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KSRY 103.1
I heard a song tonight at around 11:15. I never heard before, was waiting for the DJ to mention, but it went straight to commerical. Thanks
By: Malcolm Dohi on November 25, 2018

WJLG 900
Your station needs maintenance on the broadcast. There has been a crackiling noise interfering with your broadcast. Hope things work out for the station!
By: Gary Corrigan on November 25, 2018

WWBA 820
Learned Laura Ingram and Michael Savage are being dropped by year end. The broadcast announcement promised their programming replacements would be posted on this site. So, what’s new?
By: Mark H on November 25, 2018

KZQZ 1430
How can I contact Bill Holmes? I would like to know the source of his closing "Life is a gift" and if he wrote it. I have a young friend who is desperately struggling with alcoholism and I would like to have it printed on a t-shirt for her.
By: Mike Rogger on November 24, 2018

WLML 100.3
I moved to Boca Raton last year and found this station by accident on my car radio. I love this "oldies" station and have it on all the time when in the car. The only problem I find is that in certain areas in Boca and when I drive to Delray Beach, the station goes in and out and a Hispanic station cuts in. I've found the Hispanic stations to be very strong and wonder if it's where this station is located that it may be out of range in Boca and Delray. For the most part, the transmission is not bad but even during the day in certain areas as noted, it dies out.
By: carol marek on November 24, 2018

KKAD 95.7
Hey, I'm supporting this fundraiser, please have a look - 'Dallas Seahawks Athletics'
By: Bree Smith on November 24, 2018

WPJB 93.3
And...I'll let you know, right here, when the new songs will officially premier on air.
By: Dan Presley on November 24, 2018

WPJB 93.3
From People For Jesus Radio Broadcasting Company, Inc, and WPJB-LP Selma, I want to wish everyone reading a merry Christmas and happy New Year. The long awaited adds to CCM and Southern Praise are coming real soon. Stay tuned. Have over 1000 new songs, I plan on playing for you, once all is said and done
By: Dan Presley on November 24, 2018

KVRM 104.5
Why is this station not on air? Every time I go to listen to it there's nothing but a static like sound but every other station works fine.
By: Mya on November 24, 2018

KZXK 98.9
Hope you will stop broadcasting political ads. Love your music
By: Ann Drissel on November 24, 2018

KRCY 96.7
I want to dedicate a song to someone in Lake Havasu City. Song:"Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You." Too Tonya. From Vic. Please do this it is very important. Thank You from Betty in OR. Nov. 24 2018
By: Betty on November 24, 2018

KWUL 101.7
Hello Head Wulf and thank you for your reply. Although I like the song you provided "Feel To Good" by The Move, it is not the song I heard other night. I wish I knew where I could get the list of songs played between 7 to 7:45pm 10/22. I will continue to listen in hopes that the station will play it again. If you have another suggestion I would appreciate that too. Thank you.
By: Barry Judge on November 23, 2018

KWUL 101.7
Barry,,,,not Bill but the answer to your question is is "Feel To Good" by The Move
By: Head wulf... on November 23, 2018

WSVQ 92.1
My husband and I have been listening for several days and it sure has brought back a lot of memories of the skating rink, American Bandstand, Soul Train and WKAZ-AM! I have passed it on on Facebook but don’t see that you have a page yet.
By: Jo on November 23, 2018

WDCM 92.9
play more rush like 2112 or natural science.
By: jeremy ankney on November 23, 2018

WTPJ 102.3
I was wondering if I could get A play list of songs you were playing thanksgiving day. I love the bluegrass songs and would like to get the names of them. thank you so much I am glad I found this station.
By: joe hardin on November 23, 2018

KCOU 88.1
I sent you a psa. There will be a fundraiser for Veterans Golden Age Games 2019 Dec 9 at the VFW Post 280, Columbia, MO 6 P.m. Dinner, Music provided by Makers Dozen Silent Auction Ticket $20 adult $10 kids 12 and under for more info contact Carol 573-355-0437
By: Carol Thompson on November 23, 2018

WHYT 88.1
Hello , My name is shelley I own a small business in Westland , I was wondering if there's any possible way you could announce my business in some way on your station for people to come shop for BLack Friday , shop small Saturday ? I am a single mom needing some help to keep my business running because my daughter has uncontrolled epilepsy and I am really close to loosing my business because of it. If you could just please say "Moody Teez, in westland on wayne rd south of cherry hill is doing a store wide sale today and Saturday. I would really appreciate it. I do all custom apparel and merchandise, I also do private Tee-Parties and rent a party room out. If you cant I understand I just really need the help. THank you in advance BLessings! Shelley Moody Teez 734-469-2005
By: Shelley on November 23, 2018

WXNX 93.7
I was friended by the owner/operator of a radio station in Florida. She had been in contact with me, and I was able to request and hear every song that I could think of. We have since become separated. Can you help me to reconnect?
By: Perry Armstrong on November 23, 2018

KCPR 91.3
Greetings, I’d like to send some original music for you to consider. Is it best to send the CD since it’s an AIFF file or an mp3 via email. Would include a one-sheet as well. Have some blues, some country and other Americana. I’m registered with ASCAP, Soundscan, and all that. Thank you, Nathan Spooner
By: Nathan Spooner on November 23, 2018

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