. *Start a NCE or Commercial station. While this gives you fuller control over your content, a NCE is non-commercial, and a commercial filing window is very unlikely to happen in this decade. Luckily though, if you are willing to forego commercials, an NCE filing window happens once every few years. *What about AM? I noticed you made this post on an AM station, so I suspect you like the MW band. Sadly, the FCC couldn't care less about it, and getting a full station on the air may nt ever happen again. Luckily, there is a hitch: Start a low-power AM, as it can still travel far with the right ground-conductivity. In your area, the ground conductivity is a mild 4,mnos which is actually the best in Georgia, but doesn't hold a candle to the 5000 you get in the Gulf of Mexico. Even so, you should get a solid mile with a properly built antenna. *Buy a station or buy time: If you have some cash stored up, buy a "failed" construction permit in your area. Example: In Wyoming, such a permit was consumed and then relocated to Nebraska. In addition, look for a station that is on the market, AM or FM, that is close to what you want to do. Finally, you can buy time on a FM, AM, or Shortwave station where you can have your own program. This can be the best financial scenario as you are paying only for your time, not full-time. *The other option: If you are not looking to "officially" broadcast to anyone, then there is a way that is cheaper, faster, and a lot more fun too. Buy a Part 15 transmitter and just start broadcasting! As so long as you don't interfere with an established station and you are within the power limits, then it is your *right* to be on that frequency without a license. Shocking, right? But there is a difference between legal unlicensed operation and piracy. Piracy is broadcasting with unauthorized equipment, too much wattage, and/or the intent to harm. A lot of people trip themselves up by accidently stepping on another station, etc. Definitely check your purchase to make sure the website didn't pull a fast one on you. Otherwise, Amazon is fairly trustworthy place to buy a transmitter. If you have taken the official route, now you have to contact a field engineer to do a study on your proposed tower site, and then spend about $40 to file a form with the FCC, and then if they grant you with the construction permit, then you have three years to get it on the air. Congrats! There is a lot more to cover once you go on the air, but I won't make this post any more confusing than it needs to. If you did that Part 15 option, just ensure your equipment falls within the guidelines, and you are all ready to go. Doing all of this takes maybe 30 days, compared to years otherwise, but it is risky, as one wrong move can mislabel you as a wave pirate.
By: ZBG on November 11, 2021

Classic Oldies 90.3 FM (WRBK)
Love your station , Picking up in Indian Land SC , Listening for years but , I am going to change stations . Every 3rd song you play Franki Valle , so sick of hearing him ,Good Luck to your station
By: david on November 10, 2021

Mix 100.9 (KQSR)
HELP - Anna and Raven are so repetative the same show repeated over and over - seems like you only have about 4 of their sydicated programs. The rest of the day's programming is OK.
By: Janet on November 10, 2021

WAUZ 89.1
I heard the most beautiful song on your station in the afternoon of Nov. 9 around 2:30 to 3:00 pm. It was a male singer and one refrain was "I knew that was You". Can you please tell me who that was singing and the correct title of the song?
By: Trudy on November 10, 2021

105.7 WROR
I love wror 105.7 Best station
By: julie on November 10, 2021

99.1 FM Talk Radio (KKFT)
Stopped listening to Tom Sullivan on 99.1 in October 2020 as he has turned into a left of the middle cloaked woke. Went to 92.3 but then Evans moved him there! And now no Monica Jay show! Changing the buttons on my vehicles to other using stations. As Trump would say, "so sad" Goodbye Evans broadcasting
By: Ted on November 9, 2021

KIT 1280 News Talk
Larry, The regional Mexican station you might be referring to is 1310 KZXR, which is in Grandview. Also, if a station 30 khz away (1310-1280) is causing that much interference, it could be that your dial or tuner has gone bad. Also, depending on the time of day, there could be a farther out Spanish station on 1280 (KBNO Denver comes to mind) that bounces by skywave and screws up a local signal. Hope this helps, ZBG
By: ZBG on November 9, 2021

WQSN 106.3
Amanda, The 1990's, 2000's and 2010's are already considered classic hits? Noooo it's too soon to be called old! Other than that I agree that those are good artists you listed. ZBG
By: ZBG on November 9, 2021

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