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News Talk 940 (WMAC)
Why is it strait static?
By: Anonymous on December 16, 2021

WSRX 107.9
I heard a song called "you got the best part if me" ( I think that was the title). It was okayed on Tuesday, December 14 around 1:30 pm. Can you tell me the song title and artist? Great music ..keep it coming!
By: Christine on December 16, 2021

News Talk 940 (WMAC)
what the heck is going on? Every day this week I hear nothing but static on this station. what happen, did you guys lose the rights to 940 KHz??
By: Karen on December 15, 2021

WHET 97.7
The new guy in the mornings sucks. It seems like he plays the worst songs he can find. He thinks he is so funny. His little comments I could do with out. And not to say the music he picks is bad but it is not the best. He makes it hard to keep your station tuned in.
By: robert on December 15, 2021

KSBR 88.5
Loved KBCA in Pasadena decades ago
By: gerald on December 15, 2021

101.5 WQUT
Hey WQUT please play more songs from the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s and 10s like Elvis Presley Chuck Berry The Beach Boys The Monkees ABBA Bee Gees Beastie Boys Run DMC Nirvana Limp Bizkit The White Stripes The Killers Imagine Dragons Mumford and Sons The Beatles Green Day The Who The Rolling Stones Blink 182 Led Zeppelin Yardbirds Pink Floyd Velvet Underground Judas Priest Iron Maiden Metallica Megadeth Montgomery Gentry Van Zant and everybody else please
By: Logan on December 15, 2021

92.7 Jack FM (KKCH)
Love the variety of tunes.
By: Chris on December 15, 2021

99.1 FM Talk Radio (KKFT)
So sorry no more Seb Gorka. Did Evans broadcasting join the fake news? Going to switch my car buttons,
By: betty on December 14, 2021

K-Love 88.1 (WKEL)
I love listening to your station however, 88.1 out of Rochester, NY has not been coming in for the last few days. Today is December 14, 2021. I think it's been off for 4 or 5 days. Is there something wrong?
By: Stephen on December 14, 2021

The Buzz 104.3 (WZIN)
Are you going to broadcast anymore? I'm retired and live in San Juan. Your part of the FM "dial" has been quiet since yesterday. I miss your programming and banter. Hoping to hear you again soon. (:-{)> Jeff G.
By: Jeff on December 14, 2021

WBGR 93.7
where did elmer childress go on sunday morning? I miss his gospel hour
By: randal on December 13, 2021

WKCI 970
So sad what has become of a once-proud radio station. I worked at 970 in Waynesboro when it was WANV, "The Big No. 1", back in the late 1970s. M. Robert Rogers owned the place, 4-tower directional running 5kw (1kw-N). Playing rock & roll from 6 to midnite. Those were the days.
By: Lee on December 13, 2021

WIXZ 950
Hello, I recently learned of minister Earlene Mcshan on sunday mornings. I love her bible study. How can I get a copy of her lesson on Hell? She is currently preaching on it now. Thank you
By: Benji on December 12, 2021

1470 / 96.9 (KNXN)
I would like to know the name of the song that played at 9:54 am on Sunday . "love look what you've done to me" is a main line. Thank you.
By: Susan Eileen on December 12, 2021

107.5 Tri State Gospel (WIOK)
Do you have an actual website where we can get you physical address and possibly give online?
By: Gary on December 12, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Trying to find the name of a song and the artist for a song I've heard played on this excellent station. It's kind of a bluesy /rock song with a refrain of "I've got to stop thinking about you" I love the song but can't seem to find it in any searches, anyone know this song?
By: Ron on December 12, 2021

Seattle's BIN 850 (KHHO)
On the BIN website is a story "Black Couple With Baby Kicked Off American Airlines Flight In Charlotte", dated DECEMBER 8, 2021. I assumed this was another airline overreacting to a young child who could not wear a mask, a baby that needs to breathe more than a mask allows. In September, a young mother with an asthmatic child were kicked off another American Airlines flight, met by 3 policemen at the gate in case the asthmatic 2-year old was a Kung Fu Ninja MMA expert in disguise! In that case, the mother and child were white - skin color should not matter when airlines act like creeps! What was this "Black Couple With Baby" story about? Per the BIN article, a WHITE male said that "the couple had to get up" (these are BIN words, not a quote of the white passenger). Apparently the white man had the window seat. He might have said "Excuse me please" for all we know from BIN's reporting. The story is NOT EVEN ABOUT the white male passenger. It's about how the white female flight attendant complained to plane's captain (race unknown) which resulted in the black couple and baby being kicked off the flight. Here's the CATCH! Though no accusation is made about the white male passenger, there is a link to the "white male passenger" in the story that goes to a story from JULY in which some COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WHITE MALE punches a black man on an airplane. Different people, BIN. But in your story, a white passenger who has a window seat is ASSOCIATED with an act of violence by a completely different individual. You expect me to take your network seriously?
By: NotPleased on December 11, 2021

WPJB 93.3
Just spoke with Mr. Santa Clause (My Engineer). The transmitter and new internet access just arrived in his warehouse. Mr. Santa is putting some finishing touches on these items. Hope to have them online and in operation, by the end of next week. Excited is still the Word.
By: Dan Presley on December 11, 2021

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Love the station. I Have a few song requests to be added to the rotation if I could. KLAATU- Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft Procol Harum- A Salty Dog Loverboy- Heaven In Your Eyes Hawks- It's All Right, It's Ok Also, add more KISS and Iron Maiden. Thank you and love the station.
By: Shawn on December 11, 2021

WPJB 93.3
The new transmitter is still on the way. Had plans of getting it online this weekend but that didn't work out. Hope to have going sometime next week. My engineer is still waiting for it to come. Hope we can install it sometime next week and have it online.
By: Dan Presley on December 10, 2021

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