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EZ 1430 (KEZW)
During this strange time in our wonderful country, I am enjoying listening to the great "oldies" on your station. It helps my mind to be happy for all of the gifts God has bestowed on us. In the meantime your music makes the wiating for this virus to be over easier.
By: M Nanette Oldani on March 25, 2020

WPTM 102.3
Who is that praying man who do prayer.
By: Sally Cooke on March 25, 2020

WAJM 88.9
Hi, I work with a nonprofit in Atlantic City called Mudgirls Studios. Mudgirls is a certified 501(c)3 Nonprofit New Jersey corporation. Their mission is to assist economically disadvantaged and at-risk women in Atlantic City and southeastern New Jersey by (1) providing artistic and entrepreneurial training to help transition them out of poverty and onto a pathway of self-sufficiency; and (2) to help women gain a source of long-term supplemental income through the creation and sale of functional art and aesthetic utilitarian objects. It's a really unique organization, and I wondered if your station does any kind of promotion or on air interviews supporting local nonprofits. Below is a short history of the organization. MudGirls Studios began in Adelaide’s Place in 2016, a day shelter for homeless women in Atlantic City. Each week, several ladies gathered around the kitchen table to roll out clay, making bowls, trays, plates, boxes, and decorative items. Looking forward to “clay day,” these talented soon-to-be artisans poured their heart and soul into their ceramic wares. At first, most created “gifts” for loved ones, not being able to offer much else in their current circumstances. But in time, under the direction of Founder and Designer, Dorrie Papademetriou, new designs were introduced, and the women were trained in larger production procedures with a focus on producing high quality work with great attention to detail. We continue to conduct workshops at Adelaide’s Place, but as the demand increased for our ceramic wares in local retail stores, it became clear that MudGirls Studios needed to expand, a daunting yet exciting challenge. So, thanks in part to the generous support of Ocean Inc. we created a full time, functional studio space on the second floor of St. Michaels Church in Atlantic City, where we produced 2565 handmade tiles for various large-scale wall installations in 2019. We recognize that art and entrepreneurship can only flourish through the medium of community exposure. Craft fairs offer especially effective opportunities for the MudGirls to engage with the community, by presenting the work we create and discussing the creative and production processes. The Makersfest in Manahawkin, New Jersey, the Wheaton Arts Fine Craft Fair, in Millville, New Jersey and the International Fair Trade Gift Fair at Stockton University are just a few of the events where our participants attend. A turning point for MudGirls Studios came when Atlantic City Development Corporation (AC Devco), the agency charged with building the Atlantic City Gateway Project, commissioned MudGirls Studios to design and produce ceramic tiles for Stockton University, and South Jersey Gas. Other commissions for MudGirls Studios products include the Atlantic Care Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation, Contact Cape Atlantic, Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, and many others, in addition to many private individuals who have placed special/custom orders. Validating our mission as well as the quality of our craft, the state-of-the-art New Brunswick Performing Art Center in New Brunswick, NJ awarded MudGirls Studios a major installation project in 2019. The project required the women to work daily in the studio for several months toward a long-term goal. As the women worked, they learned teambuilding, design, and production and, above all, mutual commitment. Meeting the deadline was a great challenge. The women committed to working diligently to ensure the deadline was met and project completed and were proud to celebrate at the recent ribbon cutting, which confirmed that that our vision for Mudgirls Studio is not only a viable but a promising model for program expansion and even replication.
By: Gregory Coin on March 25, 2020

WPER 90.5
Thank you for playing the Star Spangled Banner!! I heard a lady singing the Star Spangled Banner to day at noon. Previously I heard it on 2 different Saturdays (again at noon). I'm working at home and my wife had it on the radio playing in the dining room and I caught the tune because the office door was open. The Star Spangled Banner is one of favorite songs - I usually stand and sing whenever it plays. Thank you again! God bless America! Scott Varney. Listener from Aspen Hill, Maryland
By: Scott V. on March 25, 2020

WSHT 100.1
Some Things You Might Not Know ... Blue Collar Logic
By: Listener on March 25, 2020

KYOM 95.9
I am the author of the VERONICA JOURNEY. A lot of the stuff I wrote about is now coming true. Would love an interview. 316-299-9943
By: juan rodriguez on March 25, 2020

KKEN 97.1
Is there a way to get better reception in cache ok?Love love the station !
By: Steve on March 25, 2020

Atascosa Country Radio 102.3 (KSAQ)
Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital 40+ nurses are in need of gowns, gloves and masks. If anyone can help please these awesome ladies need us. I am mom of one of these ladies and am making masks as we speak to help keep them safe and able to do their tireless work. Sincerely, Lorene Harlow
By: Lorene Harlow on March 25, 2020

La X 103.1 (formerly 103.1 The Route) (KXVV)
Please help spread the news better to my Hispanic friends. STAY HOME they are acting like we don't have a problem or they just don't understand. We are all under financial strain. But when they are having get together's going about business like nothing matters. You will wonder why you have not stepped it up when one of your family members is hanging on to life or dies. Please encourage them to STAY HOME. Thanks from someone who cares enough to say something.
By: Concerned on March 25, 2020

WKZR 102.3
I have some issues with picking up your signal in Eatonton Ga Do you play continuous Country or a schedule for other talk sessions and religious programming? Thanks!
By: Jane on March 25, 2020

KMBQ 99.7
Blessings in the Name of the Lord! My name is Minister Vicki and I am the administrative assistant for Pastor Daniel Bracken at King's Chapel Wasilla. We are writing to inquire if you would be willing to air a Sunday service on your station. You can send your reply to my email or call the office at 907-357-2065.
By: Vicki Bloomquist on March 24, 2020

98.5 KTIS
What Do You think? Does Andrew Cecere, CEO of U. S. Bank deserve a $1,000 check from the U. S. Government? Does U. S. Bank deserve a BIG Corporate Stimulus Check from the U. S. Government while their employees suffer big time? Andy has company jet, salary probably in the millions, company credit card, excellent health care package for him and family, death benefit . . . the works. Maybe even a Big Bonus Check ($100,000) from the Corporate Stimulus Check? You Decide! Visit his home 6 Blue Flagg Ct. Saint Paul, Minnesota and see if he really needs $1,000 or a $100,000 bonus check? Does he need this extra money because he is suffering from Coronavirus? Would his laid off employees be more deserving of any extra help they could get? How many bank employees are working from the comfort of a $1,000,000 + home like Andy? How many are laid off with no health coverage?
By: Robert aGriffin on March 24, 2020

WPAK 106.9
I found Chuck's comments on the coronavirus this morning very disturbing. He is not qualified to make these statements, and should keep his opinions to himself. The safety of the American people should be our main concern. In closing, I will no longer listen to this station or support it's advertisers. Respectfully, Ken Jacobchick
By: Kenneth Jacobchick on March 24, 2020

WVMB 107.9
Still waiting to hear from you.
By: Glenn Adams on March 24, 2020

Did WABC drop Ben Shapiro? If so, there's no reason to ever tune in to 770. I listen to Shapiro online 860am in utah.
By: Mike on March 24, 2020

WARY 88.1
We are open for To Go! Curbside and delivery available (on orders of $50 or more). We also have packaged alcoholic beverages available for sale! Give us a call at Bahama Breeze in Wayne 973-237-0412 or call your local Bahama Breeze. Let us feed you during these difficult times. Stay safe everyone!
By: Evelyn Chaves on March 24, 2020

KWKN 95.3
Can you share with me the link on the ad you had played today as an announcement from I was told aired from USDA on beef preparation? email to or call me at 785-462-1447 mo. Mike Schultz Brewster, Kansas
By: Mike Schultz on March 24, 2020

The Eagle 107.3 (WXGL)
Hi - My name is Lisa Marshall with Carmel Kitchen. As you know a ton of local small businesses are being directly affected by the mandated restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus. We are in full support of taking precautions to restrict the spread of this virus and are taking extra sanitary precautions as well as only doing to go and delivery orders. However, we need your support to be able to continue operating beyond this pandemic. We truly feel that restaurants and small businesses are the lifeblood of the community both as centers of gathering and employment opportunities for a significant portion of the population. Currently we are only able to operate with 4 out of our 30 employees. We want to be able to at least ensure they have a job to come back to when all of this is resolved. With that said we have started two Go Fund Me campaigns in hopes to solidify the possibility of keeping our doors open to the community throughout this and long after this. The first link is a GoFundMe solely for our staff to help them through this trying time we’re we aren’t able to give them hours they need. The second is a Carmel Kitchen Virtual Tip Jar We love our staff and want to support them in whatever way we can and this virtual tip jar allows us and the community to help in a small way. We are aware of the huge impact this is having on our staff and other restaurant industry workers. Many of you have asked how you can help our employees directly. 100% of the donations made here will go to our employees who are no longer able to earn a living because we simply just don’t have the business to keep them on.. This includes over 30 cooks, bartenders, servers, support staff, managers, and hostess. We have created a form for our staff to complete if they are in need. Anyone who requests money and fills out this form will get a portion of whatever donations we are able to collect. If they would like to share some of their earnings with others they are able. We are all in this together and we eagerly await the day we can open our doors fully to the public again. We are in support of the measures being taken to curb the spread of COVID-19, but in the days since we have been restricted to Take Out orders only, our sales have decreased as much as 80% a day. Our goal is to remain open in whatever capacity we are permitted to in order to service our loyal guests, but we will not be able to sustain operations for very long with our current sales numbers. Our reserves can get us through a couple of weeks, but with the uncertainty of what actions will be taken by local and federal governments we are just not sure. We are asking for 20K to allow us to keep our doors open for take out if permitted or reopen our doors if we are forced to temporarily halt operations. Thank you so much from all of us for your support. We are so appreciative of the support we have already received from our regulars and community. We Got This Carmel - COVID-19 Relief Fund We hope that your radio station can help spread the word that we remain open for to go orders, you can purchase gift cards to support us or you can donate to either of these pages to support us and our staff. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to help us keep our doors open to continue to serve our community once life returns back to normal.
By: Lisa Marshall on March 24, 2020

WSND 88.9
You arent alone fellahs...listening and drawing...thanks for putting it out tonight!
By: BIZZWORTH on March 24, 2020

WPRR 90.1
Disgusting radio station filled with religious bigotry would not recommend!
By: Dustin Skaggs on March 23, 2020

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