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WMLJ 90.5
Am trying to find out the Pastor that was on radio on 01-18-21, Strickland? His message was so moving, as if he was speaking only to me. Thank you.
By: Rhonda Skinner on January 19, 2021

KOAC 550
Wkere is KOAC 550 AM??? - I am in Corvallis; station has been out for a couple of days (sending this on Jan 18). Some people actually still listen to real radios...
By: Terri on January 19, 2021

97.7 The Breeze (KORJ)
Missing your station. I play your station at work. Everyone enjoys the calm music. Especially these crazy times. Thank you Cindy
By: Cindy Wipf on January 19, 2021

WYFD 91.7
Who is that "preacher" on WYFD right now screaming?? It's 840 P Monday night, 1/18/21.... Good GOD I wouldn't want anything to do w a faith or church if I first heard someone like that...!!
By: Laura Hurst on January 19, 2021

KOAC 550
KOAC AM seems to be off the air since last night. Is it coming back? Are there OPB alternatives for Corvallis?
By: Dave Rabinowitz on January 19, 2021

WGRG 100.5
I am going to blow the speakers out of my little radio listening to all the great music you play! I really enjoy the varied playlists and artists; it reminds of the days of the Album-Oriented Rock format I grew up with. Mixing in newer music (rocking to the Black Keys right now) makes it very enjoyable. I am passing the word along and hope you are around awhile.
By: Dwayne Thurston on January 18, 2021

WHVN 1240
Listen to the broadcast audio output from WHVN-am 1240Khz (now carrying the same content previously broadcast from the now-defunt WAVO-am 1150Khz Rock Hill). It's clear that the music tracks are being corrupted by the digitized broadcast process, such that music from a previously converted stereo (or 2-channel) format is NOT being broadcast in correct balance. Only one track/channel is audible on most music selections. The effect is records being played in 50% form (half of the recorded music on the original track is missing). You need some QA review of the broadcast signal; it's incorrectly balanced. There should be two audible audio tracks, but there's only one. This is evident on car radio receivers and on mobile phone www 'stream' players,
By: Stuart Troutman on January 18, 2021

KOAC 550
Hello, We are currently unable to receive your signal in Lebanon. Do you know if there is a problem? It's Jan. 18, 2021 at 11:00 AM. You may reply to my email address. Thanks.
By: Helen on January 18, 2021

hola nomas estaba preguntando porque ya no escucho a salas en las mornings
By: Isabel Adame on January 18, 2021

WLUV 1520
Yes, sad to see Alex is off the air now. I keep trying both stations every so often to see if they brought him back. I liked the show before him too at 10:00 AM. I can't find that WLUV has any other website or FB page, so hopefully they see this someday. Bring back Alex, many of us miss him being on the air in Rockford! I know we can listen to his app or find him on the TuneIn app, but I like to hear him on the radio. Sad.
By: Dave S. on January 18, 2021

WYFN 980
I would like to get some copies of a CD or Print of the Message that aired on your station January 18, 2021. It broadcast from980 am Radio broadcast today. Chuck Swindoll was the pastor.. It is called the Genesis of Jesus series of messages. He also mentioned about an outline on the program. Does this come as a printed document as well as perhaps the CD / Print copy? I could not find a phone number on your web page to call so I am sending an email message. Is this something I can order from his Website? Thank you.
By: Lynda Umbarger on January 18, 2021

WOJL 105.5
When you play American Pie, you only play side A. Why don’t you play the whole song? It isn’t complete unless you do. My while life I’ve always heard the whole song. Now that I’ve moved to Culpeper listening to your station, I am very disappointed to only hear part of the song when you play it. This song is a classic and everyone deserves to hear the complete song.
By: Maria Minnick on January 18, 2021

WELR 102.3
Trying to find if you have any information, music or pictures on a gospel group called "Traveling Stars" or "Traveling Allstars" who sang on your station 60s-70s timeframe. THANKS!
By: Bernice Person on January 18, 2021

WSHT 100.1
Heard Thunder Island on your station today, boy did that bring back some memories. Sure makes you wish for simpler times when love was young and free.
By: Jim B. on January 18, 2021

Sun Radio 104.1 (KMSN)
Great selections. Thanks for upgrading your broadcast clarity. Where is your studio?
By: Dan on January 17, 2021

KXUS 97.3
I have been looking for an old cassette, from the 1980's, titled: STARLIGHT The cover art is (I believe) has a very colorful rainbow. If nothing else, I'd appreciate the songs list so I can create my own album on Pandora. Thank you
By: Paul on January 17, 2021

WNLB 97.7
Great station. I grew around there when this music was on the air. I now live near Chicago and WNLB reminds me of my youthful home. Keep it up. One improvement for your app. Could you consider the text color from white to something else. The words end up white on white and unreadable.
By: Ron Piotrowicz on January 17, 2021

KBDC 88.5
Five year listener of Brian Fischer. He tells it like it really is! Muscular Christianity. Keep up the good fight.
By: D Arthur on January 17, 2021

KJTY 88.1
I was wondering Pastor name who preached tonight at 8 and until 9 tonight? He was wonderful! What a Godly man!thank you for putting this on and his purpose sermon!
By: Kelly on January 17, 2021

KRPH 99.5
Darn! You switched to country music! I had memorized the lyrics to all 25 songs! Will you be going back anytime soon?
By: Cara on January 17, 2021

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