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K-Love 92.1 (KMFC)
No upbeat encouraging music or banter from 92.1 FM KMFC Centralia, Missouri for over two weeks. Posted February 10, 2019. What's going on? I'm not a robot.
By: Mark Rucker on February 10, 2019

Power Talk 1460AM & 101.1FM (KION)
Hello, white visiting I listened to your channel on Saturday Feb 9, 2019. It was between the am hours about 10am through approximately noon. I wanted to know who the show was conducted by. I've searched with No guide I can find that shows your show times and your speakers. I wanted the information he read from a sister of a person who helped found NOW. The sister was either named Mallory or Kate I believe. While driving I was unable to write anything down. Would you please help?
By: Karen on February 10, 2019

WGSX 104.3
This station is all sports and an ESPN station.
By: Randy Williams on February 10, 2019

102.7 KIIS-FM
Can you play Clean by Taylor Swift when it rains
By: Dan on February 10, 2019

WRSK 97.5
I love Crusin Oldies. I love how on Sundays they play polkas, country music, do wops, and big band swing music. My favorite musician is Earl Scruggs. I love how Crusin Oldies played Christmas music on new years eve. I love The Beach Boys. I've heard many great Beach Boys songs and many great Elvis Presley songs on Crusin Oldies. I've also heard some good songs like Yacky Yak, Vacation, Who Let The Dogs Out, Lollypop, Blinded By The Light, and Don't Worry Be Happy just to name a few. I listen to this station on my stereo in my bedroom.
By: Brittany on February 10, 2019

WHYY 90.9
I'm not a robot
By: Dave on February 10, 2019

WJJL 1440
I listen to Vince Anello radio talk show. I live in AZ and listen on It's a very interesting program except when blabbermouths call-in day in and day out and take away air time from other callers. If there was a time limit on each would really help.
By: Sam V. on February 10, 2019

WKFL 1170
As of 2019 the station is now under new ownership.
By: Walco Enterprise on February 10, 2019

WBGR 93.7
Hey guys my dad is looking for a song that you guys played February 8th from the time 11-12 and I was wondering if you guys would happen to have a list of the songs played around then PLEASE HELP thanks.
By: Destiny Kaderly on February 10, 2019

WTSX 104.9
Yes asyou know my name is Anthony and I live for the radio station, I love it. But iI moved more and more topics that I'd like to talk to you guys and maybe be able to testify ovemy life over the radio. I'd like to go over the life of myself coming up at the time of the entergrading the cold here in kokomo of how myself a six year old had to fight the shoes because we're moved across the tracks into the white side and plush the blanks because they thought that were are trying to be sure because we're moved. The near death exspeareances prison time, and life after prison, cancer and living positive with cancer and going to give back to the community as well as a idea of mine that can happen with the help of you guys and the community iI and bring something that the surrounding big cities don't have and it'll bring big honest fun money for you guys, me, and the city. My number is 7655531543 I'd been wanting to contact you guys for the longest but today hearing this lady on you're show about the law and what's going on that I can't keep my mouth shut no longer seems need to get this plan into motion. Please contact me bu phone or email, thanks
By: Anthony Jones on February 10, 2019

KWBU 103.3
I will like to request a song called Low key by Ally Brooke feat Tyga. Please.
By: Diamonique Bland on February 9, 2019

KCIV 99.9
I was listening to a preacher speaking on Feb 8 from 11:30am to 11:55am on my way to an appt. I would like to write to him. Can you give me his contact/email so I can talk about his sermon on the complete Bible on that date and time on 99.9 in Fresno. My email is shown above. My cell phone is 559-724-5148. Thank you very much and God bless you all.
By: Judi Plante on February 9, 2019

WPVR 101.3
I'm looking for anything on my Grandpa, Wilford Ball and uncle, Henry Ball. They sang in the 40's and 50's. Wilford played the harmonica and Henry the banjo or fiddle. They sang "Lukie Boy" and "Tom Dooley"
By: Selene Klein on February 9, 2019

KBGN 1060
Hello. Has Grace To You moved to a different time schedule? Was shocked to not hearing Pastor John MacArthur at 12:30pm Mountain time here in Idaho. Thank you, Rebecca Davis Middleton, Idaho
By: Rebecca Davis on February 9, 2019

KUCI 88.9
Hello, i was interested in getting David Munster's song called Jungle Lover played on your radio. He writes his own music that is very catchy! Soundcloud link: I hope you love it and i look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your time. You can contact me at
By: Joseline on February 9, 2019

WPFT 106.3
is this the legal line e-mail?
By: michael wood on February 9, 2019

Big 100.3 (WBIG)
This morning 2/9/2019 I had been listening to 100.3 classic rock while running my weekend errands. I became so angry at the 2 radio host that I literally changed the station. That is something I have not done since I have moved to Maryland a few years ago. Since when did it become OKAY to make fun of a caller who clearly supports your station because they explained they had Tourettes? Since when is there ever been a good or bad type of Tourettes? It was appalling to listen too and enough for me to say never again. Those 2 radio host should be grateful for their jobs and for ALL their listeners. To public humiliate and make fun of that caller was OUT OF LINE; end of story.
By: Page on February 9, 2019

WIOK 107.5
I would love for your station to put Bro. Lee Watts podcast on the radio. Bro. Watts is chaplain to the government in Frankfort and does a wonderful job. He sponsors "Christians at the Capitol " every year ( 2nd. Fri. in Feb.) We attended this year & it was wonderful. You can hear his podcast on his website @ www, Thank you for considering this. Bro. Watts won't disappoint you! Sincerely, Marlene Powell
By: Marlene Powell on February 9, 2019

WCTG 96.5
We would just love to say how much we love your radio station. We found it by accident through the internet while i was at work and it's the station of choice now! We are based in the UK and we listen from 09:30 (GMT) to 18:00 (GMT) Monday to Saturday and we would love a shout out if possible? Paul and the CCL Crew! Thanks for making the working day so much better!
By: Paul Haley on February 9, 2019

KSIT 99.7
Serious inbreeding and retardation because of Taylor and her her fat chromosomes lacking ass. Go to hell!
By: Retard on February 9, 2019

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