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K-Love 92.1 (WKHL)
92.1 K. Love you Harrisburg I haven’t had any music no reception no anything for two days thought I should let you know you’re not on anymore. Yes it’s right out sometimes towers shoes.
By: Kathleen on August 29, 2023

101 Thunder Country (KEKA)
In listening to the Giant’s games yesterday and today the sound has consistently cut out during the innings. Is this a local problem or is it originating in San Francisco? P. S. Thanks so much for broadcasting these games.
By: Pam on August 28, 2023

KNHT 102.5
OhMyGoodness! KNHT classic music station is working without pops and drops tonight !! I sent in a complaint to SOU a while ago complaining every I visited Arcata in recent months (year or more) that 102.5 FM radio was annoying to listen to because of pops and drops from its amplifier and transmitter. I recently noticed SOU's talk channels also suffered from similar pops and drops. I'll check those out soon. I'd like to think my humble email message to SOU (finally sent it) helped. Just at this moment I'm listening to Wagner Tubas playing in Parsifal, 8:05p 8/26/23. As a tuba player, this is an especially auspicious moment :) PS: just bought a house in McKinleyville :)
By: fred on August 27, 2023

KOST 103.5 FM
By: Nicholas on August 27, 2023

102.7 WXBM
Can you guys please start playing “Rich Men North of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony? It’s a great song!
By: Stephanie on August 26, 2023

WTHP 94.3
Is Mike Opelka on the air Saturday night, 8/26? I thought I heard he was exempted due to a game? Thank you. We enjoy Mike's commentary and make a point to listen.
By: Jane on August 25, 2023

WOEZ 93.7
Are you going to play the rain and thunder again at night? We miss it.
By: Jason on August 25, 2023

WEVR 106.3
I've listened to you for quite a few years, but I've about had it with your cutting songs off before the ending! It's very annoying! Please let the song play to the end!
By: Joan S on August 24, 2023

107.5 Tri State Gospel (WIOK)
Looking for the name of a song that was played between 6:40 pm and 7 p.m. Wednesday 8/23/23. Some of the chorus is "she's/he's something to die for..... not even death can keep us apart"
By: Keisha on August 24, 2023

100.3 The Bull (KILT)
Please play Lou Ridley.I love her songs.She is from Houston and I think are city should be very proud to have such talent.Please please please and thank you.
By: Lynda on August 23, 2023

WATS 960
Please sell the station! Someone who knows how to operate a radio station needs to own wats/wavr. Dead air time is the Bain of radio, and you have it by the hour on AM960. Several times a day I try to listen to AM 960 and I hear nothing but silence. So please sell the station to someone owners who know what they are doing. I wonder if the FCC needs to be involved? Thank you Kevin
By: Kevin on August 22, 2023

KMPN 95.9
How do I listen to your radio station on my iPhone or on my computer?
By: Wayne on August 22, 2023

WLWR 107.7
In reply to the Anonymous comment on November 30, 2018: Does conservative equal disrespectful? If so, then you are out-of-line. Read the US Constitution and 1st Amendment and learn that we have a right to free speech.
By: Anonymous on August 21, 2023

Talk Radio 1210 (WPHT)
By: Christine on August 21, 2023

WOAM 1350
Just found this station by accident this weekend. Wow! Love the music
By: KIMBERLY on August 20, 2023

WQKO 91.9
Tuned in when going through radio station at about 10 pm,. August 19th, 2023. It was really nice to listen to the Bible.
By: Simon on August 20, 2023

KKJL 1400
WHY DOES this station keep dropping Giants baseball in the 7th inning of the broadcast??????? This absolutely INFURIATING! And when you're not abruptly cutting the feed, you're playing ads on top of each other. I HATE IT!!
By: debbi on August 20, 2023

KAHM 102.1
Your music keeps us sane in this insane world. Even the high school kids like listening to KAHM on my husband's bus. They ask him what station it is, and tell him that's it's really cool music. How do I get the play list on my phone?
By: Jerry and Darlene on August 20, 2023

News Radio WHAM 1180
Can't listen to WHAM 1180 anymore because there are more commercials than news content! Ridiculous!
By: Len on August 19, 2023

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
been listening to your station for about a year now love it, but where can i get my hands on some of your merchandise ?
By: kennan on August 19, 2023

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