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WKFB 770
What a disappointment your new format is! I hope another Pittsburgh area station is wise enough to pick up the Doo Wop sounds so popular with the Boomer and young generations.
By: JA on October 29, 2023

KEPW 97.3
I love the new shows “beyond the main stream” and “itel hour”. Would love to hear it more times through out the week!
By: Clint on October 28, 2023

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Is this site still active? I asked for the name of the song on 10/8 and haven't received an answer? Could you please let me know. One of the lyrics is "how can you tell me that this is the story", or something close to that. Could you please let me know.
By: Barry on October 28, 2023

WYFK 89.5
Can you tell me the sermon on October 25, 2023 at approx 9:15? On the prodigal son’s brother.
By: Laura on October 25, 2023

97 Country WPCV
I'd love hear Jimmie Rodgers one of the greatest artists so if you don't want smell my smoke don't fiddle with my gun I'm pistol packing papa
By: Robert on October 25, 2023

The Jazz Station 88.7 (WSIE)
Looking for the title and artist who sang, My big sister can’t stop gossiping...played on your station on Monday, October 23...around 3pm.
By: Virginia on October 24, 2023

KTBX 98.1
Live in Rio Rico am 75 and found this station by accident 6 months and now I can not bear to tune into any other, do not know how you do it but I do truly appreciate if they sold their selections as downloads I would certainly buy to take travelling.
By: Richard on October 23, 2023

KAYN 92.9
Just heard a song I loved with some lyrics about "laying down on the forest floor", but I do not think it was Ocie Elliott. Would really like to find out who the artist is. Thank you!
By: Eli on October 23, 2023

The Key 1050 (KFIO)
Please, my friends; do NOT desecrate our common language with sloppy grammar. Our common language is the bond which has held our culture together through the generations, as we pass it along to our precious children.
By: Sonny on October 22, 2023

KZSB 1290
I miss Baron too. so surprised when it happened. but nothing in the newspaper then? nor in the Independent. but today, show talked about idiotic parklet policy that lets them into public space without a tax nor paymnet. so must be payments someplace. and one talker told of the parking meters in Ventura. or they could not come to a city as cool as SB. haha. but Ventura not have parking meters in old sense. each parking space has a number on the curb. and driver goes to a kiosk in the block to pay and id the spot. or no meters per se. rp
By: R. on October 22, 2023

KBTN 99.7
I always enjoy your Christian music on Sunday morning. Today I especially loved the southern gospel. It sure helps me get in the right frame of mind for Sunday school and the worship service. Thank you so much!
By: J. on October 22, 2023

NewsTalk 790 WPIC
So on Sunday morning somebody on your channel said dose is not in the Bible. So if dose was in the Bible, would he be OK with dose then.
By: Terry on October 22, 2023

Rock 100.5 The KATT
lots of talking bad about The Katt, knda right about some but maybe cut half or a 3/1 of the morning show I mean isn't a radio for music other than "boring" talk shows. also that some are highly inappropriate talking about gross stuff. The ads are the most boring. please consider that not everyone wants talk shows on tv but on a radio NO. Thx for your time.
By: Zack on October 21, 2023

WAAF 910
Are there any reporters at the station that do area news?
By: Kathy on October 21, 2023

700 WLW
I got to enjoy the station as I headed south on I-26 in East Tennessee and North Carolina. The guy handling the 7am hour had a very nice program. Thanks for providing a strong signal.
By: RGB on October 20, 2023

WXRL 1300
Good morning. Been listening to drive time Polka’s w/Ronnie D. For quite some time. Really wish he would play more obericz & more polka sang in Polish not English
By: John on October 20, 2023

WPJB 93.3
Starting in January, plan on purchasing a new Apple Computer, Router and Printer, for the bedroom/office. If anyone reading can help me ditch these outdated items or get all new gear, let me know.
By: Dan Presley on October 20, 2023

WSHT 100.1
I like the fact that I can listen to music and not hear a bunch of trivial yapping. Today you played "The Streak", I hope that doesn't become a thing again.
By: Tracie W on October 18, 2023

970 AM The Answer (WGTK)
In my view two hours or even one hour of the Charlie Kirk show is better than none at all. And now having his slot from 3AM to 6AM is basically none at all. Most people are sleeping at this hour and will not have access to Charlie's conservative perspective. I believe that Mr. Kirk though youthful as he is has more wisdom and insight than all the other conservative talk shows put together. And I do like all the other ones. C. Kirk almost always has been proven right. And his unique view of the world and what is happening is priceless. I hope your station can find a better time slot for him that will accommodate his massive audience.
By: kathyt on October 17, 2023

WNBV 88.1
What a blessing your station is !
By: Terry on October 17, 2023

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