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WWRO 102.5
hey I love your music... ever consider making an online broadcast? I can only catch fringes usually overlapped by some sports radio
By: alastar on September 11, 2018

KID 590
I'm not fact I m associated with Saints Alive in Jesus I wish to say that 590 is a great balanced station with Fox news and Michael Savage nightly... .Julie and Neal are candid and kind talk show hosts. Keep up the great work. I listen from way down in Honduras via USA station . Kindest regards, Dr.Bob Funk
By: DrBob Funk on September 11, 2018

KEWU 89.5
On Friday, Sept 7th, at about 12:30 pm I heard a jazz vocal rendition of Cantaloop (flip fantasia). Can you tell me whose recording it was? Best regards, Karen Charbonneau Post Falls, ID
By: Karen Charbonneau on September 11, 2018

KWUL 101.7
Get a bigger stick, and procure a billboard along Hwy. 70 in St. Chuck county. You will take a giant bite out of K-SHE's lunch. They're complacent, and have it coming. I think they're scared, and rightfully so. Rock on !!
By: greg carmody on September 10, 2018

KOAD 92.5
Hello! Did this station change its call letters to KJOP and then, back to KOAD? On Hanford-Armona Road? Thanks. - Brenda Bratton (I had a jazz show on KJOP - "Music from the Edge." Thanks.
By: BJ Bratton on September 10, 2018

WTLD 90.5
I'm a Motivational Speaker how can I get on your show to encourage, inspire and motivate your audience?
By: Vivian F Bacon on September 10, 2018

KHYZ 99.7
Play some real contemporary new songs from Steve Perry and Rod Stewart. They just came out with new songs that are in the top 20 of the adult contemporary chart and they are not being played.
By: Chi on September 10, 2018

KMXB 94.1
why don't you play the new songs No Erasin' or No More Cryin from Steve Perry or the new Rod Stewart song.
By: chi truong on September 10, 2018

WESC 92.5
This is one of those WTF southern hospitality moments, or should I say lack there of and I would appreciate it if you could have an on air discussion about the incident. Due to medical issues, for the last month and a half, every two weeks, my sister has been riding with me from Charleston to see a specialist in Greenville. We haven't had much of a chance to site see, but from what we have, Greenville has some beautiful areas and seems like a wonderful place to live. Most of the people here have been awesome, but like Andy Smith said in his review, the traffic is atrocious and we encountered one of those WTF people. On Sept 7th, we were on 385 looking for Patewood Dr. I didn't realize we were at Patewood Dr, and mistakenly got in the go straight lane. When I was able to see that the street sign said Patewood, I rolled down my window and kept yelling excuse me, trying to get the attention of the blond female in a burgundy convertible that was stopped adjacent to us at the traffic light. When she finally looked my way, I asked her if I could please get over so that we could make the turn. She looked at me and in a very nasty tone, said "NO, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE CORRECT LANE TO START WITH," and she drove on making the turn on Patewood. My sister and I looked at each other in astonishment All I can say is that I really hope she is a transplant to South Carolina, and not a true South Carolinian.
By: mary on September 10, 2018

WTTZ 93.5
get rid of this trash and change to a heavy metal format...
By: daddy o on September 10, 2018

KQXQ 101.7
K-WOLF (or I guess it's K-WULF) is pretty amazing.
By: John on September 9, 2018

WFKM 94.9
I like this song A lot, I hope they play it forever and ever...
By: Andrew on September 9, 2018

KDOO 101.5
I live over the bridge in Washougal Wa and I found this station... I'm in love!! Ever since I moved up here from LA I've been wanting a REAL hiphop, old school and R&B station and I finally found it! I wish the signal was stronger, but at this point, I'll take the static!
By: Amanda Trolinger on September 9, 2018

WJOP 96.3
Can you post playlistssome of the medley's that' I"ve heard periodically while driving? .. THo I recognize the Beethoven and Brahms( I am a classical and jazz pianist and composer, if you'd like any of my albums), I would like to know some of the comtemporary jazz tracks. I alos am trying to find out when Joe was interviewed regarding the Fredrick Douglass speeches delivered at UU, as he told me this morning (when I first met him) that you played Tyrone Brown's chamber jazz album "A Sky with More Stars", which includes some of the same speeches. I had purchased 10 of these CDs through Dreambox Media in Philadelphia, one of which I subsequently gave to the UU administrator Kristen Feldenhaber. Tyrone Brown was my bassist for my 4 studio releases between 1997 and 2004. Thankyou
By: Gay Pearson on September 9, 2018

KDMX 102.9
I have been tring to win the tickets to the state fair of texas since yesterday. Today (sunday the 9TH) NO ONE IS AWNSERING THE PHONE OR EVEN SAYING WHEN TO CALL IN. When I have tried to call the phone is not being awnsered, even though sone one is there because they are going on Facebook. Do you even care. If you say something you should keep your word.
By: Debra Nathan on September 9, 2018

KGGO 94.9
Who was it that was playing "kickin off the fleas" about 10:45 Am?
By: roger on September 9, 2018

WJYW 88.9
FIELDS OF FAITH MUNCIE WITH TIM TEBOW THUR. NOV 1 6:30 Since 2009, FOF Muncie has been the largest local Christian event in East Central IN drawing 2500-3200. FCA has moved the event to Ball State’s Worthen Arena and invited Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow to be the closing speaker. The FCA worship band, comprised of students from ECI schools will once again take the stage to lead in worship. Student speakers will share of their faith journey followed by one of the most influential athletes in our country, Tim Tebow. FCA of ECI is providing this as a FREE ticketed event. Sponsorship are still needed, and sponsorship packages are still available. For information on how you can be a sponsor or obtain FREE tickets go to or e mail
By: JEFF MOSIER on September 9, 2018

KXXI 93.7
What's with all the dead air lately. Silence is not what I listen to a radio station for.
By: Darrell on September 9, 2018

WDLJ 97.5
Just found an online site to where I can listen. Looking forward to enjoying this station.
By: Cecilia on September 9, 2018

KJHS 107.9
Hi I was asking if you could air a song that I made, I need information in what to do please thank you:).
By: Aaron on September 9, 2018

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