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106.9 The Eagle (KHPT)
Thanks for the enjoyable and pleasant radio station.
By: Karen on February 17, 2019

WRJL 99.9
Hello, this is James I have noticed the cars in the WRJL parking lot. I wanted to know if you would like me to properly dispose of the car batteries. Please Contact Me@ (256)-316-1104 Thank You, James!
By: James on February 17, 2019

KBRD 680
Although I live in Oregon, I always tune into your station when I drive through Olympia. Thank you!
By: Bob on February 17, 2019

K-Love 88.1 (KVLW)
Much for radio airtime per 18 minute segment
By: Deborah nicholas on February 17, 2019

WEAG 106.3
By: Luisa Creutzberger on February 17, 2019

WXBA 88.1
I switched from another radio station while driving in my car. came across 88.1... I love the music that is being play the oldies music and a lot of times I can sing along... thanks for this station...but I can't get it on the radios in my house and I wish I could... Your signal sometimes fades away as I am driving.
By: Valerie Mason on February 17, 2019

Power 88 (KCEP)
am not sure if this is the correct email for your station to contact, but please help get it to the correct department, if you have time. My name is Karen Rogina and I live in Mesquite Nevada. Learned this year we have a professional basketball team. They are the Mesquite Desert Dogs. They play teams from New York to California. I am glad I have, they are a great team and fun personable kids (Okay adults but at may age agers 20-30 are still kids) They play their home games at the Virgin Valley High School. We need to get the word out about them, not only because they are a local team, and get involved in may local events that help the community, but we can loose them to another state if we do not get more people to know about them and attend games. I have learned that their contact person is Kelly Doyle 7475-527-5436. I have let them know I will help them all that I can. I thought of you and figured I would drop you a line. They have many home games coming up. February 17th at 3 PM against Kansas City. Won last night against San Diego, and have another home game on March 1st against them. March 9th against Albany New York (this game at the middle school). March 23 against Tampa Bay, April 18 against Yakima. There are other games also, we have played Arizona and other teams too. I am sorry I do not have more details but Kelly will. I just want to get the news out to people. Tickets range from 5 to 15 dollars so it is super reasonable cost, and what is better than a local team. Not as big time as our Knights (all love the Knights) our soccer and baseball teams. I try to support all. We need to get the word our on our Basketball team.. Go Clark County I plead for any help you can give Sincerely Karen Rogina
By: karen on February 17, 2019

KYXZ 107.9
Dj Rufus is killing it tonight!! Keep up the good jams
By: Anonymous on February 17, 2019

B 105.7 Soft Rock (WYXB)
What happened to the all 80s weekends?
By: Darrell Smith on February 17, 2019

100.3 K-Love (KKLQ)
Dear Lord, would You be my Valentine? You have probably been asked so many times before, but Lord, would you please be my Valentine? With all of the worries and fears we all have, I need to know that it is Your Heart that truly loves mine Oh no, I'm not lonely, I have a beautiful family and caring friends..and for most that might be just fine But Lord, the Love that You have shown me for all of my days, is the sweetest fruit of any on the vine You know how I know this Lord? You have said You will always be there, whenever I sense a need To bow and to pray on bended knee, to seek Your Word, to ask for mercy or forgiveness for a deed Or to ask for Your guidance and direction when I have surely lost my way.. a warning I should heed Maybe it's just to comfort myself, knowing there are many scriptures to soothe my soul that I can read I've known all my life that You will be present whenever I gather with others to call out your name You have been ever-faithful, merciful, gracious and have taught humbleness over fame You have demonstrated Your power, provided Your wisdom, nurtured with care, enabled the lame Placed empathy in our being, generosity in our giving, encouragement in our words, now it's my aim To share all that you have given through blessings beyond measure, to let others know of Your love Encourage those who have lost their way, pass them the same support that You provide from above Be humble servants of Your Will, beacons of Your Loving Light, bring Peace on the wings of a dove Bring Hope to a world greatly in need of Your Grace, a place where people need not push or shove In order to move forward on agendas that harbor stress or fear, we know that's not what You seek Your vision entails a harmony in spirit, a mending of brokenness, a rise from the valley to the peak Conquering of fear, hatred and mistrust, paths to new freedoms, now honor is shown to the meek No longer will those who stand up for injustice be shouted down rudely and be made to feel weak Lord, I give you my love, my soul, I yearn for You alone-each moment I'm awake, every step I take Let my morning words be of worship and praise, being so grateful for every movement I can make For every bird that sings, every blessing you bring, for every smile I see, or laugh I hear, a leaf I rake Every plant that thrives, all of my family's lives, the bees and their hives, crashing waves or quiet lake I bring all glory and honor to Your Name for all that You do, and now I want to give my heart to You I need to know that you understand how I feel, for there are so many blessings from all that You do I go through the days with so many concerns, yet I make sure to take the time to appreciate a few Of the blessings I hope to never take for granted, Your Love for me is what makes all things a new So Lord, once again, I give You my heart and my soul-there is no place that I would much rather be You have given me life, given me hope, given me peace through Your loving grace-you paid my fee You took away all my sins and pain and wiped the slate completely clean-you made it so easy to see That all I ever needed was Your Love- now we need not feel locked up, for with You we have the key
By: Robert Jones on February 16, 2019

KTBX 98.1
OMG. I've been sitting here at work all day listening to the radio since early this morning thinking, "man, this (other local station I thought was dilaled in) was really playing some good tunes. In shock all day hearing some good ol' music i even had to shazam a few to put on personal playlist" Turns out at the of my day I heard the call station 98.1 and had to investigate. First time hearing your station. Keep it up. Great music and makes me feel like could clean a spotless house to you. My dial wont be changing any time soon.
By: Sunny Lesiak on February 16, 2019

WGKZ 88.7
Thanks for saving us from Radio Wasteland!
By: Robin on February 16, 2019

WWMM 107.5
Love it! Wish it had a wider range...or that I could listen online.
By: Kathy on February 16, 2019

Jose 94.5 (KSEH)
we before you lie foundation. To re adjust your Vibration. To the RASTAHFARIAN NASHUN : I will be the DJ of your station and the listeners will go through the roof. As I vibrate at the Golden Mean vibration and only speak the truth. Diamond Christ Consciousness Aries Jesus Vibration Everything else your station has been doing will now alleviate cessation. We would like to thank you for your time, and of course your patience. I require a fat paycheck & a Ferrari, if anyone EVER asks my name is, Warm Regards, Charlie
By: God on February 16, 2019

55 KRC The Talk Station (WKRC)
Yes, Mark Levin's 3rd hour ought to be broadcast. He makes valid legal points of concern. His "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News consistently has great interviews with a variety of experts. As regards Glenn Beck's 3 hours on weekday mornings, he is no longer the jokester of 15 years ago. When the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008-09 was looming, he morphed into more serious topics. Even if people don't agree with him, he does dig deep into the issues facing thinking people today. We shouldn't lose him or his societal introspections.
By: Mark on February 16, 2019

WBZC 88.9
I would like to know if you do air time for local artists. I have cds and music on my gmail
By: James Joshua on February 16, 2019

WWLU 88.7
I would like to know if you do air time for locsl artists. I have cds and music on my gmail
By: James Joshua on February 16, 2019

WNJS 88.1
I would like to know if you have local artists air time on your station i have Cds and music on my gmail i can send you
By: James Joshua on February 16, 2019

KDOO 101.5
Trying to fun out what sing you were playing on Tuesday Feb 12, 2019 at 9:07am I liked it.
By: Diane Nielson on February 16, 2019

WBAC 1340
Is it possible to broadcast another show rather than the Chad Benson show twice?
By: Michael Magee on February 16, 2019

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