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WDZK 101.7
I heard a song that Jim Anderson played on June 1, 2018 around 10:57 a.m. I don't know the artist or title but the lyrics included "open your eyes and take a look at the scenery passing you by" and "nothing's going to change until you change your mind". I tried to Shazam and Sound Hound the song with no luck. It was an older song, I would guess from the 40's - 60's with kind of a country swing sound. I would appreciate it if you could identify the artist and song title. Thanks, Bob
By: Bob on July 9, 2018

KFSD 1450
Wow!! What great music. Please turn your antenna a little more toward Temecula. We love the music.
By: W.J. on July 9, 2018

KNAF 105.7
Heard a song that I want to know who signs it please. It goes like this, she makes the canyons not look so deep, but in the dark of night. Something like that. Thank.
By: Brandon Moore on July 9, 2018

WNRP 1620
The Crestview jail has been without running water for almost 10 hours. They have not been provided with bottled water. Their toilets are backed up and over flowing. Some people are unable to take their medications. Nothing is being told to the inmates.
By: Stephanie Proffitt on July 9, 2018

KUCR 88.3
Lost service Dog is running around bloomington/rialto he was my present after my son died. He is a white husky (looks like he is a sheperd) about large size and his name is snow cloud. Please if someone finds him give me a call 3234453860. He doesnt have on a collar but he is NOT a stray. He has been missing since yesterday 7am
By: Tonya Mcglothan on July 9, 2018

KBFM 104.1
can u please play BTS fake love
By: Delinda on July 9, 2018

KNAN 106.7
It's more of an announcement for the Leeward Coast Community: Saturday July 28, 2018 Emergency Preparedness Event @ Kalanianaole Beach Park (Nanakuli Park) from 8 am - 11 am. Instructional preparedness to help our community (families) survive any disaster. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Althea Watanabe 808-631-1401
By: Althea K Watanabe on July 9, 2018

KVHL 91.7
Enjoy your station very much. Seems to ba problem tonight. Repeated “Radio silence... “. Now and then you do need a live commentator for “we’re working on it!”
By: Thomas on July 9, 2018

KWTU 88.7
Why is the station off the air?
By: Raymond B. Wiman on July 9, 2018

KRNR 107.3
Great listening for those who live/eat C&W music and a greae public service to your listening area. I can't wait until the move to 100.5.
By: Steve Brodie on July 8, 2018

WCJO 97.7
So it’s sunday July 8th about 3:18 pm. Your Dj does not know what he is talking about. He just played Justin Moore and then was talking about him and played a clip of Brantley Gilbert talking not Moore. And then also talked about the new jack and Diane song that is also not a Moore song. Know your stuff if your going to be a radio Dj!!
By: Patty on July 8, 2018

WCLK 91.9
Request to play Deep Down by Katie Veltri
By: Katie Veltri on July 8, 2018

WSRX 107.9
Play more Katie Henry band!
By: Rob Sharkey on July 8, 2018

WZCO 89.9
Thanks for your hard work. Girlfriend & I drive from Roseboro to Cherry Grove quite often. I pick you up in Ammon & don't lose you until Longs. Always a pleasure to tune you in.
By: Rob on July 8, 2018

KFMC 106.5
I am getting tired of listening to the Tiny Kangaroo song. It's been playing over and over again since at least Saturday afternoon with no break for anything else. Are you really changing your format? If you are, I'll be changing my radio station.
By: Jeff on July 8, 2018

KZSR 107.9
How does one get a spot on the rotation of DJs? Thanks
By: Shane of the Tetons on July 8, 2018

WDXM 98.9
Thank You Ray and Rock a couple weeks back I requested the song Hot Rod Lincoln and responded saying you had it in the lineup and that You did. I believe it was 5:20 today Saturday July 7th as I was working in my garage listening to WDXM and you played hot rod Lincoln. thanks Again.
By: gerald bowser on July 8, 2018

KQUI 100.3
Ivy and Teddy outsold!
By: Daniel on July 8, 2018

KGUD 90.7
Greatly enjoy your recent broadcast of music ( some old favorites and some newer but excellent as well ) employing SYNTHESIZER. I am a fan of quality electronic music, and this is a little taste of it! It is often thought of as "mood music". Thank you.
By: John on July 8, 2018

WEGW 107.5
Been into radio (literally!) since I was a kid...Former two way/satcom tech, ham radio call N3KEX. Cleaning up my station and consistently receive your signal (S8) on my Icom R9000. Antenna is a discobe at 20 feet AGL, 1/4 inch hardline run to my Stridesberg Engineering Active multicoupler. With the preamp off, still a solid clean signal, although a S1. Excellent waves! Pittsburgh stations blow so my station is WEGL, The Rock of Wheeling! ed
By: Ed Hutton on July 8, 2018

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