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KWDO 99.3
what happened to the easy listening radio channel in Fresno- For some reason the channel is NOW playing sings sung in Spanish-
By: wendy waiczis on March 28, 2021

105.7 Willy FM (previously 105.7 Max FM) (XHPRS)
@wendy the song name i dont know the name but the band i think is named "And one". @cathy i heard the song today at 7pm just before nirvana , i search the song with shazam and no results found i use google app to find the lirics and no results .. i have the song in my head for a while and still dunno the name of the artist and the song :(
By: Cesar on March 28, 2021

NewsRadio 1360 KKTX
I am interested i hearing the podcast about death that was aired in Saturday night at 9:15. I was listening in the car and when I got home tried to listen again, but it had switched to the universe. Is that the say podcast? It was 2 gentlemen speaking. Thanks.
By: Ann Volpe on March 28, 2021

KMPO 88.7
Hola, estoy contactando a esta estacion de radio para ver si por medio de un poco de tiempo al Aire se puede hacer un llamado a la communidad hispana para darles alcanze e información sobre la vacuna Covid-19. Gracias de antemano. Sofia rodriguez promotora communitaria de stanislaus county.
By: Sofia Rodriguez on March 28, 2021

Y-101 (KWYE)
what happened to the easy listening 101.5 channel in fresno> The channel is not playing songs in Spanish.
By: wendy waiczis on March 28, 2021

WTPP 93.3
Can you please send me a program schedule.
By: Jeff Klein on March 27, 2021

WCFW 105.7
I have always listened to your channel and now not good all the time in the house and the car is really bad, so we switch in the car.
By: Rosie on March 27, 2021

KQES 101.9
Love the classic variety of this station!
By: Jeff on March 27, 2021

KRSS 93.5
Today around 11am You broadcast Unshackled and it was about a guy by the name Brice. Can you give me the episode #
By: Gina Doolin on March 27, 2021

WPJB 93.3
Continue to spread the word and tell everyone that Southern Praise is still on every night from 6 P.M. till 9 P.M. and Sunday Mornings from 6 A.M. till Noon on 93.3 FM, Jesus Radio, Selma.
By: Dan Presley on March 27, 2021

WXJO 1120
I would love to hear some Tuaren Wells Please My radio only works on am
By: Von Beddington on March 26, 2021

WQEW 98.5
Good Morning I grew up with contry music so I love the old country western and christmas music, Problem is as i listen there is a lady's voice in the background that comes on and says "trial" over and over ever 10 or 15 sec. then i have a hard time reaching your station after noon time some days. im right here in Pennsauken NJ over the bridge.
By: john mitchell on March 26, 2021

1230 The Place (KJJC)
KJJC-AM1230 returned to the air on June 3, 2019, hearing a talk format. It is known as “AM1230 - The Place”. More information is available at, and apps are available in both the App Store and Google Play. The station streams through its website and Apps.
By: Roger Lonnquist on March 26, 2021

Z107.3 (WZNO)
I am the General Manager, Program Dir, Music Dir, Sales, Engineer, DJ,,,The station has one employee" me. So I stay really busy. The music is from my own collection and some items are rare and remixes. I was an electro DJ for years in Chicago and Colombia so my collection is very unique. The chiropracter is Dr Goldman at the Chiropractic Center on Keith St. He is really amazing...his number is 423-614-0884. If you likr our sponsors tell them you heard their ad, We are a non-profit and our sponsors really help us. I am glad you like the musiic. I plan to do some live shows soon but will not talk too much. I keep my mouth shut. Thanks for listening. Z107-3 is a very unique Christian Hit Station. It was launched by J103 though it is completely independent. We stream on Zeno, Radio Box, Tune-in, Live Radio. Tell your friends about us.
By: Anthony Bono on March 26, 2021

KQEW 102.3
Just found this station working here in Pine Bluff. I really like your new format and the conservative talk and faith filled programs. I’m a fan!
By: Tyson on March 26, 2021

MIX 103.3 (WMLX)
what is the number to call for delilah?
By: papa ruger on March 26, 2021

WJAS 1320
Wendy Bell will probably lose her cool again. She seems to run far over the hill with the ethics of her speech. Her scripts point to both low and high points in ways that are unethical. In other words, Ms Bell speaks before thinking. As a journalist both on TV and Radio, she should have learned there are always 2 ways to get your point across. Unfortunately, she seems to choose the path that splatters the mud right in the face, then returns at another time using the same point, but in a different way.
By: Eleanor Skibo on March 26, 2021

103.9 RXP (KRXP)
I'd like to recommend "Hold Yourself" by Tune-Yards. I recommend the version (and video) that was presented on Stephen Colbert about a month ago. Google colbert with tune-yards. If you just google tune-yards you'll get the "official version" which has a choppier video and a slightly rougher sound (mostly in the horn). The LP is actually being released tomorrow Fri, Mar 26. Thanks
By: Tony on March 25, 2021

WJAS 1320
You removed Glenn Beck and I am done with 1320! Horrible decision for sure.....and why Rose? Bye 1320!!
By: margie on March 25, 2021

Oldies 96.5 (KIKO)
I love the oldies that I used to enjoy out here when I was living in Phoenix in 63-64. I really wish you could get an app to download so I can use it on my iPhone. I now live in Arizona City after being absent from Arizona for 56 years and I'm finally home! Keep the sweet tunes coming, please?!
By: MO on March 25, 2021

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