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WFSP 107.7
Someone made an error on 6-6-19 around 9am while playing America by Neil Diamond & saying he was from Canada. He was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Thank you very much!! Love the station!!
By: Steve on June 6, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
"under the supervision of General Manager Chuck Hammond"... Are you seeing all these entries,Chuck?...Are you listening??? Tell your iHeart buddies to change this station back... You are loosing listeners by the truck-full!
By: Dar on June 6, 2019

560 WVOC
With the new program schedule ( no mark levin and suffering thru sell out Glenn Beck) you should have a more challenging task ahead to sell advertisements. It's hard to sell ad space when no one is listening anymore. What were you thinking? The sports shoe at 6pm is terrible. That's what you replace the mark levin show with, seriously! I hope ad revenue falls so far down you will be forced to return to levin and dump Beck. I hope this is just local stupidity and not dictate from tptb.
By: Chip on June 5, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
Where did the progressive programs go? I can't stand the lame replacements and so don't listen to KABQ any more. Shame on you!! I hope you'll be sorry, and fired.
By: Elaine on June 5, 2019

WCSU 88.9
Columbus, Ohio Record, CD & Music Memorabilia Show: The next show is on Saturday June 15 from 10 am to 4 pm at our new location The Eagles Club-3800 Westerville Rd-Columbus, Ohio. Over 100 dealers tables with anything related to music. Of course vinyl will be king, but you may find cd's, dvd's, posters, record players, Beatle Dolls, Kiss Dolls, sheet music and who knows what! See you there! Bring several empty bags and some friends! Admission is $5.00 and parking is free. The other 2019 show dates are: August 24 & Nov 2. Thanks to all for your support of our show since 1978! BE BLESSED ALWAYS & KEEP ON LISTENING ! Colleen & Gus Here is a map of the new location!…/fraternal-order-of-eagles-5612313
By: Colleen Sariotis on June 5, 2019

News 92.3 KTAR
I was listening to your radio station last night around 1pm and you were discussing a mortgage company to use if you have a poor FICA score. What is the name of the company?
By: Joseph Scarnato on June 5, 2019

Recorded in Branson????? JW Jackson I heard this in Kansas City
By: Jim Schmig on June 5, 2019

KXIQ 105.1
Just discovered this station today. A diverse genre of music; not bad. I’m sure to save it on my radio.
By: Mike on June 5, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
No more light in ABQ now that progressive talk is gone. The format change to ridiculous podcast-pablum is perfect for the clueless drug-addled misfits in this ever-increasing violent and low-life town. I recently saw a young hippie couple with a dog hitching at the Tramway Eastbound Exit on I40 holding a sign that read: "Help! Need a ride back east to sanity. Have gas money. Just need wheels. Help us get out of this godforsaken city and state!" I'm right behind you guys...
By: John on June 5, 2019

Family Radio 88.9 (KQFE)
Do you have a community board that we can announce our Bible School at the end of July?
By: Jessie Richmond on June 5, 2019

KDUV FM 88.9
I was listening to your station & u prayed a prayer to test the Lord with finances & claimed answer to prayer of a house, new car ? Why? Where did u get that scripture tells us to test the Lord with our finances? Scriptures tells us to not put our Lord God to the test! Claiming financial or material processions is mis-leading & mis-represents scripture to be content in the Lord in all situations
By: Lori on June 5, 2019

WRYN 89.1
Hello, ​ I am a Hiring Manager with Club Demonstration Services (CDS) assigned to the new Costco warehouse in Mooresville, NC that will open near the end of June. CDS performs all the in-house product demonstrations for all Costco stores throughout the USA. We will hire up to 80 part-time associates to conduct product demonstrations daily inside the new Costco site in Mooresville. Hourly pay rates start at $12.65 with potential for future growth and incentives. Next week, we will hold a Job Fair to interview and hire residents to fill these jobs. We seek energetic, outgoing, social and assertive individuals to join our team. The Job Fair will be at: Hilton Garden Inn Statesville 1017 Gateway Crossing Drive Statesville, NC 28677 I-77, Exit 49B June 10th through June 14th – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily We are contacting a variety of local public service organizations to spread the word on our job fair via social media and/or public bulletin boards to make residents aware of our hiring event. I thought I would send you an inquiry to see if there is a Public Notice facility or electronic bulletin board at your station which could help us offer employment to area residents. Any exposure that you are willing to offer for our event would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, TEAM CDS
By: Anonymous on June 5, 2019

KMDY 90.9
Could you share our event on your Community Calendar? Celebrate America! w/ The Lesters & The Chosen Ones- Meal & Concert, July 1st at 6 pm at Quality Inn & Suites, 201 S, 3rd St., Quincy, IL Tickets $25 Available at WTJR TV Studio, 222 N 6th St, Quincy, IL 62301 Call (217)228-1616 for more information.
By: Karen White on June 5, 2019

WRRV 92.7
On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 2019 At 10:45 AM ( this morning ) , there was a HARD ROCK song played on the air. Could not make out the lyrics. Heavy guitar. Can you tell me the name please ? Thanks so much. Lisa
By: Lisa on June 5, 2019

Blazin 92.3 (WLZN)
DRY CONDITIONS = FIRE DANGER Hot weather and little to no rain means that the forest is dry, creating higher fire danger and the increasing risk of unwanted wildfire. Please stay alert and be safe in the woods, especially with campfires. A burn ban that prohibits debris burning is in effect for most Georgia counties. Most wildfires are caused by humans, from escaped campfires or escaped burning of leaves and wood debris. Help Smokey Bear celebrate his 75th birthday by following his only wish – Only You Can Prevent Wildfire! Follow the U.S. Forest Service – Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests on social media for the most recent updates. @ChattOconeeNF Smokey Will be at the Shady Dale Rodeo! Come Wish him a Happy Birthday
By: Liz Caldwell on June 5, 2019

95.1 ZZO (WZZO)
Get rid of Rover morning glory on wzzo I never tune in to zzo at anytime during the day I am now 99.9 the hawk
By: Dave tworkowsky on June 5, 2019

95.7 The Spot (KKHH)
I would like to make a song request : American Idol winner Maddie Pope 's new song Made you Miss and Not Losing YOU It's great Her whole album WHIRLWIND is a great album love her music and she a great artist.
By: Gerri on June 5, 2019

Hot 93.3 (KLIF)
Move over Lil Nas X here comes Blanco Brown - "The Git Up" . This song is definitely will be a #1 hit on the Country/ rap charts.
By: Mike H on June 5, 2019

AM1350 (KABQ)
Geez! 1350 sucks now. I hope whoever thought this programming is a good idea is parking cars somewhere, 'cause radio programming sure ain't your thing Buddy. 1350? Deleted. I might check back when you realise what a dumass move that was. The GOOD NEWS? TuneIn app has Stephanie Miller from 10am. search for CRN 4., she plays back the 3 hour morning's show. Also there's always Progressive Voices and Free Speech TV on ROKU.
By: Jose' on June 5, 2019

KDOA 101.5
Did I just hear Squirrel give the station call sign? It would be great to get the Friday nite show back again, but I hope the current format doesn't get sacrificed on this station. Long live the mighty. KDOA!
By: Jimbo from Bingen on June 5, 2019

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