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KWUL 101.7
Oh my Katie Cruze I've been wondering where you went!! I am Sheepdog was a D.D. in St Charles for 20 years along with once being a heavy metal vocalist and a roadie. I'm so glad to have moved here to elsberry mo I hope somehow I can contribute to k wulf and Katie I met your friend Cindy that does x Ray's please remember my name "Sheepdog"
By: sheepdog on September 16, 2018

KOOK 93.5
KOOK 93.5 FM is no more. The station was sold. And now the Call Letters have been changed to KYKK 93.5 FM in Junction, Texas. KYKK 93.5 FM features Agricultural News, Ag Market Updates, and Ag Weather; and they play TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC. That means they do play SAM WHISKEY. The all new KYKK 93.5 FM also plays Texas Dance Hall Radio, Texas Aggies Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball, women's Sports (etc.) and the West Texas Friday Night Football Scoreboard show. Finally a radio station Junction can really be proud of!!
By: Frank Leonard on September 16, 2018

WRVO 89.9
My 70 year old brother Ken Smith, is bicycling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. He will be arriving in Syracuse, NY today September 16. To date Ken has bicycled 3071 miles from Seaside, Oregon. He is biking to raise awareness and monies for a trust fund for his 16 year old grandson Jakob Smith, who requires 24/7 care for neurological damage. Along his bike route Ken has had a helping hand from many newspapers, radio stations local Fire Departments and local Police Departments. In Orofino, Idaho the police department gave Ken a whistles blaring, lights flashing escort into town. They even posted his story and picture on their Facebook page. In Fargo, he had a TV interview by Valley News Live that drew lots of attention and support and has been posted on YouTube under KEN SMITH RIDE FOR JAKOB. In London, Ontario he was escorted by both the London Fire Department and the London Police Department in to town and posted on the LPFFA Facebook page. His journey has been documented daily on Facebook at Ride For Jakob or Ken Smith Grand Rapids Michigan. Ken carries a letter of introduction and support from the Grand Rapids Fire Department. He is cycling the Erie Canal Trail. We thought this would be a great story for your readers. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Lois Unbehagen - Ken’s sister 727-643-2448
By: Lois Unbehagen on September 16, 2018

WLRN 91.3
Why have the radio and tv stations not reported on how the farmers are coping with the hurricane? Don't they count???
By: Dietrich on September 16, 2018

WHYY 90.9
Are there any upcoming changes to whyy fm radio schedule? I read about the ending of the garden program in the Inquirer yesterday. I had not heard about this before from any source. I don't particularly care about this program, but would like to be aware of any scheduling changes. I am a supporter of the radio and tv stations
By: Carolyn Clein on September 16, 2018

WGRU 99.1
im trying to find the gospel song sung around 949 this morning- female singer-"??????? I had never heard it before and I was blessed. that is what I like about your station not just the same songs over and over
By: peggie oliver on September 16, 2018

WXUS 102.3
Hey just heard you today and love the new combo of rock and country. I think it is a genius idea. You can reach the new kids and still appeal to the older generation who cant stand the new rock that is out there. Love it.!
By: Mary Ellen on September 15, 2018

WWNW 88.9
Listening to Titan football, your announcers SUCK. Both are AWFUL, and painful to listen to
By: Wilma Fingerdoo on September 15, 2018

WAZX 101.9
How come you keep dropping off the air? When the gravel voice advertising the restaurant in Sandy Springs come on, I change the station to WLKQ. The voice drives me nuts. What in the world is Quigley Color?
By: Alan on September 15, 2018

KFKA 1310
I am in Castle Rock, and would love to listen to your occasional sports/games - but have no reception here. Have those games moved to a station that is closer to Denver.
By: Vera Knoll on September 15, 2018

WACG 90.7
Need a interview about my music
By: Deandre sosa on September 15, 2018

KHWL 98.7
What happened to this station? The web site said they are gone.
By: Robert on September 15, 2018

KRZX 106.1
Best station in 40 years. I grew up with those bands and music. Please come back online. If you need help I’m willing.
By: Vga on September 15, 2018

KWUL 101.7
I'd be more than happy to chip in for the billboard that puts KSHT outa business.
By: Paul on September 15, 2018

KQLH 92.5
This is a great station!! And Rick Deez!! Love it
By: Lorianne on September 15, 2018

KWUL 101.7
I love how KSHE acts like they own classic songs that they don't even play. GO K-WOLF!
By: Paul on September 15, 2018

WMEY 88.1
George T Files Brunswick American Legion Post 20 will be conducting the "Empty Chair Ceremony" on the Downtown Mall in observance of National POW/MIA Day - Friday, September 21st at 11AM. This day is to ensure that America remembers its responsibility to stand behind those who serve and do all possible to account for those who never returned. Post 20 will also present Blue Star Flags to three Blue Star families - those who have someone in the Armed Forces serving our country during war or hostilities in which we are engaged.
By: Nancy Hory on September 14, 2018

WMXA 96.7
Is christian music played on Saturday mornings or just weekdays?
By: F Lynn on September 14, 2018

KAKA 88.5
My husband and I caught this station while we were on the way through Kansas. We heard a show by Brian on 88.5 around 1:30pm. It was very informative. We appreciated the good, level-headed advice. I had to look up the station because I’d be interested in listening in the future on the web when we are back home! It’s hard to get solid news with the media the way it is these days. Brian’s show had sources that would definitely be considered reliable by anyone in America. Thanks, American Family Radio for being honest in your research and journalism. It’s quite refreshing.
By: Bec on September 14, 2018

KGIC 105.5
Check me out
By: Giovanni Mays on September 14, 2018

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