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95.5 KLOS
Hi… I grew up in the SouthBay of L.A. Hermosa Beach. 1970’s to 1980”s . I wonder if anyone remembers the Sunday line up in 1981. It was called The 7th day. 7 albums in a row. With commentary by the DJ. I have bootleg cassette tape of The Beatles Rarities form that era. My brother use to record the 7th day every week. Do you still do that kind of programming ?
By: Judi on April 24, 2022

WXUS 102.3
Excellent station for rock and country with local news and events! Love the combo of music. I highly recommend listening to this station!
By: Jim on April 24, 2022

WXOF 96.7
Station sounds good on internet feed. I couldn’t find them on iHeart. Love having local stations with local events and news.
By: Jim on April 24, 2022

WMOC 88.7
I have a question. What is the name of the broadcast that came this past Friday between noon and 1pm? I caught the tail end of the broadcast. It may have been 1230pm and 1pm. It was the lumber city radio station. I deliver mail in Scotland Ga. Which is north of lumber and sometimes I travel to Baxley Ga. to get a bite to eat and find self in Baxley to hear the word of God. Please email the broadcast. The date was Friday April 22, 2022. Thanks God bless.
By: Anthony on April 24, 2022

WSHT 100.1
You mean to tell me someone is still playing Disco Duck!!
By: Mary on April 24, 2022

KXRW 99.9
Wow, how stupid was I 16 months ago? Really stupid as evidenced by my above comment. Divide and Concur? Maybe I meant Divide and Conquer, but I was so blinded by reactionary hatred of anything too complicated for me to understand without any effort, that I couldn't type correctly. I still make mistakes, but I'm human after all (this was also a revelation to me.) Hell, I didn't even know some Americans weren't born here! Like, you know - my own ancestors. But I've never been a fan of history, or learning from it.
By: Timothy Titan on April 23, 2022

Sports Radio 950 KJR
Thanks for updates, ZBG. A shuffling of the sports stations with a new Conservative Talk on 1090. 950 AM appears to include (at least some) CBS Sports radio. I've heard Amy Lawrence (CBS sports radio) on the new 950 AM. I don't miss the old Kube 93.3 FM at all.
By: Joe on April 23, 2022

WZEN 107.9
Please, please come back. Have missed you guys for the last week or so.
By: Anonymous on April 21, 2022

WZCO 89.9
Just found this great station by accident. All the music I grew up to. Love it. My go to station now whenever I'm in range. Just wish your coverage area was bigger so I didn't have to lose it. Great job.
By: K. Phipps on April 21, 2022

KRYZ 98.5
One of the best radio stations in the area. Plays a wide variety of music from classic rock to blues to jazz to Americana and classical. They also have local interview shows and great DJ's. Would highly recommend it.
By: Carl on April 20, 2022

WSNR 620
Who was the doctor (or doctors) broadcasting at about 6:30 pm?
By: Fred on April 20, 2022

WGNY 98.9
Welcome, back Van, l for one missed you, but what happened to Bob O ?
By: David on April 18, 2022

KAAD 103.5
Is the station strengthen its signal?
By: Mike on April 17, 2022

Classic Hits 103.9 (WJKR)
So the format has been changed to country if you want to listen to JackFM or BOBFM Listen One from 93.7 Nofolk or 102.7 San Antonio or listen your own music
By: Former 1039JackFM Listener on April 16, 2022

104.7 WTUE
Why does your radio station have a crawler on alert that expired 2 days ago
By: Traci on April 15, 2022

KAAA 1230
Why can’t you broadcast on a regular basis?
By: Dave on April 14, 2022

WTHP 94.3
I heard,a beautiful song about 11.25 Thursday morning with a beautiful piano accompaniment. Some of words were ...Jesus I am resting....and also "of thy loving heart". It was a male singer but I don't know name. Could you please tell me so I can use at my church. Thanks so much!
By: Jane on April 14, 2022

KXQT 105.9
Glad to hear Tejano is back and strong, way to go bringing it back on the air, saved station on all of our cars and home. Que viva la onda tejana...
By: John on April 13, 2022

WYFC 95.3
I have just recently found 95.3 f.m. I'm enjoying this station so much. All of the old hymns that you play. What wonderful worship to our King as I drive around.
By: Brenda on April 12, 2022

WOOG 92.7
Stumbled onto this station by accident last weekend, and was astounded to hear the sound of someone playing good, old country and bluegrass music on the air! Incredible! Unfortunately, up here in southern Saratoga County the signal is weak and static-laden. But it’s dialed-in on the radio in my workshop. Please keep up the good work!
By: Jim on April 11, 2022

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