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KCRS 550
What is wrong with signal. Can barely hear it at 90miles. Some kind of low frequency noise. Even with vehicle shut off.
By: Robert Hohertz on June 26, 2020

WGH 1310
Where's dick lamb? 😢
By: Mike on June 26, 2020

WHAS 840
On occasion I'll drop on on the Tony & Dwight show. It's a bit hard to listen to the low level grammar..."me and my wife ....", as an example rather than, ("My wife and I....") . And the out of date traffic reports don't help a bit. But today they were talking up the actor Bill Murray as being a cool guy... Please look back at his role in the movie, Caddy Shack. He played the role of a clownish greenskeeper that was a Vietnam war veteran with PTSD. The movie basically made fun of the war vet,making the character to look stupid and crazy. I know it was hip in those days to treat our vets with disrespect..and Hollywood played a big part in this...but why praise an actor of mediocre skills with such a rude act in his resume?
By: Mac Hunter on June 26, 2020

96 Rock (WDBO)
What happened to the news. The last couple of times I tried to listen I found that espn boring radio was on and the clowns were spoutong nonsense. I went to satellite radio talk radio news. Espn sucks.
By: Lawrence Burris on June 26, 2020

106.5 The END (WEND)
My name is Justin Rudolph and I was emailing in regards to the release of my 2 new music albums, Fire and Wine, and Broken Dreams. They have been released and will be for sale on iTunes and other distributors in the next few weeks. I was wondering if you could possibly get these songs to the disc jockey to be considered for airtime. Hope to hear back from you soon.
By: Justin Phillip Rudolph on June 26, 2020

WCFW 105.7
How come we don't hear much from Frank & Nancy Something Stupid or some of Mary mcgrgor Torn Between
By: Anonymous on June 26, 2020

La Raza 1210 (KEVT)
Now up to date: The station is now off the air. Presumably it went bankrupt.
By: bovine bob on June 25, 2020

KXCM 96.3
Greetings to the president and GM of copper mountain name is andres zapata of 5229 9th street keyes ca 95328.a college student mjc w0401047 .my university master is Art. My phone 209.300.3049. May i recieve the 1993 modesto mchenry grafitti night study currently studying. As an aaronic preist of the mormon church though imm not under number 002-1934-6731.ofbthe ceres ward on hatch rd.
By: Andres Germanay Zapata on June 25, 2020

WGMN 1240
Bring back ESPN radio! Tired of conspiracy theory right wing radio.
By: Christopher Lee Shaver on June 25, 2020

KKOV 1550
Please, please, please! Bring back Sunny 1550. I discovered it in 1993 as a graduated senior in my 1965 Mustang since I only had an AM radio. I loved it! I believe it was Sunny 1330 back then. This channel was my absolute favorite. I would let my babies fall asleep to it. Even though a lot of the songs were before my time, they were so happy. Please bring back the most awesome station ever!
By: Tanya on June 25, 2020

K-Love 90.5 (KLVW)
Hi I'm a minister and support klove with donations. I'm looking into start teaching a class over the bible. And I could impact more people than my own little church. I want to help everyone in there lives with a good word and encourage people in all walks of life. I know because I was there and God gave more than I can repay back. And I want to give back to God by teaching and preaching to help someone. So I'm wanting pay for 30 minutes of studio time. It can be later at in evenings. . My phone number is 4328885124 if you cant reach me text me thank you and God bless
By: Elbert beam on June 25, 2020

WOLY 1450
Another good radio station gone. Time for 101.5.
By: DougPickle on June 25, 2020

KFNX 1100
Hi my name is Dorian Ramos and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself because I am interested in for a radio station as a bored opp if and when you are hiring I have many other aspirations in the radio field but I am aware of the fact that you have to start somewhere before you really get your foot in the door. So far the most important that I have to offer is the fact that I already have some some experience training with with a well known DJ Pete Cummings at 100.7 KSLX he tutored me for nine mounts in all sorts of aspects in the field of radio. I am aware of the fact things might be put on hold right now due to the corona-virus but at least look me over as soon as things came down. and please let me know regardless of what the outcome will be.
By: Dorian Ramos on June 25, 2020

K-Love 102.1 (WKZV)
Can you let people know about a ministry tool that I recently launched entitled EVERYDAY MIRACLES? It was birthed to provide hope to the hopeless. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, where people are facing serious health and financial crisis, it a poignant reminder that God is REAL and that He still does extraordinary things in the lives of every day people daily. It can be purchased on Kindle or by visiting my website at God bless you!
By: Dr. Catherine Pinkard on June 24, 2020

97.1 The Eagle (KEGL)
Been listening for years, but most of the time have to change stations when all the talk starts. Now it's from 2 to 7pm. Way too much. Talk is okay, but it needs to be limited to about 1 hour. Otherwise the music and Cindy Skull.
By: Herb B. on June 24, 2020

WSQR 1180
I have been listening to you folks for awhile now and have determined that you have a bias towards conservatives and and slant your news accordingly. You qualify for Fake News! Yesterday you stated that the President was slowing down testing of the chinese flu when it was obviously a slap at the media and the crowd laughed and Dr Fauci also said there has been no instruction like that but you felt it necessary to promote the leftist propaganda. This is one of many instances of your news reporting bias. I will point these instances out to your sponsors and inform them of listener discontent if it continues.
By: David A Shouse on June 24, 2020

WIRK 107.9 (WEAT)
My niece from LA has a new CD and I think a couple songs might fit your format. I would like to send you a CD so you could check it out. It's mostly original material. My phone number is 561-389-7160
By: daryl skolnick on June 24, 2020

KSCJ 1360
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By: Ethan Dougharty on June 24, 2020

News Radio 101 KXL
I was at the dog park. I saw two white guys running after a Black Lab with a noose, and it was made from a chain no less. The hairs on my neck stood up.
By: Bill Peterson on June 24, 2020

NewsTalk KFBK 1530
Long time regular listener, have a quick comment about today's (June 24) early AM news when it was discussed that a police van driving through an active shooting scene did not EVEN stop. I find the use of "EVEN" to be inappropriately judgmental, as though police in a high danger area should stop and do something, such as get killed. Adding qualifiers to the story is inappropriate journalism. By comparison, no one would ever report that a person fleeing the Paradise fire did not EVEN stop. Both scenarios are immediately life threatening and the appropriate action is to get the hell away as quickly as possible.
By: David W Sox on June 24, 2020

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