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KIVA 1600
Your advertising is so mind numbingly unprofessional especially JJ : Josepfa From Santa Fe crap. Rudy is not too good at playing both parts. I’m outta here.
By: Mike on June 29, 2021

WSCL 89.5
Hope you can help me -- listening to your station @ 10:30 a.m. heard an orchestral composition that sound like it was a take on the music of the Jazz Age. Can you give me the name of the piece and composer, please? I'd like to purchase the recording for my collection. Thank you.
By: John on June 29, 2021

NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1
I have been a long time listener of WRVA. I believe you are making a big mistake taking Andre Viette's show off of WRVA. I know many Richmond area gardeners listen to him and depend on his advice. Many Master Gardeners and Garden Club members I know agree that if this happens they will stop listening to WRVA. Please reconsider allowing this very helpful show to c ontinue to help make our community a more beautiful place to live and work.
By: Johnnie on June 29, 2021

Seattle's BIN 850 (KHHO)
What did I hear on the "BIN" network this morning? Touting the thoroughly discredited Dr Phony Falsey as the top expert on the Covid. How does that help the black community, BIN? You finally find a white person you really like, BIN - unfortunately, he's a pathological liar. Wear 12 masks today while you're at it.
By: NotPleased on June 29, 2021

Oldies 92.7 (KAZG)
Found your station today. I’ve been listening ever since I got home. Gotta say I haven’t listened to radio in MANY years but boy have I been missing out. Love it❤️ Who is the advertiser that provides the national anthem?? I am blown away. Please remind me who they are so I can sing their praises far and wide. And I’ll be telling everybody who will listen about your wonderful station! Hugs and stay cool out there.
By: Carol on June 29, 2021

Q104.3 (WAXQ)
Tell Jim and Shelly that “no panty day” is annually on June 22, not today, June 28. Look it up on google. Just sayin’………
By: Gordon on June 28, 2021

WMSB 88.9
Yo, I was trying to find the local jazz station and forgot the channel, so I was flipping through one by one and stopped when I heard someone talking about how only criminals who loot and burn towns want to defund police. I was like, “what in God’s name is this?” Then some weird early 90’s transition music which I realize is a theme song, and this woman comes on with the dude who created Killology as a guest coming to talk about God. I’m like, “this is wild. They have the dude telling cops to murder innocent people on to talk about the love of Christ.” And he goes on about how video games are responsible for mass shootings and how sleep deprivation is the cause of suicide and I’m just floored this nonsense is allowed to be on the radio. Then the AFR spokesman comes on talking about leaving donations for the radio station in your WILL. God and murder and police hero worship, talking about applying Killology to spiritual warfare. I swear I’ve never heard anything like this on FM radio in my LIFE!
By: Buck on June 28, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
Have been trying to find out what has happened to the Rick Jackson show? Would like to hear it again. Apparently someone at your station has made a poor decision. More listeners lost and moving on.
By: Kevin on June 27, 2021

WJUP 100.3
I like your station and would listen more if your signal came through loud and clear. Do you have any plans to boost your signal in Boca Raton?
By: David on June 27, 2021

WKDA 900
love your music ! many friends from the mt juliet tell me they listen every day!
By: lynn on June 27, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
I'm not sure what you think you gain by playing the same songs I hear everyday all day on yours and other area country stations. Rick Jackson was something that made you and sunday mornings unique in the area. I am very disappointed. Bring it back!
By: Chris on June 27, 2021

NewsRadio WRVA 1140 96.1
As far as Jeff Katz goes, isn't it funny, if it is pointed out that before Joe Biden reached a point of senility he has reached, where he cannot effectively string words together we NEVER heard of this "stuttering" issue. NEVER! When Katz points out that Joe speaks in monotone because he IS struggling to REMEMBER what he was told to say, not because he was trying not to stutter the dem party zombies don't like it. Show us where there was ANY issue made public about any stuttering in his previous campaigns. He never stuttered nor spoke in a monotone format regardless of how much he lied. I hope Jeff Katz keeps laying into Biden no less than the leftists lied and laid into President Trump. Remember Juneteenth is the celebration of the final defeat of the Democrat slave holders! Lets continue to tear down all the statues to the defenders of democrat slave holders!
By: Sid on June 27, 2021

KINN 1270
Talk radio is great. Glen Beck, Mark Levin and warnow with Wayne Allen Ruth. And infowars
By: Beth Judie on June 27, 2021

KTBX 98.1
I have been listening to this station since the day it appeared out of nowhere. Today June 26, 2021 at around 530 pm giver or take, a beautiful acoustic finger picking song was played. Its an acoustic piece only with east Indian drums playing with it. I have only heard this song maybe six times in the last four or five years. It is beautiful ! Does anyone know who this artist is? Is it a tune from years ago or a newer modern tune.. I would love to find it on a CD!!! John
By: John on June 27, 2021

1660 The Score (KWOD)
Hope the station is making money. The station is not making any friends.
By: Bob on June 27, 2021

AM650 (CISL)
hi. i'm just trying to figure out if my radio is not working properly or if i'm just in another world. i listen to ckwx quite a bit as i drive truck on night shift and sometimes i hear things on the station and then it's not there. a few weeks ago on 1130 sorts they said catch the canadians baseball game on 650. i put on 650 and the seattle game is on. then, 5 days ago they said listen to c's game on 650 just after 7 pm. i tune in. the hockey game is on. thusday. again they say listen to c's game at 7 pm. what's on? the hockey know, the canadian's hired a new play by play announcer this year. he said he's looking forward to broadcast the games. i haven't heard him yet. why hire somebody to do something if nobody can hear him. either you guys or news 1130 got to get your stories straight. i can't figure it out. if you say the game is on at that time then it's wrong to have a hockey game on when your a baseball fan.thank you.
By: GREGORY on June 26, 2021

WNSN 101.5
I have had trouble with 101.5 in my 2020 Honda CRV for the last 2 months or so. It is the only station I don’t get consistently; all my other saved stations play fine. Since it is only one station I don’t think it’s a problem with my vehicle. I never know when it will work or not, and if it does broadcast, the song details don’t show on my screen. Any help you can give would be appreciated. If it matters I only travel in the Mishawaka South Bend area.
By: Kathy on June 26, 2021

FM106.1 (WMIL)
Why do you allow advertising that promotes miss information? I was listening to your station this morning and heard a very disturbing add for a gun store. “You know they are coming to take your guns” - really??? I’m sure I’m not the only liberal, gun owner that loves country music. Please let me know if you support this type of misinformation advertising.
By: Mindy P on June 26, 2021

WSBP 94.3
I live in a community next to Wood Ridge and can't get your radio station anymore. What happened?
By: Jo on June 26, 2021

Y100 - Hit Music Now (WZJZ)
You guys should put kpop like bts or Babymetal or black pink y'all would get more people listening to the radio
By: Deymeli on June 26, 2021

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