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KDWR 92.9
Hi. Where can I listen o n my Android phone? Thanks and God's speed
By: Dominick Malchiodi on September 5, 2017

KJIR 91.7
Just moved to Hannibal. We love the music. Station on in house nearly every waking moment and in both vehicles.
By: Dwight Beyer on September 5, 2017

KZIM 960
Want to know about advertising an event we have coming up this month a Conference
By: Pastor Jackie Bowen on September 4, 2017

WGLM 1380
Just found this station, new to the area and just love this station ! Thank you
By: Barbara on September 4, 2017

KEUN 105.5
Hello, my name is Daniel Veillon & I was wondering how I can get on to your Show. What do y'all talk about?
By: Daniel Veillon on September 4, 2017

KSOQ 92.1
Could you either play Forever Love by Reba McEntire or just in case you didn't know for Leticia in Hemet from Billy in FL, please please please thank you very much
By: Billy green on September 4, 2017

KOYS 94.1
Comostas Pastor, I want to help grow your listeners by advertising & broadcasting my station Tehillah Praise Messianic Radio, I play Christian Contemporary, Messianic, & Gospel musi, & including Prophecy news from Jimmy Deyoung & Perry Stone Ministries. I'm familiar with some of the members at Lifegate Ministries from when I went to King Mountain Church, I'm also friends with Dave & Pam . It will be a blessing to be working with you, thank you for your time. Let's reach out others & spread the Gospel. The Lord can come at any moment, the signs are here. May the Lord Yeshua bless you!
By: Bret Roane on September 4, 2017

KTBJ 89.3
How do i get a program guide of your radio stations. Used to listen to old time radio programs like "The Shadow" etc. some how went off the air. Do you have any radio programs like old radio stations,Richard Diamond, detective etc. or good talk shows , ball games etc. I am retired & enjoy listening to radio while doing things. August McCleery
By: August McCleery on September 4, 2017

WJPA 95.3
I am 66 yrs old and live in the Executive House apartments in Washington, Pa. I am working on a piece of art that will highlight all the music from the 60's and 70's which I think is the greatest music ever. I knew there was a lot of artists when I started but I am blown away on how I am never reaching the end. I listen to your radio station and keep discovering more artists all the time. Thank you for playing the music that you do. This will be a poster listing artists and songs hopefully. Then I hope to attach an MP3 device where you can play the music on a bluetooth speaker either loud or soft. I keep saying my research is done and then I hear another artist on your station. I can't tell you how much joy I have gotten from hearing the old songs. I grew up in the 60's and 70's where everyone knew a local band. We hung out with the band and if there wasn't a gig to go to we would be in the basement recording them. It was such a fun time Yeah I was a groupie but I married my guy (divorced now) but still remember those days with great fondness. Keep playing the music. Thank you Monica Blommer
By: Monica Blommer on September 4, 2017

WFCH 88.5
As of today I am not able to receive 88.5 FM on my car radio. I listen all of the time and today when I tuned in I could not hear anything but static. Is there another place to access family radio? Are you having technical problems? Clark Thompson Mt. Pleasant, SC
By: Clark Thompson on September 4, 2017

WSSL 100.5
Bill Ellis when someone passes away "I. I. Me. Me. I was...I will...I did..." Got to admire someone who can make EVERYTHING about him. How's y'alls buddy Krimson who was convicted of embezzling from the Chamber of Commerce? Is she in prison yet? Keep up the good work WSSL! Everyone loves Beth & Aaron! Btw Bill it's not cool to describe an elderly gent at the gym in the manner that you did a while back. Not cool at all. ✌
By: Anonymous on September 4, 2017

WMWX 88.9
Do you guys feature local bands at all? Asking for a friend...
By: Susan on September 4, 2017

WTUE 104.7
Do you guys feature local bands at all??
By: Susan Hawson on September 4, 2017

WEBN 102.7
Do you guys feature local bands at all? Asking for a friend...
By: Susan Hawson on September 4, 2017

WFTK 96.5
Do you guys feature local bands at all? Asking for a friend...
By: Susan Hawson on September 4, 2017

WKET 98.3
Do you guys feature locals bands at all?? Asking for a friend...
By: Susan Hawson on September 4, 2017

WWDH 93.3
I seem to keep Finding 93.3fm playing oldies 50-60s music in a small area in North Fort Myers and not sure it's this actually station but whoever it is they are Jamming wish it would reach out farther or if I could listen through iphone app
By: Anonymous on September 4, 2017

WLVF 90.3
I would like to know if there is available space to go on air and how much would it cost, please reply,God bless.
By: Hector Perdigon on September 4, 2017

KBAY 94.5
The dials move for Daniel Musquez Casa Felize Apartments 525 South 9th St.San Jose CA left to right right to left.
By: Dials Mover Forteleo on September 4, 2017

KJSN 102.3
I was listening to your station, 102.3fm, while driving back from Sacramento and you had played a version of Hotel California that I not heard. I've liked your version but I can't find it anywhere. Can you tell me who was the band/artist that played Hotel California. Thanks. David
By: David Chang on September 4, 2017

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