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KOTY 95.7
Station has been off the air for years.
By: Government Mule on July 5, 2018

WAVV 101.1
I always had your station when I was in Collier county and listened regularly online. Apparently the station pod cast has been off line for some time. Will we ever be able to listen on line again ? .. Great station Robert Cruz
By: Robert Cruz on July 4, 2018

WNLB 97.7
Your station 97.7 is "awesome" I was at TAS Electronics, on McCord Rd and I inquired about the music setup there. They told me it was 97.7 out of Springfield High School. I downloaded it to my Smart phone. Thanks for bringing back so many memories, thus opening a "window" on my life that has been closed for decades. OJ Ivey Jr.
By: OJ Ivey on July 4, 2018

KTBG 90.9
If this is a public radio station how do I set up for airtime, is there training?
By: Josephine Kreuger on July 4, 2018

KUVO 89.3
Why does A.Gomez sound like he has crap in his mouth? He talks too much, and I hate his stupid taglines.
By: Will Jackson on July 4, 2018

KWYK 94.9
You cannot understand announcer nothing but static
By: Anonymous on July 4, 2018

WLLT 107.7
Great station for the 60's, 70's, and 80's. You've got a following in the Fulton and Clinton area but since the move to 94.3 we cant hear the station very well. Nice while it lasted.
By: Rich Johannsen on July 3, 2018

WAFN 92.7
Spanish language stepping on 92.7 se Huntsville around John Hunt Park; 7/3 6:15
By: Michael Polemeni on July 3, 2018

KCER 105.9
This station is currently not working
By: Anonymous on July 3, 2018

KKHR 106.3
This station is currently not working and is unavailable
By: Anonymous on July 3, 2018

WPPN 106.7
Hola buenas tardes estuve manejando mientras escuchaba el programa de La Chula y La Bestia. No pude llamar al momento que pedían llamadores. Pero quiero decirles que si Despedida de Solteras inocentes si se puede hacer todo está en la oraganizacion.
By: Lisa Zavala on July 3, 2018

KJAQ 96.5
I commuted for years in and out of Seattle from Tacoma. I'll echo the previous comment above. Spent extra $$ on HD Radio just to continute to get the BOOM, and am sorely disappointed with 96.5-2 BOOM replacement as well as sister station KZOK-2 simultaneous replacement programming. Have removed both from FM memory stops on the machine. The 94.1 (new) station format is a weak attempt to replace that great programming we once had.
By: PeterB on July 3, 2018

WRIA 94.7
There was a lady on this morning between 8:15am and 8:35am, I think. She gave a short inspirational message, about "getting free from bondage" and "walking in the truth of God's word". Do you have her name or ministry contact number. I have recently started listening your station during my morning commute to work, and it has been a blessing. God bless you!
By: Tony Beard on July 3, 2018

KLDB 99.1
Great station. Dublab (KDLB) is highly regarded in the online radio world and a welcome addition 'on the dial' at 99.1 FM in L.A.
By: Ken Castor on July 3, 2018

WCMC 99.9
No matter where you're at in Fayetteville this station does not come in clear it bleeds with another station.
By: David Young Sr. on July 3, 2018

WAKX 98.7
Good morning my name is Matthew I am the Vice President of Public Relations for Toastmasters in Palm Coast. We are having a beach bash theme meeting and we would like to invite the public. We are a non profit organization. Our goal is to build professionals in the community. We always have fun at our meetings. There are many opportunities to improve your speaking, communication and facilitation skills. If you want to get out on the town and do something different this is your opportunity. I've heard so many times there is nothing to do in this town and that's not true. There are plenty of exciting events in this wonderful amazing town. Palm Coast is truly the hidden gem of Florida. The date of our event is August 13 the theme is beach bash. Our location is the Government Services Building on Rt. 100. The building with the green dome. The meeting will be held on the third floor to the left.
By: Matthew Moss on July 3, 2018

WRBS 95.1
How can i advertise my event on your radio station. It is a Master class preparing single women for marriage. To declare war on divorce, one must learn as early as possible how to become the wife God as called women to be.
By: Lydia Rugh on July 3, 2018

KAWC 1320
Are you in the "I Heart Radio" group? I listen to 90.1 here in Prescott, but would like to listen to your programming while hunting away from Prescott.
By: durabo on July 3, 2018

KWUL 101.7
What song played around 9:08 pm July 2nd. Female singer? Love your station!
By: Tracie on July 3, 2018

KRAD 94.9
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03.15.18 5TH Annual B-17 Alliance Fly-In Fundraiser Aug 3-4, 2018 With your help the “Lacey Lady” will fly again! 501 C3 non-profit corporation ID# 20-3507294 (All donations are tax deductible) All are invited to attend the B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser August 3 & 4, 2013 9am-6pm at historic McNary Field in Salem, Oregon. Join the B-17 Alliance for WWII Aircraft, Vintage Aircraft, Military & Aviation Swap Meet, WWII Living History Encampment, Military Vehicles, Aviation Themed Rat Rods from the famous Gary Fisher located in Hood River, Oregon & plenty of eats and drinks! Friday August 3, 2018 also hosts a Fabulous 40’s Hangar Dance & Party (5:30pm-8:30pm) *Gate admission applies* Erickson Aircraft Collection’s WWII P-40e Kittyhawk & SBD Dauntless to headline the 5th Annual! B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser August 3-4, 2018. (formerly known as “Warbirds Over the West”) The B-17 Alliance Foundation is very excited to announce that the Madras, Oregon based Erickson Aircraft Collections’ WWII P-40e Kittyhawk and SBD Dauntless will headline the 5th Annual B-17 Alliance Foundation Fly-In Fundraiser. The Erickson Aircraft Collection (formerly located at the historic Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, Oregon) based in Madras, Oregon displays a vintage WWII aircraft collection started by Jack Erickson in 1983. The collection features over twenty plus warbirds, most of which are still in flying condition. **Flying schedules will be published prior to the Annual Fly-In.** Also featured at the 5th Annual Fly-In will be Ragwood Refactory owner Kyle Bushman’s 1943 Navy N3N “Old Glory” & Bryan Harper’s 1943 T-6 Texan Aircraft (Harper Family Farms). Selected in 2017 from over 800 rally applicants Kyle and Bryan are among the rare pilots of the 15 competing rally teams in the Vintage Air Rally Race Ushuala2USA scheduled for November 2018 spanning South America. 15 Teams, 44 days, 9200 miles – 44 days, 9200 miles – the Rally is on! The Fly-In will be the last public viewing of “Old Glory” prior to departing to South America in mid-August 2018. The B-17 Alliance Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the people of WWII, all our veterans and the restoration of the “Lacy Lady”, a B-17G Flying Fortress that served as a service canopy in Milwaukee, Oregon for over 67 years. The “Lacey Lady” is now undergoing full restoration to flying condition at the Alliance’s Museum & Restoration hangar in Salem, Oregon. To read more about the B-17 Alliance Foundation you can visit or follow us on Facebook. Facebook: B-17 Alliance Foundation Bryan Heim – 503.709.5330 Terry Scott – 503.654.6491 B-17 Alliance Foundation B-17 Alliance Foundation Annual Fly-In Coordinator Executive Director Professional Photographer B-17 Alliance Headquarters B-17 Alliance Museum & Restoration Hangar 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd. 3278 25th Street SE Milwaukee, Oregon 97222 Salem, OR 97302 503.654.6491 971.803.2428
By: Larry Bentley on July 3, 2018

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