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WCYQ 100.3
great station
By: Karen Ouimet on March 25, 2021

WKDA 900
Last week, I bought a shortwave radio via WalMart. I have not pulled in much on the shortwave side but have managed to get a couple / few extra stations that I could not on my clock radio. One of those stations is this! I am so glad! I have always been an old soul (born in the early 1970s). I grew up tuning in to local easy listening stations in the Wheeling WV & Pittsburgh PA area plus Lawrence Welk on television! I am afraid to change the channel, for fear that I will be unable to find it again! Long may it run! Many sincere thanks to all who keep this station and others like it plus the easy listening genre going! You are doing a great service to humanity / society!
By: Tamara Ann Santee on March 25, 2021

WUDN 101.1
Love your station, specially when you play selections from South America (Argentina). It is so nice to listen to the rich latin American selection, rock too. While Cuban, Mexican, Dominican and Puerto Rica. Music is nice, the rest of latin america has a lot to offer. Thanks again. What was the name of the cumbia you played today at 10:25?
By: Clif on March 25, 2021

WAPX 91.9
Wow ! i find it hard to tune off the radio and listen to my album collection sometimes. I'm looking for the version of " You keep me hanging on" by Vanilla Fudge that I hear on your station. Sounds like a live version or remastered but it kicks butt. Can you help me out ? Love the programing and you really do keep me hanging on when it comes to radio now days. Thanks for the entertainment ! Thanks Steve
By: Steve M Raischel on March 25, 2021

WCRG 90.7
I like listening good news of Jesus salvation
By: Anibariki Ngonyoka on March 25, 2021

KAFR 88.3
I too am having problems hearing you station in the Cypress TX area. There is a lot of interference with a Spanish language station. I hope someone is reading these comments.
By: Kevin on March 25, 2021

WJAS 1320
If Wendy and Rose are inevitable, why not just one hour a day for each? Neither has the intellectual range or the material to carry a three-hour show; each has a very limited (and limiting) set of preoccupations. A shorter program would surely play to their strengths. With the three-hour block, you can practically hear them watching the clock. I heard Rose for just ten or so minutes (during her final half-hour) today, and she was treading water.
By: straying listener on March 25, 2021

WFAY Carolina Country 100.1
I really like hearing the weather reports from accuweather's Sally Sherman. She is easy on the ears. Her voice is not loud and she's easy to follow. I hope she won't change.
By: Rick Bryant on March 24, 2021

KXGV 98.5
It sure would be nice to have the ability to listen to the radio station on smart phones, tablets, or computers. Will go to Payette Forward to look for an old radio.
By: Deb Johnston on March 24, 2021

KHJJ 105.3
Was listening to the station this morning, and there was an "expert" talking about the coronavirus, specifically about "herd immunity". He said we are all overlooking the "fact" that we are at almost complete herd, we have had 30 million cases in the U.S., and the population is around 328 million...thats slightly less than 10%. How is 10% considered even close to "herd immunity"? It's a decent low power station, with great tunes...but there's really some nutty, far right rhetoric on this station. And "Chicken Man"? Dumbest thing ever. I change the channel whenever there's anything but music.
By: Michael Thornton on March 24, 2021

K-Love 107.3 (WKVB)
Hello K-LOVE, I have been a listener for many years. It first began when I was listening to Positive FM out of Portland, ME ( before it became K-LOVE ). The other day I came across a “Pack’d” card from the Positive FM days. It was a wonderful promotion for the station, and one I hope that K-LOVE will emulate. The cards are a business size and when you do a good deed ex: pay for someone’s order at the drive-through, you hand the card to the server at the window and ask them to give it to the person behind you. On one side the card reads: “You’ve been PACK’D, Positive Act of Kindness, and the Bible verse John 13:34. On the reverse side are the call letters : Positive FM 99.9, a message that says “If you’ve been PACK’D let us know at ( phone number and the website.) Listeners could order the cards through the station. I hope K-LOVE will do something similar. God Bless the good works you do! Karen Kasper
By: Karen Kasper on March 24, 2021

WJAS 1320
I am totally disappointed in this station. I loved listening to Glen Beck, Rush and Mark Levin. Three great minds! I won't be listening to Wendy or Rose. They are annoying and uninspiring. So done with this idiotic lineup. Goodbye for good!
By: Ro on March 24, 2021

WITL 100.7
3/21/21 Hello I’m Kenny Wallace a lyrics writer hoping to find someone needing a new song. Would you please check out my blog at I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.. there’s a lot to choose from. World Peace, Tenderness, Lost Love’s, Patriotic, Nascar Theme Song, War Songs, First Love, Fallen Soldiers, Comedy, Bury Me In Scotland. Thanks for consideration. Kenny
By: KENNY WALLACE on March 24, 2021

WINT 1330
Now that Rush is gone (RIP) Dana Loesch just signed a new contract for the 12-3 slot. Can't you PLEASE carry her show for the whole 3 hours instead of cutting off after 2? I've asked this before and you gave me some excuse about people wanting Dave Ramsey! I'm sorry I don't believe you. I don't listen to the radio at night so don't tell me to listen to Dana at midnight. You're making a big mistake by not carrying her whole show. Thanks, Anthony Romano
By: Anthony J Romano on March 24, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
Second time I have heard this German Band on Willie 105.7 It played between 5:35 pm and 55:50 pm (approximately) This band is a hard rock kinda techno Rammstein sounding band. The sing the song in German ( I think) They say : "Gaat Lauder Haus" ? Gaate Laoder Haus"? I think it means "Loud House " ? Other lyrics " Futura Machina" Anyone who can help me find this band or song??? Please!! Thanks.
By: Wendy on March 24, 2021

WJAS 1320
No Mark Levin. Rose tenant without Jim Quinn goodbye
By: Stephen Povlick on March 24, 2021

WJAS 1320
What a loss when we all lost Rush, but even though I appreciate Rose wouldn't it been better to place, my favorite, Glenn Beck into the noon spot? I love Wendy Bell and I believe she's deserving of a place in the morning lineup. Beck carried so many of us in the 9 to noon. I'm afraid that Rose just won't be able to hold too long once she runs out of "friends" to interview. Nothing personal towards her, but Rose had her day and now she's in her 60's trying to make a comeback. I hope conservative talk radio isn't burning its bridges in Pittsburgh. As for a financial decision for the station...I certainly hope St Barnabas isn't playing poor mouth as the new owner. You're supposed to make things better, not worse.
By: Brant Dempster on March 23, 2021

WRHP 100.1
March 23 right around 4:30. Fantastic sermon. Dude talks super fast, covers so much literature, makes great allusions and points. Love this guy. Thanks for the Word. If I could learn who this guy was I’d go to his church this Sunday
By: Cory on March 23, 2021

KCYT 96.7
I have enjoyed 96.7 the Coyote since it started, I hot in my car the other day and heard some real oldies and was thinking it was just gor that evening maybe but now it seems to no longer be on, can someone tell me whats going on, was it moved? Thanks
By: Tim Bull on March 23, 2021

KTRQ 102.3
Hi, I travel with my job all over , nine different states, n No I am not a truck driver, I listen to stations in St. Louis, El Paso, New Orleans , Houston, Chicago, Amarillo and all in between. On satellite and elsewhere, but this is the first station where all the music which I enjoy is played. If I could tune you in on my travels you would be my first choice. My days are number here, I am from Texas, I want thank you for for giving me back some lost memories from that period. Thank you
By: Lupe Jalomo on March 23, 2021

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