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KISS 107.1 (WKFS)
you guys are turning into the Olivia Rodrigo channel. Enough already!
By: lonnie on September 28, 2021

WIQH 88.3
I listen to 88.3 but it never has commercials, call letters or talking of any kind. It plays blues, and what sounds like Grateful Dead jam music but I have no idea who most of the artists are. Just who the hell am I listening to- there are 4 stations with the same dial number. Thank you.
By: Mike on September 27, 2021

King of Kings Radio 94.9 (WGNH)
Are you currently off air? I'm in the Wheelersburg Ohio area.
By: Danny on September 27, 2021

WIDT 99.9
Sunday, 9/26/21, I was in the car and heard part of a broadcast, apparently by a preacher, between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. Is it possible to get the name of that preacher? It was an unusually excellent dispensational focus, which is not easy to find. Thank you for your attention to my query. Jac
By: Jacquelyn on September 27, 2021

WATX 1220
The music is great when I can hear it. We live in West Haven and sometimes it comes in loud and clear and other times lots of static and can't hear the music. We used to listen to QUAN in Hamden before it went out of business. Loved the music. So happy a new person took over and is still playing the oldies. I hope some adjustments can be made for me to hear the songs. Thank you.
By: IRIS on September 27, 2021

WRKA 103.9
I love the new changes we have enough country stations it's time to put more soul on the radio I love R&B music old school and new school only change I like to see is to this radio station mix some pop music with the R&B music like some BTSwith Charlie Wilson and some old pop R&B hits like back street boys to color me bad. R&B / Pop music please
By: Quincy on September 27, 2021

WJSA 96.3
Neat station. Really enjoy the Saturday nite line up with the Blue Grass gospel ECT ect. Was brought up on country music. Dad on the fiddle and mo mom on mandolin. Am 80 plus now and still like it. Hi Hi Check most of the program I heard were darn good. Thank You you HERB
By: Herb on September 26, 2021

600 WREC
Just read through this whole list of comments. First, now I know why I can't find my regular programs. I thought I was going deaf when I could only get 2 hours of Beck. His most important comments were in the 3rd hour. The comments of the very few haters of Andrew Clark Sr. are definitely the cancel culture idiots. I am a Conservative and I didn't always agree with Andrew, but always found him fair and not dug in to all of his thoughts. I respected him. When I was only getting your new replacements I thought I was having problems finding your station......when I was listening I thought I had got a station of uninformed idiots. Collierville area has the worst reception on any programs. Same with telephone service. AT&T is the worse. Keep reporting them to the FCC and they do nothing. Tried of getting horrible telephone service...but they still keep charging me for what I don't get. When I was growing up here in Memphis...they had the most loyal radio audiences. I left when I was 27 after marrying a Marine. I came back when I was 72 to try to get the killers of my and Dad them put in prison...Still working on it. The radio in the back ground was always calming. Reception is terrible now. And the switching of great radio personalities to morons with no talent....has ruined it. Once the Left gets their dirty paws into any area.....TV, Radio, is no longer enjoyable. I am lucky that I started a library of movies and series on DVDs years ago. I saw into the future that good films and programs would be gone by now. I have over 300 collections. It is comforting to have decent movies and series compared to what is out there now. I enjoy the weekend pastors on the radio. If that is ever gone. I won't need a radio anymore. just turned on Andrew for the first time in weeks.....there is some horrible, obnoxious woman who has been added to his show. So long, Andrew. I will miss you. Instead I will switch to playing albums in the background.
By: Carol A on September 25, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
I also cannot get a signal now in The Villages. What is wrong? Bob Rose show is the best morning show in the USA.
By: Art on September 25, 2021

WXJK 101.3
LOVE your station. You played a song today around 4 pm I've never heard before and am trying to find who does it? Any playlist available? That would be great!
By: Paul on September 25, 2021

WNNC 1230
Who the radio announcers Friday September 24th at Bunker Hill High School for the Bunker Hill West Caldwell game what are their names
By: Scotty on September 25, 2021

97.5 Now FM (WJIM)
Just want to say how refreshing and encouraging it was to hear the deejay who was on at 9 p.m. She was awesome. Loved her message to us to not drink and drive. She did it with tact. Absolutely LOVED what she had to say on the topic of cancel culture. God indeed is the only one who can cancel me or any of us. Much appreciated. Thank you.
By: Keith on September 25, 2021

KFAQ 1170
All sports, I can no longer listen to Coast to Coast AM, Mark Levin, and other conservatives,,,,,That's all we needed was ANOTHER SPORTS CHANNEL STATION ON RADIO>>>>NOT!!
By: Jim Ray on September 24, 2021

WOOG 92.7
Fantastic station! Plays real country music, not pop garbage! Where else can one hear Grayson and Whitter or the Morris Brothers! Bill Monroe too!
By: Mark on September 24, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Here I am filling up my truck with gas at the QT gas station in Lake St. Louis last night (Sept. 23rd) at 10:40pm and this song comes on KWULF that I'd never heard before. It absolutely blew me away. Sending chills down my spine for God's sake! I never heard it before and credit KWULF for playing - it since it might be a little to "gritty", or not quite "PC" for the mainstream radio stations in the St. Louis area to play; KSHE included. The lyrics were about a U.S. mercenary soldier fighting overseas and included the lyrics "One round always loaded in the chamber" and how he's "fighting to relieve some of his anger". I'd like to find out the name of the song and who sings it. The lyrics and the song were incredible and really reinforced how sad it was to lose a young local Marine from Wentzville, MO (Lance Corporal Jared Schmidtz) on Aug. 26th. Thanks to Uncle Joe's half-assed withdrawal plan from Afghanistan, 13 U.S. service men & women were killed in the Kabul airport suicide bombing by Taliban terrorists. Semper Fi to KWULF and all of the heroic Marines and troops that lost their lives fighting for freedom around the world!
By: Uncin' Al from New Melle on September 24, 2021

KBVA 106.5
You used to play “Amazing Grace” (instrumental) by Pete Fountain on Sunday mornings. Can you tell me the name of the CD this is on?
By: Dee on September 24, 2021

KBVA 106.5
Why aren’t you playing Christian music on Sunday mornings anymore?
By: Dee on September 24, 2021

KVAN 91.7
Interesting artist at 4:00-5:00 hour Thursday the 23rd September, progressive jazz/rock/folk, lots of flute. Quavery vocals but the instrumentals and lyric qualities make up for it. Enjoyable, I might want to hear more, problem is, who is the artist?
By: bob on September 24, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
I also cannot get a signal now in Dunnellon. It has been three days. What is wrong?? I find the Dana show( when i can hear it) annoying and wish you all would recognize that Bongino would be very popular once you fix the signal issue.
By: Jerry on September 23, 2021

WNDZ 750
You have a very talented music programmer! I run across songs on your station that I hear nowhere else. It would be great if you would post the songs you play on a daily play list. Please pat your programmer on the back! Keep the tunes coming, - Mike N.
By: mike on September 23, 2021

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