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KKFM 98.1
I would like to offer up my services as a clinical psychologist licensed here in Colorado who has experience dealing with adolescents convicted of violent acts and sexual abuse. If your reporters questions you'd like to pursue about these issues such as these incidents occur, I'd be more than glad to discuss them, answer questions, broker conversations, etc. I can be reached at (303) 726 6841 through my personal cell #. I look forward to speaking with you. - Dr. Karen Gershanov
By: Karen Gershanov on February 22, 2018

KDOO 101.5
A pleasant and unusual surprise when I stumbled upon your station. Thanks.
By: Katy Philp on February 22, 2018

WQFS 90.9
I was hoping you could provide me with information about the artist that you played on Sunday, February 18 at approximately 1:18 PM. Please. The song was amazing and I would love to show my support for that artist. Thank you so much.
By: Rhiannon Chhanuon on February 22, 2018

WFDG 92.3
Found your station in January, and was so excited to hear the oldies.... Now something has happened to the format... Ain’t nothing cool about the 80’ heart is broken.
By: Sandra on February 22, 2018

KSPT 1400
What happened to Angie Austin who was on Daybreak USA every morning? I know she is still on the radio. Please bring her show back. Do not like the new couple you have on in her place. Thank you
By: Sue Brooks on February 22, 2018

KFLX 92.5
I listened this morning that 94% of women celebrities have been sexually accosted. I’d like to see how many NON celebrities have been treated the same. I still to this day remember being at work 1978 and having the grocery store manager make really disgusting noises as I counted money. 6th grade the boys following me home telling there friend I was giving him a “ bon**” Must have been taught by their father. I didn’t even know what it meant and thought my mother would faint when asked.
By: Jeanie on February 21, 2018

WPHC 107.9
Fantastic! I don't think I've heard a commercial I n the hour I've been listening. Great selection of classic rock and pop songs.
By: Jim 856 on February 21, 2018

KFLD 870
Please bring back Sean Hannity. Why have you dropped him?
By: Jeff denton on February 21, 2018

WEPB 106.3
Absolutely LOVE your station! It DOES remind me of WXTZ, & you're even better. Only one suggestion: I was listening Sunday morning when "Upon This Rock" was played. I don't know who the female singer was, but I did not like that version. I would suggest the Sandi Patty version of that wonderful song (and she IS from Indiana). That's all - keep doing what you're doing! Those of us who have found you are spreading the word!
By: Jeannie Fredrickson on February 21, 2018

WNDB 1150
I cannot imagine why WNDB would downgrade line-up and content by dropping Rush. What a let down! Thank God I can pick-up Rush on Jacksonville station! I don't need WNDB anymore (except for Kilmeade). GoodBye! JMK, SnowBiird (longtime listener - former listener)
By: John M. Kot on February 21, 2018

WJFM 88.5
REGENERATION MINISTRIES PRESENTS: JESUS, JEANS, AND J's CITY WIDE YOUTH REVIVAL To be held at New Hope Baptist Church, 434 7th Street, Gretna La. Warren E. Johnson, Senior Pastor Come out September 07-08 7:00pm nightly for a Spirit filled time of healing and unification. We will national recording artist John Philips on Friday night along with the New Hope Youth Choir - Attire is Jeans, T-shirts and J's (or any tennis you may have) Saturday night is Rep your school night. (Parents/ Grand Parents you can participate as well) Wear you school's t-shirt or Fraternity or Sorority t-shirt and lets worship in a spirit of unity. There will be break out sessions each night for the girls entitled, "Wonderfully Made", for the boys, "Take the Journey" and for the Ministry leaders and Pastors " MED School " (Ministry, Ethics and Development) so there is something for everyone. Please mark our calendars and spread the word that "REGENERATION MINISTRIES" is coming to take over and bring the Youth back into alignment with the will of our Heavenly Father. For more information you can contact Pastor Tremaine Johnson 469-765-6329.
By: Pastor Tremaine M. Johnson on February 21, 2018

KRRH 95.7
Are you aware this is happening in your city?
By: LeAnn Walters on February 21, 2018

KVSB 96.9
MB- The mamby haters quoting regs with no heart are exactly what's wrong with this town, and you're exactly what we need back. Let us know how we can help moonbeam if you're still out there. Terrapin
By: Terrapin on February 21, 2018

WRXZ 107.1
Why the f did you cut off two for Tuesday please respond 910 274-5916 I've got a lot of angry people out here
By: This is Trey dog from Calabash North Carolina on February 21, 2018

WEQY 104.7
I just moved back to the Eastside yesterday, I found your radio station and I love it! I love to come work for you!
By: Jolene St Sauver on February 20, 2018

WWCO 1240
Answer to Dorsey Trignition Media has begun simulcasting Spanish Tropical “Viva 840/107.3” WRYM/W297BT New Britain CT on pending acquisition 1240 WWCO Waterbury. WWCO had been part of Connoisseur Media’s “Talk of Connecticut” network along with 610 WSNG Torrington, 1360 WDRC Hartford, and 1470 WMMW Meriden. Those three were sold to Red Wolf Broadcasting in January as part of a larger deal. Trignition is paying $260,000 for WWCO and its Construction Permit for 106.3 W292FI Waterbury.
By: Porky on February 20, 2018

WQZL 101.1
Hello: I would like to invite you to my youtube channel. There,you will find "Carolina Lady". I would appreciate any airplay. I grew up in Salter Path and am retired,living in Gladesville,TN.{just outside Nashville. Thank you, Early Wynn Salter
By: Early Wynn Salter on February 20, 2018

WNBB 97.9
Please check me out on youtube. There, you will find "Carolina Lady". I was born and raised in Salter Path and am now retired,living in Gladesville,TN.{just outside Nashville}. I would appreciate any airplay. Thank you, Early Wynn Salter
By: Early Wynn Salter on February 20, 2018

WBJD 91.5
Hello: I would like to invite you to my youtube channel.There, you will find the song "Carolina Lady". I was born and raised in Salter Path and am now retired,living in Gladesville,TN.{just outside Nashville} I would appreciate airplay you can give me. Thank you, Early Wynn Salter
By: Early Wynn Salter on February 20, 2018

WXBE 88.3
Hello: I would like to invite you to google me. There, you will find some Christian songs. I grew up in Salter Path and now am retired,living in Galdesville,TN.{just outside Nashville} I would appreciate any airplay you can give me. Thank you, Early Wynn Salter
By: Early Wynn Salter on February 20, 2018

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