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WRQN 93.5
Why is it you DO NOT p,at the National Anthem at noon anymore???????
By: Karen zeo on July 5, 2017

KBNA 97.5
Por favor.... Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for April's Healing Fund. Please tap to donate-
By: Lora Barocio on July 5, 2017

WFDG 92.3
Thanks for the 70's music. You're the best anywhere. Just one suggestion, better signal.
By: David wilson on July 5, 2017

WEQP 90.5
This is my favorite Christian radio station. Better preaching and Bible than the others who only soft pedal Christianity. I'm a conservative person and don't find any attraction to the "feel good" stations that have pop'd up of late. I'm glad that they are here.
By: Jeff R. on July 5, 2017

KVGC 1340
Looked up your station on web. Thanks for staying with the oldies. Was looking for 50s & 60s but at least we can understand about 40% of the words in your music. Thanks. Trapped in the Silicone Pit but up in Jackson for a visit......back inThe World.
By: Bill on July 4, 2017

WXRC 95.7
I spent last week on Lake Norman (from Ohio). Weather was great, company was good and music was awesome. Hopefully I can get app and listen to it daily back in Ohio.
By: Chuck Black on July 4, 2017

WFDG 92.3
really loved your station.Especially the format you had before your antenna breakdown.Elvis ,Leonard Cohen,etc
By: frenchie on July 4, 2017

KYVZ 106.3
KYVZ in Atwood Kansas, "Super HIts 106" is on 106.1, NOT 106.3.
By: Anonymous on July 4, 2017

WRVB 102.1
I have not been able to get your station on my FM radio for a while now, for days if not weeks. Did the station go out of business?
By: John Trunk on July 4, 2017

KERW 101.3
What is the song you played this morning with the refrain "Moving through the Dark'", Please
By: Juliette Brockmann on July 4, 2017

WRMF 97.9
I wanted to know if you could play Kelly Clarkson - Before your love tomorrow, July 4th, 2017 at 11 am? I wanted to dedicate that song to my boyfriend and I know he will be listening to your radio station at 11 am for sure. I would greatly appreciate it because he is always doing something romantic for me. I wanted to do something romantic for him. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. If you can also say this before you play the song I would be happy: "James you have a really special place in the heart of someone that is with you right now. You will know when you see that person. That person loves you very much, so enjoy your 4th and this song that the person dedicates to you."
By: Kristine on July 3, 2017

WMCA 570
Greeting I interested in rates to run an advertisement on your station. Please contact me via email with the information.
By: DUANE on July 3, 2017

WADV 940
I wrote a song called "Searching" about an old man that was turned away from church because he had on bib overalls. The Unknown DJ called me the last day of 1998 and wanted two more cassettes with that song on it as it was playing with many, many requests. I would like to make a trip to Lebanon and Hershey and was curious if the Unknown DJ is still there or even alive. He had two daughters, one named Julie that I met at the quartet convention years ago and would like to contact again. The song Searching is still playing in many locations, not necessarily y charting stations. As a matter of fact, the Unknown DJ told me that he gave up being a Singing News station because they wanted him to list certain songs in order and he said he wouldn't because the song Searching by Gene Young was outplaying Jeff & Sheri, The Cathedral Quartet and many others. Can you enlighten me on how to get hold of Julie maybe. My wife and I now travel as YoungSong and would love to find a church to minister in, possibly this coming weekend. We have a new CD that has 22 of our most requested songs on it including Searching. Also if you go to YouTube and type in Freedom by YoungSong you can hear the song that we wrote to honor our Veterans and Christ and see the video. This is another much requested song. Thank yo for any help you can provide us. Blessings in Christ, Gene (423) 677-5093
By: Gene Young on July 3, 2017

WSMK 99.1
I wanna know if I could get my song played on the radio.
By: Jasmine Kneeland on July 3, 2017

KOEL 950
Lost July 1st area of Lake Shore RV park on Q ave near Olwein DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone, white with 2 red stripes. (REWARD) 319-330-4735
By: Steve Feddersen on July 3, 2017

WNEX 1400
Would you please announce the upcoming Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church? The information is attached an listed below. Thank you. Irma Penn VBS Committee Please join us for "The Faith Run" Vacation Bible School. We will stay "On Course with GOD". Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 777 Elm Street Macon GA  31201 July 17-22, 2017 6:00 until 8:00 PM each day. For more information call the church at 478-742-0575.
By: Irma Penn on July 3, 2017

KGWY 100.7
Hello, I love this station. Country music is the greatest. I have a question for your listeners or your station. I am now a single mom with 2 boys. I need a job and I am struggling to get one at this time. I was a stay at home mom which is a full time job in itself. But now I need the income to support us. Do you have any prospects? I have gone to the library daily but because I have been at home for all these years I need to find someone who will give me a chance.
By: STACI SPILLMAN on July 3, 2017

KVSB 96.9
Huge thanks to DJ Moonbeam for putting this station on - absolutely amazing to find a no ads electronic station on FM. Thank you!
By: Radar on July 3, 2017

KMEO 91.9
KMEO 91.9 FM is nonexistent on my local radio since early June. Technical issues?
By: dkweber on July 3, 2017

KQAM 1480
Good pre 4th of July show! We do live in a great country!
By: Continued listener on July 3, 2017

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