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B101 (WWBB)
I was looking for an oldies station and I saw this one listed. I tuned it in and all I got was Christian talk radio. When did they change their format and was wasn't it changed in any of the Oldies search results?
By: Marc Epstein on August 7, 2019

WCHJ 1470
Hello, We are having a laser tag event in Brookhaven at the Multi-Purpose building Aug 30-31st. Who could I speak with regarding radio advertising for our event?
By: Jermaine on August 7, 2019

WBKN 92.1
We are hosting a laser tag event in Brookhaven MS Aug 30-31st at the Multi-Purpose Center. Who could I speak with about advertising on the radio?
By: Jermaine on August 7, 2019

Family Radio 88.1 (KEBR)
How can I get an interview on your show? I am a published author, natural bodybuilder and actor. My new fitness book just came out a week ago. I want to put out there so more people can know about it. I will really appreciate if you guys can helped me out. Thank you again.
By: Prince on August 7, 2019

KERM 98.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 8/6/2019 Contact: Trenda Allen (307) 426-4746 PEAK WELLNESS CENTER HOSTS DONATIONS FOR EMERGENCY BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN GOSHEN COUNTY Cheyenne, WY – With the recent impact in Goshen County of the irrigation tunnel cave in, Peak Wellness Center in Torrington, Wyoming is creating a Back to School Drive to collect school supplies, and gift cards to purchase school clothing and shoes. Goshen County has been impacted quite significantly by an irrigation tunnel cave in, subsequently causing flooding, and stopping the flow of water to over a hundred thousand acres between Goshen County and Nebraska. “You might imagine what impact this has on a small, rural community such as Torrington. There are lots of worries, and unknowns at this time. Our intent is to distribute these items directly to Central Administration for the Goshen County School District, which covers four communities, Torrington, Yoder and Lingle and LaGrange so that they can get these items to those students most in need," said Margarete Lohgry, Clinic Director for Peak Wellness Center, Torrington Donations can be brought to Peak Wellness Center, 501 Albany Avenue, Torrington, Wyoming or the Cheyenne Administrative Office at 510 West 29th. Additional information can be obtained by calling (307) 532-4091. Donations will be picked up by August 29, 2019 for distribution. To learn more about Peak Wellness Center or to donate, visit Peak Wellness Center has a long history of being the largest and leading provider of comprehensive mental health and addiction-recovery services in southeastern Wyoming. Programs are confidential, effective, affordable mental health services for people of any age facing mental health challenges or addictions of any kind. Peak Wellness Center has been a leader in mental health services in Wyoming f, since 1959. # # #
By: Trenda Allen on August 7, 2019

KRNR 107.3
Stumbled across your station a few days ago and the daily hasn't moved since. Thank you so much for taking me back to a time Country was good and didn't all sound the same. Please keep the classic country coming. Thanks for tossing in some bluegrass as well. First thing I do when I get home from work is turn on the radio now. Station comes in clear. Doug from Lake Brownwood. (Near 279 bridge)
By: Doug on August 6, 2019

WJLN 88.7
If you are looking for kool and relaxing, invigorating Christian music, you are in the right place with WJLN 887.7 FM. All you have to do is tune in to the latest Christian sounds and tune out the annoying worries. When you need Gospel just spell WJLN 88.7 FM! When you in need of a Christian Station, just step to WJLN 88.7 FM! This is a great station and i won't have it any other way...
By: Dr. Shashikarshe on August 6, 2019

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Killer tunes, but that cnn news ticker is BEYOND annoying...
By: bigken on August 6, 2019

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Does Mike Still work for you. A long time friend from S. F. West Portal.
By: Steve Miller on August 6, 2019

103.3 KLOU
My 4 year old wants to hear Roxanne by the police please make that happen her name is zoey
By: Jeremey on August 6, 2019

106.9 The Eagle (KHPT)
Need to know your advertisement costs. Please reply back to this email. We are a dental practice in tomball looking to advertise
By: maricela on August 6, 2019

KWMU 90.7
I am writing to let you know about the publication of a new book on urban revitalization in East St. Louis, IL. Building Bridges: Community and University Partnerships in East St. Louis which I authored was published August 1, 2019 by Social Policy Press. The book describes how an inspired group of women activists from East St. Louis established a long-term partnership with students and faculty from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) to revitalize their community. It is an uplifting story of a small group of women, inspired by the Civil Rights work of Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Katherine Dunham, who organized a highly effective grassroots movement to insure their neighbors and future generations living wage jobs, quality affordable housing, fresh fruits and vegetables, accessible health care and transformative public education. So, if you are feeling a bit depressed by the play of your hometown baseball team or frustrated by the 2020 Presidential election prospects, make Building Bridges: Community/University Partnerships a part of your summer reading program. It will remind you of the wisdom of Margaret Mead’s observation, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I would welcome the opportunity to come on the air to discuss this uplifting story about East St. Louis. Given recent public events, your listeners could use an inspirational story from across the river! The book is available from and
By: Kenneth Reardon on August 6, 2019

KJMP 870
Fort Collins: 96.9fm and 870am are no longer broadcasting KJMP. - they are now Spanish programming. What happened? Where are you guys now!
By: Disappointed on August 6, 2019

KFLT 830
Thank goodness for a radio station in Tucson that plays real music instead of the garbage that is popular today. Music is like movies today that totally lacks any semblance of quality. Thank you KFLT-AM for coming to Tucson. This will be my favorite radio station.
By: Robert Burdoin on August 6, 2019

KWNO 1230
My name is Lisa Frank and I own and operate a business called Rettlers geared towards sustainable tourism and rural renewal. I am reaching out as I am running a unique event called Tending Legacy in Decorah, Iowa Sept. 14th-15th in partnership with David Cavagnaro of The Pepperfield Project, and Land By Hand, a couple who are designers, educators and artists in the permaculture world. I am looking to engage the community of Winona in this unique opportunity and would love to tell you about it! The event is a three-day retreat designed to explore the living ecological sanctuary that is Pepperfield Project with Peperfields Founder, David Cavagnaro. Presentations will answer questions such as, what can we learn from the patterns in nature to cultivate meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships in our lives? What roles do humans play in both the internal and external landscapes? How can we start tending the earth where we’re at, with tangible solutions to create a greater depth of connection to the communities that we are a part of? We’ll experience the transformative power of growing food, crafting medicine, raising animals, tending the wild, fostering artistic expression and celebrating community life as a living prayer for these times. I am hopeful that you see the value in this event, I would feel honored to have the support from KWNO. Any radio time or opportunity to share this event would be value adding. Below are highlighted links that direct you to my website to learn more about my work and the event. Best, Lisa
By: Lisa Frank on August 6, 2019

810 & 103.1 WGY
Always listen to late nite. Enjoyed Clyde and Saturday nite repeats. Ben Shapiro very difficult to listen to....He talks much too fast,drones on and on in a very "robotic" way....I guess the term "talking head" fits...Please listen to him,,he doesn't fit in with WGY family.....thanks for listening...
By: Kathy on August 6, 2019

America's Best Music 98.7 (WGCQ)
I have station listening when traveling. Like the 6 am reports. Do you have the number to the rice research center mentioned on Aug 5? That is 5 miles west of Malden on J you said. Hope to plant rice 8n Nigeria. Thank you for your assistance and anyone else that can advise us.
By: Raymond Raef on August 6, 2019

The Patriot, KEIB AM 1150
All of these mass murderers want, need, and feed off the notoriety gained from their act, they hope to create a more heinous and spectacular crime than those sick bastards that preceded them, giving them the things they want most , their Name and picture in the press and on TV., Feeding their ego. In my opinion all the media attention is a primary motivating factor for them to try to make their crime bigger, better and more spectacular than the preceding atrocities. The news media in its frenzy to be first to publish as many lured details as possible, feeding into their compulsions by giving them, and those who follow them exactly what they crave attention. The media, print and TV, could remove most of that motivation by simply blacking out their pictures and referring to them only as SICK and DERANGED.
By: John Martin on August 6, 2019

Family Radio 88.5 (WFCH)
Dear Family Radio 88.5 I have lived in Goose Creek nearly 16 years and just found your FM station and dearly love the music you air....especially choir anthems often sung a Capella. Being a singer, I vol at Trident Hospital 3 days wkly; S'ville Med on Wed. And Roper St Francis on Friday. I sometimes am in Waiting Rms, re-hab areas, and patients rms. Sometimes I have a teacart/cookies but always a song. I sing love songs, fun songs,but am limitked to not sing religious songs in an open waiting room. I dearly love these songs and would welcome an opportunity to do a few on your station is you would consider a live 30 min. When living in Gainesville FL a friend was on a radio station every Sun AM for an hour and often had me visit her to share some songs and poetry. The station I hear often mentions being in Ladson but I don't know where they are located.
By: Mary Kunsman on August 6, 2019

103.1 The Route (KVFG)
can i get the dr.s name and website who is on saturday mornings
By: james on August 5, 2019

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