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KZPO 103.3
Best format from the "old" days Proven winner and would like to have internet streaming return so more listeners could reached so they can learn what decent music should sound like.
By: CLIFFORD WALLACE on August 16, 2019

WMXX 103.1
What has happened to my FAV station? I miss it! It's on in my shop and car when I'm there. It won't come in now and I can't find another that plays All the music I enjoy? Please bring it back! Thanks
By: Trish Latham on August 16, 2019

KCSN 88.5
where is harry shearer's "le show"?
By: soloman noone on August 16, 2019

Mix 93.3 (KMXV)
Is this station being purchased?
By: Anonymous on August 16, 2019

KXCR 90.7
Is there a schedule of what time broadcasts are, as in interviews, events... and I don’t see any online versions of the two Florence radio stations... does this mean that one needs a “radio”.... if so I haven’t seen a radio in decades.. please advise... and how does volunteering work? Thanks for having public radio in Florence!!! Just moved here and am making my rounds of cool things to do, etc..
By: Bob Banner on August 16, 2019

KTPI 1340
dudes , is this the one with glen beck ,rush ,and the rest ? Dudes can you get new commercials ,or diffrent tapes or whatever . I know every word by heart ,,they play over and over and over and over and over and over and over ,,we all know every word ! and then you play over some and talk over others ,whats going on there ? Dead air , bad commercials , constant repeats . this thing drives ya crazy . is it like a practice station ,for training or something ? I'm listening right now and ,,,,heart beat is on AGAIN ,, I hear it 40 times a day ,,hes been on the phone for 20 minutes ,.,.,.20 minutes , he can hear his heart beat in his ear ,then the nicest voice answered and he calmed down ,,,, now the next comm ,and it poly grip, heard it today 6 times, now the on the house comm, now farm view ,,holy crap
By: Bryan Stock on August 16, 2019

WOPR 88.1
You played a song (God is near) a man sang it. What was his name or the group
By: Larry Young on August 16, 2019

102.5 FM The Bone (WHPT)
They clearly need to play more Larkin Poe.
By: T P on August 16, 2019

WOWY 97.1
Found your station on my commute home from work! It became my go to music station right there and then! Great music! Thanks!
By: Timothy W. Peck on August 16, 2019

106.1 FM (WTKK)
I quit listening, when the lineup changed to podcasts in the evening. Bring back talk radio.
By: EI Native on August 16, 2019

WCED 1420
call me for a editorial 8148340039
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

WKBI 1400
call me please 8148340039
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

WAGL 103.9
Call me 8148340039
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

WBRR 100.1
call me 8148340039
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

WDDH 97.5
Call me 8148349939
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

WKBI 93.9
call 8149340039
By: Sherry Fedder on August 16, 2019

The Light 103.9 FM (WNNL)
This is my number one station when i am in my car no one can move my station u either listen or don't ride fine with me. Love Love it. To God be the Glory.
By: verlie shaw on August 16, 2019

KDKD 95.3
Would you do a radio announcement about an event held September 7, 2019? Rock the Lake music festival is held on our farm just 35 minutes North East of Clinton. Please let us know if this would be possible.
By: Jennette Yoder on August 15, 2019

97.9 The BOX (KBXX)
Hey was up ladies and gentlemen im wondering how i can have my music promoted by yall im from Galveston tx moved to Houston recently thanks
By: Martin Lara on August 15, 2019

KRMR 105.7
I'm Hays Ks. And I can't get 105.7FM on any radio. Even tried AM 1510.
By: Glenn M. Klaus on August 15, 2019

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