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WRDO 96.9
Please play more 80s and up music not so much hippie disco stuff.
By: Fred on September 20, 2023

WKCI 970
What is wrong with the radio transmission. You can't understand anything being said
By: Gayle K on September 19, 2023

WPJB 93.3
We're back on. Check us out at 93.3 FM Selma or on the internet.
By: Dan Presley on September 17, 2023

News Radio 101 KXL
I miss Dave Ross in the morning. He was entertaining, funny and made me smile. Bring him back and dump Lars and his morning b*tch-a-thon. Nobody benefits from starting the day on a negative note.
By: Dave on September 17, 2023

Big Country 103.9 (KBGZ)
This use to be a good radio station but it’s not now. To much talking! Very disappointed! Wish there were better music!!
By: Debbie on September 17, 2023

KWKH 1130
I worked at KWKH and KROK in the early to mid 1970s. I wrote advertisements, mostly but had on air shifts on Monday overnight and weekends on AM and the 6AM shift on FM Rock and Roll.. it was aitomated. I did not have to be there. It was an impressive setup. The engineers were tops. It was mostly country, then. We had a single caller complain about the mega hit Kids home by Paul Simon and we're forbidden to play it. Minority rule!
By: Mike Morrow on September 16, 2023

Super Talk 1340 (KRMD)
I worked at KRMD in the early 79s when it was still in and on top of the old Jefferson Hotel. The antenna was on the roof and the ground radials were there, too. While I was there, they extended the radials on the south side. 1kilowatt days, and 250 watts night time. They could here us for several blocks away! I was making almost $2/hour.
By: Mike Morrow on September 16, 2023

WTBH 91.5
Have been listening to your station and I like it. Skies kuding up and when you do the weather update, the music in the background drowns out the forecast. Music is good but not when it overrides other programming.
By: Steve on September 15, 2023

WEXT 97.7
Make it easier to listen
By: Mark on September 14, 2023

KYAK 930
Looking for the program that played at 430-5 am pst september13
By: Huston on September 13, 2023

WDLJ 97.5
When are you going to increase your signal strength. Live in collinsville. Can only recieve signal on a good night. So sick a d tired of K-SHE. Really looking for a better alternative.
By: J on September 13, 2023

KPQ 102.1
I believe a Joe Benson, I need to hear more of his humor, that Chuckle!
By: Ron on September 12, 2023

WFNB 92.7
Would you please air Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino on one of your stations.
By: Steve on September 12, 2023

KPRP 99.1
Good music . Funky soulful groove .I live in West Slope and can only get your signal when there is an east wind .
By: Bruce on September 11, 2023

KLVV 88.7
Heard your station in Denver on my rental car radio . Loved the selection of oldies How can I listen to your station at home in Michigan?
By: elaine on September 11, 2023

KXO 107.5
Haven't hear this station from a long time. Until yesterday. I remember a long time ago that you guys had both KXO FM and AM also, I don't know if you still do, but you guys are still sounding great πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
By: farid on September 11, 2023

K-Love 105.3 (WLVE)
I have listened to this station 105.3 since b/4 ,2015.! Today it's not coming in! Has something happened? I'm elderly and love in Racine ,Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Please let me know. This station is very important to me as I don't have a TV and only have my cell phone. Thank you. God bless.
By: Vivian on September 11, 2023

WWSA 96.9
WWSA Radio is an asset to the St Albans/Nitro community. They don't currently stream on line, which is a shame. They deserve your support if you live in the local area, whether it be direct donations (like you would to a PBS station) or by mentioning the station when you shop at the underwriters businesses.
By: Paul on September 10, 2023

WPJB 93.3
The transmitter died on me again. Intend to fix it for good or get something else altogether. If anyone reading can help me get a spare LPFM certified type transmitter, that'll work and not break down on me, all the time, let me know. It doesn't have to be fancy. It can be an old workhorse type and I'll be satisfied.
By: Dan Presley on September 10, 2023

WDPJ 93.5
We are a Christian Spanish radio spreading the gospel. We also speak English spreading the lords words to everyone. God bless.
By: Betzua on September 9, 2023

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