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WJJZ 94.5
There’s a song you play that’s soulful and sultry. The artist sort of sounds like Curtis Mayfield and Sam Smith. As a matter of fact the licks I detect sound like Choice of Colors. What shows up on my IHeart Radio app when the song is playing is Jeff Golub’s The Velvet Touch, but punched it up in You Tube and that’s incorrect. The lyrics I can sort of make out go something like “ you look so sweet......let go of my mind....respect me.” Well that’s what it sounds like to me, but then again I’m listening on my IPad.
By: Joanne on June 12, 2019

KJSL 106.7
I Love your Worship Music! We just moved here from Florida and didn’t know where to find Wonderful Christian Worship Music until my hubby saw a road sign advertisement in in Alma. WooHoo! Yay God!😄👏
By: Sheila Ames on June 12, 2019

WXFL 96.1
I am looking for my first job in broadcasting.
By: David B. Hall on June 12, 2019

Mix 94.7 (KAMX)
I love this station now because they played Michael Jackson
By: Yuh boi on June 12, 2019

WRSK 97.5
Since your station has gone air I always listen to it whenever I'm in the car or working around the house. It's replaced my Ipod for music entertainment, especially while I'm on the mower for a couple of hours each week. Nothing better than your programming. Best music ever made!
By: Rick Antero on June 12, 2019

Joy 106.3 (WAIG)
Please Announce Night of Praise Gospel Singing Sat. Jun 222019 7p Community Church of God In Christ 400 Henry Butts Drive. Daytona Beach Fl. 321-201-5885
By: Minist.Cece Anderson on June 12, 2019

KWNS 104.7
Sat. June 8, 2019 about 4.30 PM uou played a song "Sustaining Grace. I need to know the name of the group that sang it. I need that CD. Thank you Lynn griffin
By: Lynn Griffin on June 11, 2019

WSHT 100.1
OK, I need a locksmith. Who's the locksmith that supports you?
By: Greg on June 11, 2019

WIMZ 103.5
Actually, WIMZ does not lay KISS much. Playing "Rock and Roll All Nite" once a week is not much. Also, WIMZ has FAKE request shows because there is no way that people actually request the same songs/bands that the station already plays anyway.
By: Anonymous on June 11, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
I am one of hundreds of former listeners to 1350 AM. I agree with all of the comments that have been posted. Everything I wanted to say has already been said. Other than that, thanks for the good times while they lasted. It's a real shame that they had to come to an end. Goodbye old friend.
By: Scott on June 11, 2019

WBGM 88.1
We have a VBS and free soccer clinic at the Church of Christ in Lewistown, PA and would like some advertising for the event. I can send a brochure for your use if that would help. Thanks
By: Bill Garrett on June 11, 2019

Atascosa Country Radio 102.3 (KSAQ)
Your station is the most wonderful we have come across!! Just got a new fancy radio and KSAQ come in clear and sweet. We are in South Bexar County. We So love the late evening music 😍 you play. Songs we remember from our child hood. PLEASE don't ever change your ways of broadcast. So hard to find stations like yours. We will be loyal listeners for sure😁
By: Ignacio and Sallie Estrada on June 11, 2019

KKIN 94.3
I would like to ask that you announce that I had four (4) Scottish Highland calves get out from last weeks storm. We have notified the Sheriffs Office and the locals. They got out by County Road 1 and Swanburg Road, Timothy TWP. Please call 218-838-1443 and ask for Jeff
By: Jeff on June 11, 2019

KGNC 97.9
I would like to advertise my much would it be to do so on your station? Tree services.
By: Mathew on June 11, 2019

102.7 FM EQX (WEQX)
Please please tell me what song was playing Saturday night at 8:27 .I never heard that song before. I was lost in Lake George lost my GPS and this station stopped me from having a meltdown. Saturday night at 8:27 a song came on with an insane bass line. I have to know who sang that. Please. Thank you so much.
By: Amy Sokol on June 10, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
Here's another family that will not be listening to 1350 anymore. What a shame that you had to mess up a good thing.
By: Amanda on June 10, 2019

KSTM 88.9
I would like to advertise on KSTM for a Craft and Vendor Show during the Balloon Classics and the Warren County Fair. The name of the event is Summer Celebration Craft and Vendor Show. It's going to be held on Sunday, July 28 from 10-4 at the American Legion in Indianola. It will be a fun family friendly event for all ages with FREE admission, kid's activities and face painting, lunch served, shopping with 50 vendors, kettle corn, snow cones, raffles, and prizes. The proceeds will go to fight human trafficking in Central Iowa through an organization called Faithful Envoy. All are welcome for a fun day! Here's the event page for you to see. Just wondered if you can help us spread the word about this important event!
By: Summer Celebration Craft and Vendor Show on June 10, 2019

WPAS 89.1
I was listening this morning (June 10,2019) I heard a story about a group of young men that had a canoe accident. I would like to hear the whole story again and be able to share it.
By: Charles Eubanks on June 10, 2019

KRVQ 104.5
Advertising with your station
By: Larry magic smith on June 10, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
You weak losers, bowing to right wing dictators, quashing freedom of speech. Taking progressive programming off the air.
By: Mel Pearse on June 10, 2019

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