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Are you broadcasting Dodgers games in 2024?
By: Tzap on January 2, 2024

WPLM 1390
When I was growing up, I used to spend weeks on my Gmas farm in Minnesota where my mother was from. Every evening after supper, we would tune into the rosary being said & pray along! I remember it vividly, and would like to know the narrator or moderator who used to say it. This was during the 80’s & 90’swhen I was growing up.
By: L.A. on January 2, 2024

WRSK 97.5
What a great New Years Eve show Tony Dee did. I think it was the best show I ever heard on a New Years Eve. I Love WRSK, and the Christmas programming was just perfect too. Kudos to the college and all the DJs and the staff of Sussex County Community College Radio 97.5. I live in Stillwater and listen everyday and night. Happy New Year WRSK
By: Gloria on January 2, 2024

WSHT 100.1
Happy New Year WSHT!!
By: Liz on January 1, 2024

WRSK 97.5
Jay and I talk many a night about how grateful we are to have a radio station that is not preprogrammed or iHeart. It makes a real difference. Did you see Jim Ladd passed this week? They said he was the last free form DJ in the US. But Jay and I were like well wait a second. What about WRSK?!
By: Eileen and Jay on January 1, 2024

WCRO 1230
Good evening and Happy New Year !! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for playing Christmas Holiday Music right up to New Years Day. Most radio stations the day after Christmas stops playing the Holiday Music and their back to their lineup and then its gone for another year. I found your radio station the other night when we visited the Christmas Tree and Displays in Central Park in Downtown Johnstown. Listen to your station the whole way back to Indiana area until it finally faded out. Again thank you for this great Holiday Music thru this Wonderful Holiday Season !!
By: Mark on January 1, 2024

Kool Oldies 106.1 (WQTL)
Also very disappointed in the format change. Don't you realize the older listeners are the ones less likely to pay for streaming services and more likely to listen to the old school radio? and more likely to prefer oldies?
By: oldies on December 30, 2023

WNSP 105.5
I had often found vulgar (or profane) language in what I had believed to had been certain pieces of audio related to this WNSP-FM.
By: Mario500 on December 30, 2023

KRSX 95.9
Just stumbled onto this Station on my way for a hike on the DeShutes River Trails. Twas a New Station for me. I really enjoyed their Song selection for Dec. 29. 2023. I will definitely listen again and I will report back. AUDI VIDE TACE
By: Mr. Natural on December 30, 2023

KJXN 105.1
Yesterday about noon you played a ballad that started with a phrase something like “someone I didn’t particularly like … and after talking turned out he was ok… almost a friend”. It should be our theme song for 2024. Can you identify that song?
By: Fred on December 29, 2023

KNMB 96.7
I love your music so much
By: Valor on December 29, 2023

Q105.9 (KCNL)
Snowbirding here at the Q and found my favorite radio station ever here. Really put it on this morning Billion dollars babies and damn the hits kept coming all day.
By: Greg on December 27, 2023

NewsRadio 1190 KEX
Are Oregon State and Portland Trail Blazers games still on 1190 KEX? I have my radio set to this station but now all I get is talk radio. Please bring back those two OSU and Blazers.
By: Christine on December 27, 2023

Happy 93.7 / 1320 (WGET)
I enjoyed listening to the Christmas music starting 12-01-23 fit the whole month. Enjoyed it the whole month..
By: Diane on December 26, 2023

Kool Oldies 106.1 (WQTL)
Have been waiting since November for this station to switch from playing all Christmas music back to playing oldies but I was shocked to find they have changed their genre to hip-hop. So disappointing!! I don't care for hip-hop at all and there are other hip-hop stations in the area. Now there is no station that plays oldies. So very disappointed.
By: Grumpy Old Woman on December 26, 2023

Jeff, Rush died in 2021.
By: Anonymous on December 26, 2023

WSHT 100.1
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys at WSHT.
By: Henry on December 25, 2023

WMRP 104.7
Thanks Bob. We will be making improvements in weeks to come.
By: Denise on December 24, 2023

WXBA 88.1
First l love your station for all the reasons people mentioned. However, you played a song in late summer about being home on Christmas Eve… only place I want to be. I’ve searched endlessly and can’t find it. Can anyone help??
By: Jan on December 24, 2023

I just finished "Rush on the Radio" by James Golden. I hope that he is still on your station, he is an American patriot.
By: Jeff on December 24, 2023

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