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KXBA 93.3
Love their music, but, conspiracy theory advertising. Beware, they seem to be willing to take money to spread anything that is untrue.
By: Russell on January 5, 2021

U.S. 106 (WUSH)
I would like to talk to somebody about advertising on your channel. Please call me back at 757-494-0530
By: ROHIT MEHTA on January 5, 2021

Big Cheese 107.9 (WBCV)
In these turbulent times I think a great song to add to your sets, as food for thought would be "Mason Proffit: Two Hangmen". Great song that's not played as much as should be!
By: Wayne Pakonen on January 5, 2021

New Life 94.5 (WYNL)
Bring back WVTS FM on 94.5 it been crappy music for years am sucks
By: Rio Dealsz on January 4, 2021

96 Rock (WBBB)
I am searching to find the song title and artist for a currently-running PSA by "Pass it On." This is a hard rock song, very driving cadence, and some of the lyrics are as follows: "...lie for it, cry for it, die for it, aaaahhhhhh, Believe!" cand you identify this song for me?
By: Alan R Hall on January 4, 2021

WASQ 99.1
I just heard you guys play Fly on the Wall live. You have a listener for life. You guys are awesome!!
By: Timothy Lee on January 4, 2021

KTTR 99.7
99.7 is gone! What happened???
By: Steve Clark on January 4, 2021

99 Rock (WKSM)
If you really play anything, please play: "If Ever" by Gratitude. Love your spirit!
By: Belle on January 4, 2021

KKCA 95.7
ABOUT FLIPPIN’ TIME, BAKERSFIELD !. EVERY STATION played the same 300 songs (in their respective genre) over and over, so getting a variety was impossible. THANK-YOU KKCA- For exposing me to some new tunes I’ve never heard, but mostly for expanding the “list of classics”. It’s not that the classics are stale, it’s the fact that there are so many more to enjoy. For years, most stations stick with the same 100 songs, FOR THAT, I SALUTE YOU !✌️
By: Jennifer lackey on January 3, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
What was song played approx 10:30 Am on 01/03/2021 prior to “ Night Ranger “ song , killer guitar solo at end , please , title And artist 🙏🙏🙏
By: Rhonda on January 3, 2021

KBDE 89.9
Would you please let me know who the speaker was on Sunday morning, January 3, 2021. He spoke from 11:00am-11:30am. Thank you, Mary C.
By: Mary C on January 3, 2021

WSHT 100.1
I remember watching WKRP back in the day, but I never thought I would hear call letters like those in use over the air. Your call letters are the funniest damn thing I've heard on radio in a long time, thanks for the laugh.
By: Listener on January 3, 2021

WRHP 100.1
Who was the preacher that was on today at 5. Jan. 2, 2021
By: Caron on January 3, 2021

Freedom 970 (KUFO)
Hey All, I was there at 101.1 regularly. Although the morning show from 9 to 12 was a bit too liberal, Lars is usually great.Then, for some unknown reason nobody wants to really tell us . . . you got rid of Clyde Lewis and GroundZero! Now I got rid of 101.1FM!
By: A Faithful Listener on January 3, 2021

WILZ 104.5
i hope this is a good channel
By: Thomas c Fry on January 3, 2021

KBUP 1240
Currently, this station, to my liking is broadcasting EWTN Catholic Radio
By: Mike on January 2, 2021

WIOF 104.1
I am very thankful that 104.1 has been playing a variety of representative views of both sides of the conversation on Masks and Vaccination... I understand how people are fearful for the unknown's of Covid 19 - but the open conversation cannot go away without severely damaging our ability to get to truth. Eliminating the diverse perspectives regarding Covid and Covid Related issues - Lockdowns, Quarantines, Masks, Social Distancing, Vaccinations, etc- starves the audience of understanding what the "other side" is thinking and acting upon. I feel strongly that 104.1 does present very many views that could be considered, as I do, as propaganda. I will not name names, because some of the commentators are very beloved and considered authoritative on either side of the divide. Thank you for balancing the Forum. May we all listen to each other's concerns and move to act from a fuller perspective without judgement.
By: Thomas Schnaidt on January 2, 2021

KHDJ 96.5
Thanks for the great Songs. You’ve taken me back to my parents memories. It a wonderful experience going down memory lane. Thamks
By: David Villanueva on January 2, 2021

KXEZ 92.1
Enjoy your station. Have you raised the frequency? Seems as though I can get it on car radio farther away from your station. Thank you.
By: Don Duren on January 2, 2021

KDIF 102.9
Jesus had brothers and sisters. Read king James version- red letter edition. Mark- 15:40 Matthew - 14: 55,56
By: Darrell Wallace on January 2, 2021

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