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WLKX 95.9
I just discovered your radio station. I LOVE IT and the great variety of everything you play. I have heard a wonderful mix of old rock, blues, pop, and jazz. A little bit of everything from B. B. King and Chuck Berry, Wayne Newton to Janis Joplin to tunes from the 50's and 60's. I am so tired of hearing the same old 80's and 90's songs over and over. Finding your station made my day, week, month, and year. Please don't change a thing! Thank you so much!
By: Donna Turner on April 8, 2021

WJAS 1320
I can not stand 6 hours of women talking! Neither Rose or Wendy are anything like Glen or Rush! It shows that their research into preparing for their daily show is just skimming the surface. The listeners were used to in depth knowledge and discussion. You have lost 2 more listeners
By: Donna on April 8, 2021

WMCQ 91.7
I was listening to your station this afternoon and heard some comments about thousands of kids being on spring break, and the next comment was something like “looks like we are getting back to normal! I couldn’t believe that a radio host was so knowledgeable about covid 19!! Are you kidding, how irresponsible can you be by saying that comment to your listeners, many of whom probably take advice from such stupid words! I would think that your station should remind their listeners that we are far from normal and that comment was said without any knowledge. What say ye?! That would be the moral thing to do!
By: Paul on April 8, 2021

AM 1500 (KSTP)
what is the line up for saturday morning am 1500
By: Dean Lunski on April 8, 2021

104.5 The River (WRVR)
A few weeks back - was listening and heard a commercial for a restaurant in the local Memphis Area - I immediately googled the restaurant - told my husband about it but now cannot remember the name of it! It is driving me crazy - - believe location was either Germantown or Collierville - location of restaurant is a strip mall - had couple of rooms for "private" dining - one room was like a wine cellar - I believe for 6 people.....can you help!?!?!? Please!
By: Jennifer Sabo on April 8, 2021

KNLL 90.5
What time is Jeff Shreve on the radio?
By: Marvin Fisk on April 8, 2021

KBDZ 93.1
Don't bring back j c
By: Anonymous on April 8, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Allen....looks like it was "The Joker" by the band Snail. Thanks for listening
By: Alpha Wolf on April 8, 2021

WBKG 88.9
The power keeps dropping from the airways for AFR in Macon. Will you please fix it? I do a lot of running around and I only listen to AFR its fustrating losing the broadcast every day.
By: Cyrus M. Slaughter on April 8, 2021

KEZX 730
This was my sports station...what happened? I can't get reception. Is 730 shut down?
By: Dee on April 8, 2021

600 WREC
Please consider Mark Kaye out of Jacksonville, FLA for the 11-2 time slot. He is taking many markets for that Rush Limbaugh Spot. I think he would be a good fit for our Market.
By: MARY O. on April 8, 2021

KX FM 104.7 (KXRN)
One of the more interesting stations I've heard in awhile.
By: Jeff on April 7, 2021

K-Rocky 1630 (KVAM)
Dear John, As a local, I'm glad to help! From ZBG :)
By: ZBG on April 7, 2021

K-Rocky 1630 (KVAM)
Thank you ZBG for the update and your contributions. -John
By: Radio Lineup on April 7, 2021

WCAP 980
@Not Morris or Ike, I was just looking for some interesting stations to brighten my day when I came across this. They actually use/are-allowed-to-use a dial-up internet connection for their audio feed, and they are in night pattern? This just slaps the head for sure. I'm thinking of that Jackie Chan meme where his hands are out to the side where he's like WTH. Hopefully, they get it fairly fixed, but since it is talk radio, you should be able to hear it fine even with unorthodox delivery. In the meantime, if the audio is too bothersome, they might have an internet feed to listen to0. From, ZBG
By: ZBG on April 7, 2021

K-Rocky 1630 (KVAM)
Although it will be a little sad to see the old KRND go, I am a big fan of the new KRND (now called KVAM on air) as it has just about the right amount of classic hits and all around country. That's probably one of the main reasons why Variety just works, and perhaps I would like them to expand the definition to include rock, CCM (that's Christian Contemporary), golden oldies, and maybe some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' newer hits would be nice to have. It is certainly risky to put music on AM nowadays, but I think it will be real effective, as the new KVAM on 1630 has already won me over. It also now translates on 94.7 K234AH and simulcasts on 88.1 KFCY. I do wonder why you need three stations in one market though. Maybe drop 94.7 in favor of Way-FM, or make that a LPFM with a community focus instead? Anyways, here's to music on the new KVAM! Note to radio-lineup: On March 20, 2021, KRND switched from Spanish to Variety, broadcasting the "K-Rocky" format. In early April, they obtained the KVAM callsign from a Loveland station that I assume also switched from Spanish, and now has the KRND callsign. KVAM 1630 is now owned by Vic Michael of Cedar Cove Broadcasting/Communications. The rest of your information is correct, however.
By: ZBG on April 7, 2021

Relevant Radio 760 (WLCC)
Apparently, I'm only able to listen to Relevant Radio when I'm driving; however, sometimes other stations mix in--country music, some other Christian station.. I'm unable to get a signal at home. Why, and what will it take to correct this? Thanks.
By: Clarisse on April 7, 2021

Go Country 105 (KKGO)
Barack Obama does NOT belong on a country station advertising he was born in the US. What a JOKE! Everyone knows he wasn't!
By: Oma T. on April 7, 2021

K-Love 107.9 (WPFM)
Over the last 3 days there has been a lot of static on your station.
By: Kenneth Williams on April 7, 2021

KFAC 105.5
Live stream available?
By: Philip on April 7, 2021

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