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KLAD 92.5
Hello, I work for the State of Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. I am contacting you today because we have a Medicare 101 class coming up Oct 04, 2017 in Klamath Falls. I have a flier that I'd like to send you if you wouldn't mind assisting us. The class is free and purely informational (we do not sell anything) about Medicare, obtaining it, how to use it and possible areas where assistance may be available. We are working with the community to make people aware of open enrollment and insurance options available. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time.
By: Miranda Mathae on September 15, 2017

WFAH 102.1
saw your add in the flint comics paper cant get the signal here. But anyway good to see some low power FM stations starting to pop up iam a long time pirate radio operator . good at audio and transmitter service so if you need any help let me know
By: James on September 15, 2017

WDBT 103.9
Glen Beck show should be taken off the air in my opinion. I change from 103.9 after Rick and Bubba to another channel until Beck is done and many times I miss parts of Rush. Beck had become a liberal and very much against our President. I know it is a free country and there is a first amendment but there is also freedom of choice to listen to another station or internet radio, I have spoken to several of your advertisers personally including Andy Shack, which I purchased his product and he also had reservations with Beck and he is hearing the same complaints from a lot of his customers. You have my input.
By: Greg clemons on September 15, 2017

KOY 1230
There are plenty of Spanish music radio stations already why do we need one more? Bring back Armstrong and Getty, Buck Sexton. I agree, whoever made this decision should be fired.
By: Karen on September 15, 2017

WFLF 540
We love clyde lewis yes you took off michael so leave clyde please
By: Esther on September 15, 2017

WHMZ 95.5
Great station what i have been looking for. Only classical hymes. No munbo jumbo no news just christian music. Thankyou for it.
By: george swan on September 15, 2017

KOY 1230
By: Teresa A Valadez on September 15, 2017

WVOI 1480
Greetings, I am interested in broadcast opportunities at WVOI. I am experienced in the genres of oldies 50's, 60's & 70's music in R&R, R&B, and classic country. I am very knowledgeable and experienced in these genres having worked and befriended many of the artists of the eras and genres above mentioned. I have over 20 years experience in radio broadcasting, board op, production and remote broadcast. Currently, I am announcing on an internet station, WBNR-DB. My plans are to relocate in the Ft. Myers area in mid January, 2018. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with the management of your station. I will be in the area October 5-10. Thank you for your time and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you. Kindest regards, Steve Jarrell a.k.a. "DaddyO on the Patio"
By: Steve Jarrell on September 15, 2017

WRVQ 94.5
Q94, I love your station since I was 12 ( July 1996). I love all the pop, urban and rock. Do ya still do flashback Fridays. I wish I can be a guest host on one of ya shows. By the way my name is ABEATZ. I'm from Petersburg, Va. Can ya play solonge Knowles Crapes in the sky. Keep on rocking. Is Betty bodine still on there.
By: Antoine C. Grammer on September 15, 2017

KFYZ 94.5
Wow. I liked the old format so much better. Why did the directors of the station feel it was a good idea to change formats? You guys played such great pop...and i usually listen to jazz on Sirius but this was a nice station to listen to when I was in.a "Pop" mood. Too bad you guys changed!
By: Micki Petrocelli on September 15, 2017

KOY 1230
Wow this sux!! Spanish music this blows! Bring back Armstrong and Ghetti, also ground zero and coast to coast! Who ever made the decision to change the programming needs to be FIRED!!
By: Michael Kirkpatrick on September 15, 2017

KXBK 103.5
I LOVE this's diverse without new stuff which you can get on other radio stations! If I may request a song, please? Sea of Love Thank you!
By: Sparky on September 14, 2017

WCKS 102.7
Hi! I'm manager of FLEMT Italian rock band. How can I get their music on your rotation? Gina Whitt
By: Gina Whitt on September 14, 2017

WVOK 97.9
HI. I'm manager of FLEMT Italian rock band. How can I get their music on your rotation? Gina Whitt
By: Gina Whitt on September 14, 2017

WFXO 98.3
I'm manager of FLEMT Italian rock band. How can I get their music on your rotation? Gina Whitt
By: Gina Whitt on September 14, 2017

WAEF 90.3
I'd like to get the link so that I can hear the whole fear of failing that was on 90.3 @700pm on the Cordele ga
By: Angie Harrell on September 14, 2017

WNLB 97.7
WOW! Thanks to my brother, I'm hooked on your radio station! It's been a very long time since I've listened to music in my car. There isn't another station out there that even comes close to the variety and selections these amazing students choose to play. Hats off to all involved ! Word-of-mouth will be your least expensive and most effective way to grow your fan base. Based on your reviews, it appears your on your way to being the #1 OLDIE station in the area. Let's all spread the word!
By: Cindy King in Perrysburg on September 14, 2017

WSLI 90.9
If U want to here a song call 1-888-887-7139
By: Eric Kaminski on September 14, 2017

KOY 1230
Congrats on the format change: Converting over to Spanish El Patron is just another example of why no one listens to you anymore, include myself in that mix. -and I speak fluent spanish.
By: Tom Nelson on September 14, 2017

KGID 96.3
Been listening to your station.. Loving the mix of Classic, Red Dirt, and Americana.. Thanks guys! Big ups from the crew here at Viejo's Tacos y Tequila Bastrop, TX. -Joe
By: Joe Oviedo on September 14, 2017

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