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K-Love 91.3 (KZLV)
91.3 is the BEST!!! K- LOVE is 88.5 In San Angelo & 90.5 in Midland Odessa
By: Jonathan on November 22, 2021

T-100 (WCLT)
I wrote to T100 about their use of Fox News as their source of news for the channel. I was concerned because ever since the election of 2020, Fox has become just another biased and skewed media source pushing a dishonest agenda. I recommended OAN or another reputable source that would cater better for their mostly conservative listeners. I know from first-hand experience that many are displeased by their continued use of Fox. When I wrote about this, offering suggestions, I only received a simple reply of "Thank you for sharing your thoughts." from a Doug Pricer, the President. Although I appreciated his response, it didn't seem like they have any plans to change this. I believe in supporting local business, but unfortunately, I have decided to stop listening to T100.
By: Anonymous on November 22, 2021

WMAH 90.3
Does anyone know anything about radio station mix 96 FM out of Picayune Mississippi or WLUC out of Picayune Mississippi? Or lucky hodnett who supposedly owns that radio station?? Thank you very much for your time
By: Mike on November 22, 2021

Classic Hits 105.3 (KRDG)
Wow look at all the whiny salty boomers complaining up and down about a radio station that plays more classic rock variety than I've heard in decades. Have you pathetic old bats nothing better to do with your sorry lives?? Seriously, type "top classic rock stations" into Google and see the stations that come up. Playing nothing but the same Zeppelin, Fleetwood, and Clapton songs OVER and OVER and OVER again. Go cry about those. This station is awesome.
By: DieBoomers on November 21, 2021

WXBA 88.1
The best music radio station on the air, no other station comes even close, this may be the one one ever.. Is there a list of songs that you play so listeners can identify them, some are new to the listener? Keep up the great work. Herb
By: Herb R on November 21, 2021

WSNP 105.9
Awesome choice of tunes! Don't change a thing!
By: Stevo on November 21, 2021

K-Love 107.3 (WKVB)
DISGUSTING! You ruined the BEST STATION EVER....for crap! It's truy, personally offensive to ALL of us who literally grew up with WAAF! WHY....WHY....WHY would anyone do this to such a loyal army of fans/followers?!
By: Kitty on November 20, 2021

KAGU 88.7
I would like to suggest a classical music piece to listen to on your station. Do you allow requests? I have never heard it played before on your station.
By: John on November 20, 2021

WKTZ 95.9
DJ just attributed a comment to Gallager, the comedian. Her statement should be attributed to comedian Steven Wright: “Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?” He also said, “I’m not afraid of heights. I’m afraid of widths.” Gallager had the Smash-O-Matic. That was his shtick.
By: Mary on November 19, 2021

106.5 The Truth (WTKD)
Please turn it back to the oldies!
By: Anonymous on November 19, 2021

105.3 Dave FM (KITS)
For the love of everything music. BRING BACK LIVE 105 Hands down best alternative station. The DJs the concerts they hosted. Top quality
By: Clayton on November 18, 2021

WPJB 93.3
Definitely keep us informed Dan, and we'll be praying for the best! ZBG
By: ZBG on November 17, 2021

KUQU 93.9
Yes I would like to file a formal complaint about the stuff I'm hearing on the radio right now the garbage absolute propaganda about the Kyle Rittenhouse case I just live right now and they are just spewing untrue propaganda that is already been released to the public the real facts about this case and they're sitting on the radio right now calling the gun and a K15 which is wrong and saying that he carried the gun over state lines which is already proved in court was not the case this is a high-profile case and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you have someone on alive right now spewing propaganda and false information it is unforgivable and extremely despicable and it disgusts me that you can allow something like this to be broadcast on your radio waves
By: Jason on November 17, 2021

106.5 The Truth (WTKD)
I just read one comment if want you to listen to christmas music head over to 98.5 from cincinnati
By: Christmas music for dayton listeners on November 17, 2021

99.9 KEZ (KESZ)
Don't really like some of the Christmas songs they play and it's too early for Christmas songs anway.
By: Bobbers on November 16, 2021

WPJB 93.3
The line has been replaced and we sound so much better. Now replacing the transmitter. Hope to have the new one running, by the end of next month. Excited is the Word on that.
By: Dan Presley on November 15, 2021

Oldies 96.5 (KIKO)
Still some occasional drops of the signal for half a second or so.
By: Anonymous on November 15, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Why was the station off the air on Sunday 11/14?
By: Ron on November 15, 2021

Lite 107.9 (KXLT)
I wish you would start Christmas music on December 15th or so, not on November 7th! Way too early!
By: Anonymous on November 15, 2021

WJUI 104.7
Good selection..repeats same songs too much. Needs more variety.
By: Mary on November 13, 2021

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