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590 KQNT
Where's Buck? Are you trying to lose listeners again like you did with Maygun I know I dont how to spell. That has little to do with where I spend my time and money. If you replace anyone maybe it should be the program director?
By: Tax payer and listener on January 21, 2020

WLVF 90.3
Hello, Will you please announce St. Sophia Greek Festival February 7, 8 ,9 2020 1030 Bradbury Rd Winter Haven Fl 33880
By: Viki Orfan on January 21, 2020

WUSF 89.7
Hello, Will you announce St. Sophia Greek Festival 1030 Bradbury Rd Winter Haven Fl ? The event is February 7,8,9 2020
By: Viki Orfan on January 21, 2020

Community Radio 88.5 (WMNF)
Hello, Will you announce St Sophia Greek Festival 1030 Bradbury Rd. Winter Haven FL on February 7, 8, 9 2020
By: Viki Orfan on January 21, 2020

KRMR 105.7
Please bring back 105.7krmr patriot radio.If like it said in one post there is greed involved, as much as I like the patriot radio, I hope the owners end up failing. 105.7 needs to be on.
By: Mac on January 20, 2020

KMFH 95.7
I am needing a person to shovel out my drive way. I will pay for shoveling out my driveway. Located in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Call: 6416732542 Thank you
By: Martha Staton on January 20, 2020

WWLZ 820
Where are Rush and Hannity??????????
By: Sheryl Deibler on January 20, 2020

KLXQ 96.7
Do you have tradeio on this station? If not, can you tell me which station does?
By: William Overturf on January 20, 2020

WHP 580 AM
where is your station lineup. Who is on and what time. I hope you don't change your evening lineup with IHeart pod cast whey are stupid and not of any interest..
By: MaryLou Harms on January 20, 2020

WKEU 88.9
ATT: Program Director My name is Ron O’Quinn. I am an American living in Ecuador in South America. I hosted a nationally syndicated show called Rock & Roll Reunion in the late 80’s and an international syndicated show called Rock ‘N Roll Rewind from 2009 until the summer of 2017, when I retired. I was an “on the air” personality and/or Program Director at some well know major markets stations during the rock and roll era, including being program director and deejay at two North Sea “pirate” stations off England in the 60’s. Frankly, I miss being on the air and I am planning to return. In the past my show was very successful featuring 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music, but I plan to build my new shows around 70’s & 80’s hits with a 60’s and 90’s hits mixed in. I would welcome the opportunity to help build your weekend listener base with my easy to sell show. I am sending a link to two demo shows. One is very short (03.07) and gives you an idea of my style, the longer (10:52) demo is an actual aircheck from my international show in 2017. Short Demo: Longer Aircheck: If you are interested please contact me either via email or my U.S. phone at 478-304-8049. Sincerely, Ron O’Quinn Cotacachi, Ecuador ROCK ‘N ROLL REWIND Add more revenue – and more listeners – to your weekends with easy to sell Rock ‘N Roll Rewind hosted by well known On-Air Personality Ron O’Quinn Here’s what you get each week for only $15 USD : * 2 hours of solid gold classics * Playlist and cue sheet * 4 breaks per hour (total 10 minutes available commercial time per hour) * Custom station promos * Listener interaction with local requests and name dropping * A personable host and fun show with recognizable oldies to build a loyal audience * No contract Increase weekend audience! Increase weekend revenue! CALL OR EMAIL NOW TO START YOUR SUBSCRIPTION or for more info or call 478 304-8049 Rock ‘N Roll Rewind is hosted by Ron O’Quinn: * Pirate Radio Hall of Fame Inductee * Georgia Radio Hall of Fame Inductee * Toured with the Beatles on last U.S. Tour * Hosted international syndicated shows broadcast worldwide * Top rated on-air personality in major markets Rock ‘N Roll Rewind shows are delivered weekly via large file server, and include playlist and cue sheet. Additionally, Ron will voice customized promos for your station at no charge, and is also available for customized spots.
By: Ron O'Quinn on January 20, 2020

WEDO 810
In January 2020, I heard a show on 810 AM about bringing "diversity and difference" to Westmoreland County. This has been proven to mean perversion and idolatry. We like our county the way it is. We don't want communists, Antifa, liberal wackos, gun grabbers, satanists, and people who crap on the sidewalk like they do in San Francisco and Seattle. We don't need or want more confused souls like men who think they're women, or women who think they're men. We don't want angry anarchists who tear down statues, who are prejudiced against white people, and who want to control us via social media, corrupt bureaucracies, government surveillance, and the lying mainstream media. Please keep out of Westmoreland County. We don't want illegal immigrants in our county. We trust in the Bible and the U.S. Constitution and may God preserve the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights. May God forbid we welcome people who represent a blight on the traditions and customs that have served us so well. Hint: Many of us moved here to get away from people like you! I'm not talking about color; I'm talking about perversion, subversion, and communism in the guise of being "progressive."
By: Jane on January 20, 2020

Classic Oldies 90.3 FM (WRBK)
Like your station but wanted to know if you have any Elvis Presely on your venue? Thank you.
By: A Grim on January 20, 2020

WCFW 105.7
I'm a milk hauler running Eau Claire, Clark, Taylor, and Chippewa counties. Do your best to not have political advertising I listen everyday FM means fine music please keep it that way
By: Ed Gorell on January 20, 2020

WENY 1230
Why not try playing some Christian metal bands? There are alot of good ones. Not preachy or anything. Just a thought.
By: Julie Ringer on January 19, 2020

KYYW 1470
Why are you no longer on the air.
By: Elaine on January 19, 2020

WNDB 1150
It's nice that you have a new studio but it's time for a new engineer. Iv'e never listened to a radio station that has as much off air time as you do
By: Anonymous on January 19, 2020

KPPT 100.7
Where did my Oldies station go? I'm a baby boomer and need my Oldies!!
By: Anonymous on January 19, 2020

Air 1 90.1 (WYXA)
Do you do PSA? Or can I post on your bulletin board a not for profit faith based meeting Overeaters Anonymous... I'm trying to get started. Your he.played is appreciated in, cost, procedure Thank you
By: Linda Martin on January 19, 2020

WBWG 99.1
Costs and procedure for a PSA. It's a not for priofit faith based group Overeaters Anonymous Meeting. Your help is most appreciated
By: Linda Martin on January 19, 2020

KYYW 1470
You guys are TERRIBLE!! Been listening to to forever and always a crappy signal. So weak and so much static. I wish they would take Rush away from you! You have been Off air for the last couple of days. They should revoke your license. As soon as I get outside of the city limits I tune to 820 WBAP Dallas.
By: Bruce M Reed on January 19, 2020

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