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News Talk 103.9 WDBT
It's appears that nothing can be done about the Ad Council and we will just have to wait for karma.
By: Your Name on August 23, 2022

102.1 The Fox (WMXT)
love this station
By: robert on August 23, 2022

95.3 WEGG Good Time Oldies
WEGG is not a gospel format, but a good time oldies from the 50's to the 80's. A very pleasant station to listen to all day long with a good mix through the day. love the mix of music and is nearby location makes it easy to hear when mobile and at home. Great Job!!
By: David on August 23, 2022

KHCL 92.5
Listening at 6:00-6:30 speaking about raising children “Christ above all”. Awesome
By: Ann on August 22, 2022

95.9 The Cloud (KKLD)
I wish you would ban that song "I'll be watching you." from your lineup. Years ago,.it was considered romantic, but now it is just a stalker's theme song. Please consider and thank you.
By: Nancy on August 22, 2022

WEMP 98.9
I am still listening online up in a village called paradise Michigan. Still better than anything else on radio or online. I know all good things come to end sometime but I hope we have many more years with this awesome radio station. Thanks again!!
By: Shannon on August 22, 2022

Fox Sports Radio 1050/101.9 (WAYS)
All of a sudden, I CAN NOT get you on 1050 AM., but can on 101.9FM
By: irving on August 18, 2022

WRSK 97.5
I have just started at WRSK. I am humbled and proud to be with such talented broadcast professionals. It was Tony Dee who showed me the ropes when we both worked together at WCTC in the mid to late 80’s. I met Dave Marthouse when it’s was my turn to show him the ropes at WCTC. I just wanted to tell you all of the wonderful people at this fabulous radio station.
By: Wayne Tropp on August 16, 2022

WILB 1060
Was scanning the am dial looking for this station, found it after adjusting the rotor on the roof antenna only to find out they don’t carry the mother Miriam program
By: Cathy on August 15, 2022

WRSK 97.5
You guys are the best time that happened to local FM radio in Sussex County in years. I used to listen to WTOC 1360 AM until they went off the air and now I found you guys. Can't believe your a college radio station sounding so professional. Please don't ever go away.Thanks for all the great music, news, weather.and community events .Way to go Sussex County Community College. Steven from Branchville, NJ
By: Steven on August 15, 2022

97.5 Cool FM (KOLW)
I wanted to say how much I liked the station, but with the recent passing of Olivia Newton John I have not heard anything from her.
By: R. on August 13, 2022

Willie 103.5 (WLYI)
How can I listen to this station? Forever radio has Froggy and it’s not as good. Missing the classics
By: Jeffrey on August 12, 2022

W243DG 96.5
This is the most hate filled radio station I’ve ever heard. They call themselves a Christian radio station but all they’ve done in the 15 minutes I’ve heard is spread misinformation. The hosts have no clue what they are talking about. First off why is a “Christian radio station” talking about politics at all? Everyone on this show has joined the trump cult and lost touch with reality. May god have mercy on your souls. I wish I could hear the conversation between you and whatever god you feel likes trump lol
By: Brett on August 12, 2022

K-Love 89.5 (KLFG)
I can no longer hear this station in Britt, IA! Is something wrong??
By: Heather on August 10, 2022

KLIL 92.1
Does anybody have a copy of the jingle package called SYNERGY for KWRG in New Roads? I've been trying to locate that version for over 20 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John
By: John on August 9, 2022

WFHG 92.9
I work alone all day, I used to listen to WFHG all day for entertainment , I can't anymore because I can't stand to listen to hugh hewitt. He is nothing but a fake personality, just like all the professional politicians today he plays to whoever he's talking to. And anybody that brags about being "from the beltway" is NO ONE I care to here from. And I'll guess many more in your listening area feel the same. (by the way clay and buck only repeat their selves again and again). My biggest critique would be what a shame it is that you don't realize what a gem you had with your LOCAL talk in the morning. I believe a "bad" local host would be much more popular than a cookie cutter national talking head. You recently had a call in poll on the time slots of two of the national shows..... I dare you to do one and ask if WE THE LISTENERS want to replace ANY of them for a LOCAL show host. I'll bet it would be so lop sided your phone would fall over. Sorry to say all I said will probably have no bearing on the "bottom line" Thanks if you read this, Chuck
By: Chuck on August 8, 2022

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Dan the Diamond Girl you are hearing is from Seals and Crofts - 2, a duo made up of Brady Seals, cousin to James “Jim” Seals, and Lua Crofts, daughter of Darrell “Dash” Crofts. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on August 8, 2022

WQHE 88.3
Was at the beach the other day, came across this station while scanning the am/fm dial, very enjoyable programming, wish signal was stronger, had to move antenna around to keep tuned in
By: Cathy on August 8, 2022

WEER 88.7
Yo this channel is Fire! Love the Soundtrack tO the summer . Keep up the good work.
By: HamptonsBoy on August 8, 2022

WQUD 107.7
What was the name of the Maggie Bell song you played Sunday night august 7th around 810 pm
By: Charles on August 8, 2022

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