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Family Radio 91.1 (WCOX)
Love the lamplighter theater! Takes me back
By: Brian on April 11, 2023

Kick 107 (KASS)
The station has had some rough years, but they really rock. I prefer the older stuff, but it is good to have a mix of the new stuff too. Since I bought a BOSE Wave radio, it is on almost all day. Really enjoy the dj line up. I would love to tell "Kira, Keira, Kiera" how much I enjoy her shows. She is forcing me to listen to some newer stuff, but I enjoy her show, so I don't mind. I wish I could find out a way to follow her on Twitter, IG or Fb... Just to tell her how much I enjoy hearing her voice and her perspectives. Btw, the channel has finally become pretty reliable. It does not drop off for long periods like it used. to.
By: Tim on April 11, 2023

WMHT 89.1
I'd like to promote a concert by an Australian composer/musician coming to New York in April. Please let me know what info you need to promote her shows. Thank you. Kerri
By: Kerri on April 9, 2023

KWAK 102.5
I like this music
By: Alvaro on April 8, 2023

WRSK 97.5
I'm ever so glad for WRSK radio station at/ on the campus of Sussex County Community College (my Alma Mata) in Newton NJ (where I live). It's the only station on my car radio, and the only station at home. I'm am early Baby Boomer (born in the very late 1940s), and I remember very well... I lived during... the Doo Wop and Rock n Roll hits of the '50s, Rock n Roll of the '60s, Woodstock '69 and the 1970s Rock. WRSK is the BEST.
By: Tina on April 8, 2023

KZXK 98.9
I'm a former radio station engineer that listens to 98.9 when I'm transitioning to or from Wyoming from Quartzsite, being a snowbird. The station was barely there a few days ago and off completely yesterday. Since I only have a wild guess about your audio chain, there are occasional tracks that sound like the audio processor is having an intermittent power supply problem, having a lot of distortion. About 10% of what you play is unidentifiable, my having grown up in Denver listening to AOR and progressive. My guess is your music was learned in socal?
By: Bill Fargo on April 6, 2023

KPHD 93.3
Yes The REAL News / Talk and the best local bands co-located with Modesto Sounds teen recording studio and the Cable access channel
By: brad on April 6, 2023

Hello KAJI Radio My husband and I have loved listening to your station. But last week after one of the large windstorms....we lost it! And have not been able to get it back. If you could email me back with any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.
By: Susie on April 5, 2023

Talk Radio 1210 (WPHT)
Please get rid of that liberal flunkie Gary Arnell! I heard him giving Alvin Bragg advice the other day, and was spouting how Trump will never win the presidency if he is the nominee. Really? Get rid of this clown. Democracy in action my rear end. GET RID OF HIM!!
By: Louis on April 3, 2023

WXTK 95.1
To , Pat Desmarais, Stop pretending to be a conservative. At best you are a Rino. Please reed the second amendment! Politics is about what people do not about how slick they are. Or about how shiny there teeth are.. We need help not bullshit! Out country is failing because of leadership by America haters.
By: Eric on April 2, 2023

Y100 (WHYI)
Happy 50th Y100!!
By: Rebecca on April 2, 2023

K-Love 107.9 (WPFM)
I am not getting your station any longer. Is there a reason
By: Mj on March 27, 2023

WMNA 106.3
Problems at WMNA again?? On and off the air, every few minutes, all day. Hope you get it fixed soon, Thanks!
By: Robert on March 27, 2023

WRSK 97.5
Been listening to WRSK for quite sometime now and can't seem to be without it. I have it on in the house and car everyday. I love the music and everything on the station including the news and weather. Thanks Sussex County Community College for such a great radio station.
By: Janice on March 27, 2023

WBMH 106.1
We love this station. Love the old country. Thanks for delivering country music at its best.
By: Kathryn on March 26, 2023

KSEY 94.3
What´s about the station ? Is it longer on air ? Let me know what happen
By: Dieter on March 25, 2023

KMKR 100.1
Great programming for this rainy day! How 'bout more when the sun is shining
By: Clenard on March 23, 2023

WXBA 88.1
Cant stop listening to this radio station. once i think i heard it all you knock me off my feet again. i live in ronkonkoma and just barely get signal. some days really good. program director is a genius. im 74 and hear songs i havent heard in years. keep up the great programming.
By: michael on March 20, 2023

Paris Country 1440 (WIBU)
How come 1440 is off the air? How come you can t do some Paris news?
By: Steve on March 18, 2023

WSHT 100.1
I heard Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf this morning, boy did that bring back some fond memories. At least until my wife swatted me for I guess the apparent grin I had on my face because of those memories. Women, what can you say....
By: John L on March 18, 2023

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