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KEZX 730
I have not had reception for FS1 730 for about a week now. What happened? Is it coming back?
By: Linda on April 5, 2021

My Country 101.9 (WHUG)
This is the first day that South 62 is able to go on the radio! I would love to hear there song “Talk of The Town”
By: Taylor on April 5, 2021

WJAS 1320
Radio Rose! I love the sparkle in her voice, I love her sunny disposition, but her gushiness starts to sound forced and bogus when every guest is her "favorite" and every caller is a sweetheart, a babe, and she loves everybody--ugh. She brags about herself way too much, and her bumper music--those grating anthems of pre-teen self-empowerment--is the worst to be found anywhere in talk-radio land. But, overall, she's easier to take than woebegone Wendy shaking over the microphone in gusts of paranoia. Poor Brock. He's starting to show signs of Stockholm Syndrome.
By: occasional listener in the car on April 5, 2021

KVWM 970
I am a long time listener. I'm emailing now to ask you to carry Rush Limbaugh's successor Dan Bongino's show. An awful lot of us miss Rush and think that Bongino will be the perfect replacement. Looking forward to tuning in every day.
By: Anthony Leonardo on April 5, 2021

97.3 The Sky (WSKY)
I do hope you will carry the Dan Bongino radio show when it airs May 23. Thank You.
By: Carol A Kalmer on April 5, 2021

Air 1 89.1 (WOFM)
My dear friend Jason Lowe is battling brainstem cancer in which they are saying is inoperable. A go fund me page is started for him. He currently lives in Sevierville, TN but is trying to get home to his family in Connecticut. Please help me in letting people know about his page. We are trying so hard to reach his goal to be used towards his move, medical bills and to help with his care. gttps:// Thank you for any help with donations or sharing this link.
By: Katherine on April 5, 2021

WSWJ 104.7
Seventh-day Adventist broadcasting network
By: Welch farmer on April 5, 2021

KTBX 98.1
Best radio station I've ever heard in my 65 years of listing. Thank you! Great music, no commercials, no DJ's, perfect! My radio channel selector hasn't moved since I found KTBX.
By: Steven S on April 5, 2021

WJPR 91.7
Love the dj on this Easter Sunday, Great Job!
By: Cindi on April 4, 2021

99.7 The Bear (KKZN)
Love this 60s-70-s oldies station. But it sure isn't country anymore. The Show Low area has needed a station like this for a long time as there are a lot of boomer retirees up here who grew up with this music.
By: Rick Tannehill on April 4, 2021

Newsradio 970 WFLA
Your subtle promotion of Charlie Christ (intentional) is whacked just like you did for Sen. Bill Nelson. Bill is a white clone of Cong. Hank Johnson of GA. Hank is a token who really did say Guam would "tip over"! Yes he did! An island tipping over.
By: JB Rockwell on April 4, 2021

93.1 Jack FM (KWJK)
Killer classic rock for my Saturday work trip
By: Seth Coonis on April 3, 2021

WJAS 1320
Where’s Clyde Lewis who was on at midnight each evening on Ground Zero?
By: Lily on April 3, 2021

News Talk 940 (WMAC)
By: Anonymous on April 3, 2021

The Buzz 1270/96.1 (KBZZ)
What happened to the old oldies music?? Did it move to another channel?
By: Sherron May on April 3, 2021

KAFR 88.3
Also having trouble getting reception. I live in Cypress where it was crystal clear and I could listen to it easily down to I-10. Now it's unlistenable around the beltway or a little north, and completely gone inside the beltway. Surely that spanish channel (bless its heart) is not supposed to be broadcasting with that much power, if they are legally using that frequency at all.
By: Jonathan on April 3, 2021

Oldies 96.5 (KIKO)
This station's microwave or satellite dish is off a bit and causes the signal to drop out a bunch lately.
By: Anonymous on April 3, 2021

92.5 XTU (WXTU)
Please play Morgan Wallen songs!
By: Sheri Gordon on April 3, 2021

WKKC 89.3
Where is Smooth Steve William?
By: Anonymous on April 3, 2021

WJAS 1320
Thank you for getting rid of Glen Beck at 9. I'm not crazy about the program that's on but anything is better than listen to Beck laugh at his own bad jokes and doing stupid voices. You should have just extended Bloomdaddy to six hours. Beck is in the perfect time slot now because that's when I listen to Joe Pags. Where in the name of God can I get a full schedule? That's something I don't understand your station is on the air from midnight to six AM so why you won't post a schedule is beyond me. Thank you again for getting rid of Beck I couldn't stand that show it was only good when he had guest hosts.
By: Robert Dixon on April 3, 2021

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