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WWLU 88.7
I would like to be a guess on your show im and up and coming artists from maryland
By: Toni jones on November 3, 2017

KZXK 98.9
Do you have s playlist, would like to find out name of blues song you played around 10am on 11/3/17 Thank you
By: Janet on November 3, 2017

KXTA 100.7
Do you know of a bus leaving Southern Idaho and going directly to Mexico? I heard it was advertised on a Spanish speaking radio station.
By: LeeAnn Garton on November 3, 2017

KLXI 99.5
DO you know of a bus that goes from the Treasure Vally area directly to Mexico? We heard it was advertised on a Spanish Speaking Radio station.
By: LeeAnn Garton on November 3, 2017

KTAR 92.3
Disappointed to see Darin Damme go. Have to wonder if he was fired for not reporting that Trump is a Russian agent like the rest of the host on KTAR.
By: Anonymous on November 3, 2017

WCCF 1580
Does " Papa " understand that anyone who listens to talk radio on a regular basis is eventually going to sour on him and his crap he throws against the wall ! Running the same damn commercial over and over and over has to turn people off to the point of never considering his company. That's me PAPA !
By: Richard Hopp on November 3, 2017

WVRK 102.9
I am the Executive Director of the Hughston Foundation in Columbus, GA. November 28th is Georgia Gives Day, a major fundraising day for nonprofits (128 in Columbus alone) to let the public know about their campaigns and project in an effort to find financial support. I was wondering if your station was planning on being involved in helping to get the word out for this good cause. Look forward to hearing from you. Belinda Klein 706-494-3326
By: Belinda Klein on November 3, 2017

WCGQ 107.3
November 28th is Georgia Gives Day, a major fundraising day for nonprofits (128 in Columbus alone) to let the public know about their campaigns and project in an effort to find financial support. I was wondering if your station was planning on being involved in helping to get the word out for this good cause.
By: Belinda Klein on November 3, 2017

WMJI 105.7
What time today is the Beatles Special? 4:00? My grandson is a big Beatles fan and I want to tell him to be sure and tune in. Someone else told me about it and wasn't sure of the time.
By: Kathy on November 3, 2017

WEJP 107.1
I'm interested in getting involved in your radio station. It seems to be a station that is open to progressive programming. Please let me know if you have volunteer opportunities. Thank You, Bob Medlyn
By: Robert S Medlyn on November 3, 2017

KSYF 107.5
Am I right that you have 3abn programming? I live in Cortez. What would it take to get 3abn radio here?
By: Troy Osborn on November 3, 2017

WEZV 105.9
I agree with all of the above comments. I feel you have made some huge mistakes. First, replacing Jim Morgan and secondly, not keeping your listeners informed. Jim's replacement is just not appealing and I so dislike her choice of music. Also, your Sunday morning time period is terrible. Yep, you have lost 2 more longtime, loyal listeners. Good luck trying to stay afloat as you loyal following go elsewhere. It would be nice if you tried to at least explain what happened.
By: Fran on November 3, 2017

WVLG 640
11/2 - Currently listening to Craig Collins and a little while ago he played a song by Bobby Rydell. When the record was over, he said he thought Bobby was from N. Dakota. Bobby Rydell is definitely from Philadelphia, PA, close to my hometown. I just thought he would like to know this for the future....Thank you.
By: Mary Minotto on November 3, 2017

WBWE 97.5
Greetings To All At WBWE-LP ! I have been listening with interest to your new FM station since it's inception. Since signing on, I've noticed that your music lineup has remained virtually unchanged. I'd like to recommend that perhaps at some point in time you may consider the possibility of allowing your listeners the opportunity to put together a music program of their own to air on WBWE-LP. I believe this opportunity would introduce many facets of music that remain all but unheard on any from any of the local FM broadcasters, such as blues, jazz, reggae, etc.. I speculate this opportunity would spark the interest of many local contributors thus bringing with it many new listeners and interest in your station. This is just some food for thought, please consider this a previously unexplored avenue a golden opportunity to promote the station and gain a wider audience. I further speculate that perhaps your primary target audience are listeners in and around Wilkes-Barre. I am certain that if the opportunity presents itself, you may entertain the thought of moving the transmitter to a location high atop Giant's Despair which will allow for many more potential listeners to join the audience since this location provides a commanding view of the entire valley ! Please consider these ideas as some 'constructive criticism' with the intent with which they were made, to further promote WBWE-LP and hopefully gain a much wider listenership ! I will continue to listen from my home in Nanticoke and look forward to any future changes and improvements. Warmest Regards, Mark G. Cooper Sr. Nanticoke, PA
By: Mark G. Cooper Sr. on November 2, 2017

WMXL 94.5
Where is mixed? I love it !!
By: T on November 2, 2017

KTBX 98.1
Just moved to GV. What a treat this station is ! Just played Duke Jupiter. I grew up in Rochester NY and friends with the band members. Where else would you here their music outside of western NY. Good job - you have loyal listener ! Thank you
By: Anonymous on November 2, 2017

WYFW 89.5
I turned on my radio on Wed. Nov 1 at 8:40 am and heard the end of a broadcast about the Book of Ruth and Redemption. Could you please tell me who the speaker was and how I can get onto his web site to hear the total message. Thank you
By: Judy Ferm on November 2, 2017

WVRO 105.3
Save the Date! For Immediate Release Run Fort Pierce for Charity Save the date – get in line for the 2018 Lions Second Annual Ft. Pierce Half Marathon & 5K races in beautiful Downtown Fort Pierce, Florida on Sunday, January 14th. With over 420 Half Marathon racers last year, we are looking to have many more for this fabulous run of sights, sounds and fun this year! Organized by the St. Lucie West Lions Club and Fort Pierce Lions Club, this charity race will benefit VIM/HANDS Clinic of Fort Pierce, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Committee and this year we are adding Mustard Seed Ministries. One hundred percent of the monies raised through the race sponsorships and donations are used to help the local communities. Last year’s race successfully raised over $21,000 to help in the community, and we are hoping to raise and help even more in 2018. For registration and/or sponsorship, our event website is and our list of supporters and registered runners keeps growing, so get in line with us and Run Fort Pierce! For more information, contact: Cheryl L. Nolte, or TEXT (772) 468-0123
By: Cheryl Nolte on November 2, 2017

WGCF 89.3
NEWS RELEASE MASSAC COUNTY DRUG AWARENESS COALITION is taking its first step to battle the Opioid epidemic in Massac County on November 7th at the Courthouse Annex in Metropolis (101 West 8th, Metropolis, IL – the old Banterra Bldg.). [METROPOLIS, IL] – On Tuesday, November 7, doors will open at 6 p.m., with presentations beginning at 6:15 p.m. Join the Massac County Drug Awareness Coalition, also known as, MCDAC, as the community is briefed on MCDAC’s mission and goals, and statistics from the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS). Then, at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Patrick Withrow, Director of Outreach, Baptist Health Paducah, will present - Opioid Addiction, followed by Q & A session. At 7:30, April Scales, with Egyptian Health Department will provide training for Narcan use, an opioid overdose reversal drug. In October, 2017, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) issued Illinois Naloxone Standing Order. The Standing Order makes a drug that is able to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose more readily available to first responders and the community. Our goal is to educate on the purpose and proper use of Naloxone, commonly called Narcan. Free Narcan kits will be available upon completion of the training. Narcan (Naloxone) is a drug that can be used to reverse opioid overdoses, including those caused by heroin, fentanyl, and certain prescription pain medications. The Opioid Epidemic has become a public health crisis with devastating consequences including increases in opioid misuse and related overdoses, as well as, the rising incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome due to opioid use and misuse during pregnancy. The increase in injection drug use has also contributed to the spread of infectious diseases including HIV and hepatitis. (NIH/NIDA) For more information about the Town Hall: Opioid Epidemic, go to the MCDAC website or call Executive Director, Holly Windhorst st 618-316-4472.
By: Sabrina Beck on November 2, 2017

WTXT 98.1
It sounds like the station is having a problem with it's transmission. In both of our cars the music has a small repeating of the phrases while playing. Took my Tundra by the Tuscaloosa Toyota dealership for the problem and they tell me it is in the station. All of my other stations work fine. Please check this and fix, it is really annoying and I love the station!!
By: john on November 2, 2017

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