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KXKR 101.7
Is there a place to find your playlist?
By: Kim on March 12, 2024

Melody 94.5 (KMLD)
Why does Melodi 94.5 continually go on and off the air ?
By: Doug on March 11, 2024

WUBZ 100.7
Please tell me the Title and artist that sang the song this morning with the lyrics "Jesus Knows". Went something like people may scorn you but Jesus knows my heart
By: Thomas on March 10, 2024

KYCT 92.7
I cant find you on the internet like all other channels i can. When will you be online? Or will you ever. I'd like to listen at home, but can't. Couldn't find a phone number for you either!
By: Lisa on March 10, 2024

Hallelujah 940 AM (WYLD)
Hello what time do know your bible comes on it was on Saturday&Sunday at 7:00 pm thank-you
By: Rebecca on March 10, 2024

94.5 XKR (WXKR)
Keep rocking you are the best classic Rock station out. Flat Out
By: Kevin on March 8, 2024

KVKL 91.1
I just got my radio fixed in 7 years. I JUST LOVE ❤️ YOUR STATION 🙏🏻😊👍🏻🥰
By: Michelle on March 7, 2024

KIRO News Talk 97.3
Done with Kiro. Done. Myself and our employees enjoyed listening to Kiro since the early 90's. No longer...
By: Business owner from Snohomish county on March 6, 2024

KSED 107.5
AZ has to have the world's worst music I'm not kidding or joking I really believe a 3 world country has more Radio station then Az ty my god it's horrible
By: Mark on March 6, 2024

Que Buena 93.3 (KQBU)
Me parece una total falta de respeto que una emisora mexicana se dedique una hora a hablar mal e insultar a los venezolanos. Yo soy venezolana, emigrante, y no puedo creer que otra nacionalidad en la misma situacion que la mia esté hablando asi de mi gente. Entiendo que no todos son buenos, como en todos lados, no todos los mexicanos son buenos, no todos los ecuatorianos son buenos, no todos los hondureños son buenos, no todos los europeos son buenos, y tambien te aclaro que no todos los americanos son buenos. Porque no te dedicas a hablar de las otras nacionalidades tambien? Eso es xenofobia. Yo me parto la espalda trabajando al igual que todos ustedes, no ando haciendo nada malo, entonces dediquense a su trabajo que es informar y entretener, no estar hablando falacias de una nacionalidad entera que ni conocen solo porque conociste a alguien q no te cayo bien o fue malo. Yo no meto a todos los mexicanos en la misma caja por haber conocido a uno que lo unico que hacia por este pais era vender perico en discotecas y echar tiros.
By: Una usuaria menos. on March 6, 2024

96.3 WROV
Why are you off the air?
By: Anonymous on March 5, 2024

WFIA 94.7
I tuned into 94.7 on Sunday and the lineup really ministered to my spirit. Between 8:30 -9 am on my way to praise practice I heard a song that didn't have the text info. I'm pretty sure the two songs before it were You've Already Won, and My God Can, and the third one really touched me in a way that Ive been determined to find it but I can't remember much about all the words, just the message it was saying and how much I related to it in this season of life. Is there a way to get the transcript or song lineup for that day and time period?
By: Cassandra on March 5, 2024

WRBR 103.9
Love this radio station
By: Big Mike on March 5, 2024

Classic Rock 98.7 (KSNM)
I live in Truth or Consequences New Mexico. Just letting you guys know that I am always listening to classic rock 98.7. I love rock music 🙏😊
By: Marilyn on March 5, 2024

WQTK 92.7
What happen to the Mark Levin radio show, I tried to listen to his show every night on your radio station.I will have to find another radio station to listen to him.
By: John on March 5, 2024

590 KQNT
What the heck is going on with the radio signal?? Come on!!
By: Eric on March 4, 2024

WFJX 910
I really appreciate the Charlie Kirk program now on in Dennis Pragers’ 3rd hour slot. Will you be putting Dennis somewhere else now?. A lot of mornings have quite a few minutes of dead air- especially weekends. Are you looking for new help?. I’m not a DJ but I’ll put the word out.
By: Teri on March 4, 2024

KMET 1490
KMET (aka: The MET) was the greatest FM Rock Station of ALL TIME! 94.7 FM ... The MET!
By: Johnnie B. Good on March 4, 2024

AM 840 K-Max (KMAX)
Why can’t you find someone to keep your programs on the air! The dead air time is disgusting!
By: Phred on March 4, 2024

KRXL 94.5
I love listening to your station. Especially the Time Warp on Sundays. My issue is the only way I can dial in is on my radio in my truck or stereo in my house. I wanted to also have the app on my phone to listen early in the am Sundays as the Time Warp show starts at 7 am Central. And since I live in an apartment I can’t fire up the radio that early. ? We’re can i download the app. Having a very hard time finding it. Thanks devoted Fan.
By: Danny on March 3, 2024

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