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105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
A song caught my ears this morning at 7:15-ish. Looking for the title n artist. I remember the chorus went something like “found love the second time around” 🤷🏻‍♀️
By: Ruth on October 6, 2021

I do not mean to be harsh but regarding the Traffic reporter named Marie Jordain...? Why does she speak in that strange lilting manner? She ends her sentences with a question mark in her voice which sounds fake, and is very, very irritating. Please tell her to talk normal, as some of her sentences sound normal so i know she can do it if she tries.
By: Ann on October 6, 2021

I have to say that I think Garrett has many fine political points to make, but I cannot tolerate when he says "holy c--p". The only One who is Holy is Jehovah God, and to associate God in that manner is disgusting. I hope he stops using that vulgar expression. Meanwhile, after too many times of hearing Garrett speak this way, I have stopped listening to his morning show. There are other news radio hosts that do not speak in that vulgar manner.
By: a former listener on October 6, 2021

104.7 WTUE
why do u not have a request line ppl can call anymore
By: bill on October 5, 2021

980 The Wave (WAAV)
Why was Joe pags taken off and replaced with the mouse Ben Shapiro??????
By: Daniel on October 5, 2021

WNLB 97.7
Can you fix the app? No sound , great station can u play any moody blues?
By: Tommy on October 4, 2021

WFLM 104.5
As a radio listener to your station, I was dismayed to hear a stereotype that is probably all too common in the black community, by one of your hosts. The host mentioned that conservative news outlets, like Fox, reported that there are many Haitians coming into the country. The host believes that the underlying reason for mentioning "Haitian" is to engender fear in the conservative audience that there is an invasion of blacks coming into America. As a conservative, I can assure you that conservatives do not fear black Haitians or any other black immigrant coming into our country. Conservatives are concerned about all illegal immigrants, white or black, coming in. Without controls in place to protect our country from terrorism and properly care for the needs of the immigrants coming in mass, it devolves into a humanitarian crisis. I can assure you that "black" never entered my mind when I heard the word "Haitians," but rather poor, disadvantaged, and isolated victims were my concerns. Throughout history, conservatives have traditionally stood with the rights of people of color. From slavery to the civil rights movement, the bigots have always found their home and voice in the Democrat party. The liberals have effectively co-opted an illegitimate and unearned place as a defender of blacks. The main difference between the two parties today is that liberals want to buy loyalty through subsidies that impotently binds the minority to their party, whereas conservatives desire to give minorities a means of empowerment through opportunity and self fulfillment. Conservatives do not fear blacks. I hope you can reconsider your view of conservatives in light of the above and realize that we are more united than previously believed. Thanks for your time and your good heart in reading this.
By: Dorothy on October 4, 2021

94.5 WPTI
Is anyone at the station knowingly airing the Lutheran Hour on a Monday morning?!
By: Tim on October 4, 2021

100.1 We FM (KTHX)
Yuck don't like the new format
By: Anonymous on October 4, 2021

The Life FM 107.3 (WWQC)
Are you still broadcasting on the radio? I have been out of town for a while and get nothing on my radio now.
By: David on October 4, 2021

WETL 91.7
GREAT weekend lineup! Philosophy Talk, On the Media, David Pakman etc. Thanx.
By: liamok on October 3, 2021

Family Radio 88.1 (WMWK)
I heard a very beautiful song two days ago on FM 88.1. I never heard the name of the song but I remember the phrase "Just as I am" was repeated a few times. This song was not the famous hymn "Just as I am without one plea". Does anyone know the name of this song?
By: Ernie on October 2, 2021

WZAL 99.9
Love your radio station. It sounds great. Keep up the good work.
By: Dan on October 2, 2021

WPLX 93.3
Great sounding radio station. Love the way they present themselves. Wish them all the best.
By: Dan on October 2, 2021

KTGS 88.3
Who was singing What a Day that Will Be at approximately 6:30 ish on Friday night? It was bluegrass sounding and I loved it but we had just turned the radio on in the car and missed the name of the group. Thank you! Love the Gospel Station! 🙏❤️
By: Lana on October 1, 2021

KBSO 94.7
I love Johnny Kiser's "One Beer At A Time"! I cannot find it on Amazon to purchase it. Do you have it a available for sale?
By: Debbie on October 1, 2021

KREO 93.5
What’s wrong with your sound quality today ( 10/1/21)? Terrible distortion, muddy quality. Never had this before. I’ve tried on several radios; sound quality bad on all of them. Transmitter trouble?
By: Mike on October 1, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
Shay: are you a DJ at Willy FM? Is the station available to stream anywhere online like
By: J on October 1, 2021

106.1 KISS FM (KBKS)
By: Carl on October 1, 2021

Seaview 104.9 (WCVU)
Wonderful music,lively humorous commentary, until Chuck Britton injects his one-sided political commentary. (I can watch Fox news or CNN if I want politics.) Cheering the booing of an American President, or chastising an 80 yr. for not pitching like Nolan Ryan is biased, ignorant and classless (nice trifecta, btw). We have enough divisiveness in the world and 'confirmation bias' runs rampant - why not take your own advice and 'be kind'. Wonder how the 'hoax' is working for him ...
By: Ren on October 1, 2021

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