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93.3 The Bus (WODC)
Where are the Indians games?
By: Randy Marks on April 10, 2019

WHOH 96.5
This was the only station I listen to for sports in the Northwoods !All gone . Please bring it back
By: Jim T on April 10, 2019

Magic 101.3 (WAGH)
I've been trying to enter to win the $1000.00 and I keep getting a message that the keyword I'm entering is not correct. The last keyword was "Circle " at 11:00. Please advise. Thank you, Judi
By: Judith on April 10, 2019

KOEL 950
Birthdays April 11-Mark Creery Hawkeye and April 12 Patty Nefzger Fayette
By: Shirley Ungerer on April 10, 2019

WDZD 99.1
A fantastic beach station. Such low power though. Streaming all over the world. If only they could buy some more power.
By: Bobby Jones on April 10, 2019

WPLM 1390
I listen to the rosary at 5 in the morning. can you tell me the name of the cd group so I can order it. very enjoyable. listen for years. thank you
By: sam keller on April 10, 2019

News Talk 1540 KXEL
I recall as a young lad in the early 1960s picking up KXEL, Waterloo IA late at night on my transistor radio. At the time I thought it was the neatest thing to hear a station that was west of the Mississippi River when I was all the way east living in the D.C. area.
By: Jay Carey on April 10, 2019

El Norte 107.9 FM (KQQK)
I would like to know if you were radio station can tell me of any dances that are in or around the Houston area I've lived in Texas for 4 years hi in Spanish and Italian I have yet been to a dance because I cannot find places to go to dances in my husband and I love to dance we are retired and we enjoy doing this I would appreciate any help you could give me gracias
By: Mrs. Salina A. Mazzatori-Torres on April 10, 2019

WEBI 100.5
Waited for years for a radio station with predominantly ministers, in this case legendary Vernon McGee, Adrian Rogers, Billy Graham, etc and a wildly eclectic mix of music styles! I live in nearby Independence & pick it up on radio 100.5- thank you!!
By: Tim Walker on April 10, 2019

WCJZ 105.7
Listening to 105.7 on my car radio between about 3:30 and 4 p.m. today, your music kept cutting out, as in the music just stopped for a second or two. This isn't a new norm for you, is it?
By: Kevin on April 9, 2019

99.3 The Fox (WFQX)
Greetings! I am writing to ask if you or any of your affiliates might be looking for a DJ with plastic experience to fill perhaps a late night slot. My experience includes work with NPR affiliate stations, WGTB FM on the campus of Georgetown University, and WAMU FM, while located on the campus of American University. I have most recently guest-hosted on Robbie White’s show on WOWD Tacoma Radio with Weasel, formerly of WHFS FM who presently hosts a show in Towson, MD. My format would include original artists in the Indie realm and I would endeavor to support regional and international artists in that vein. Looking forward to hearing from you, soon! Best thoughts for bright blessings! Xyra Harper-Cann Leesburg, VA 20176
By: Angel Xyra on April 9, 2019

WAAE 91.9
Come and fellowship with us for The Voices of Shiloh's 45th choir anniversary! Shiloh Pentecostal Church located at 130 Bellfork Road, Jacksonville N.C where the pastor is Bishop Dr. Bobby Gray. The dates are May, 5th at 2pm and May, 6th at 10 a.m. Several choirs will be singing as well, We invite all to come and celebrate with us! Contact person ,Mrs. Wanda Daniels 252-626-1982
By: Mrs. Wanda Daniels on April 9, 2019

WJKA 90.1
I would like to make a church announcement for our Choir anniversary. Shiloh Holiness church located at 130 Bellfork Road in Jacksonville N.C. Will be having its 45th Choir anniversary on May 5th at 2pm and May 6th at 10 am. The Voices of Shiloh will be singing as well as various ther choirs. Come and celebrate with us, The pastors name is Bishop Dr. Bobby Gray.
By: Mrs. Wanda Daniels on April 9, 2019

KCFN 91.1
Have you been having trouble with your station since yesterday 4/8/19? I could not pick it up on the way home or on the way to work this morning?
By: Randy on April 9, 2019

98.5 The Fox (KRDX)
Ignore those comments asking to play current music. Then you'd be like all the rest. Great format! Old rock 'n roll is the only worthwhile music. But why sometimes are you off the air? I listen religiously from Sahuarita and freak out when I can't get your station. Bazooka Bob in Sahuarita
By: Bob Barry on April 9, 2019

560 WVOC
The SC Sports Show is terrible. What was the programming meeting like? Did someone say, "Hey, let's put a couple of Clemson guys on the radio bashing South Carolina every night. That doesn't happen on any other station around here." The State tried it with Ron Morris and how did that work out? News flash. WVOC was station to listen to in Columbia for conservative talk. If I want to listen to Carolina bashing, I'll tune in to the Tiger Phil Kornklut show. Bring Levin back! P.S. Because of this change, I discovered podcasts and, thanks to bluetooth in my car, I'm just about VOC free.
By: John on April 8, 2019

WHOH 96.5
Pretty sure there was no thought involved
By: Jeff on April 8, 2019

Radio Latina 104.5 (XHLTN)
Hi am Stephanie, I was wondering if you guys can put the song calma - remix by Pedro capo , Farruko, please and thanks have a nice day .
By: Stephanie on April 8, 2019

WRVT 88.7
I would like to hear some Clay Walker on your station. Songs by such as, I can't sleep, when she's good she good, where do I go from you, love me like you love me, holding her and loving you.
By: Lesley Bienvenue on April 8, 2019

WHOH 96.5
Done with this station, now useless. Not sure what they were thinking.
By: travis on April 8, 2019

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