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KYSA 88.3
From an orphanage to the Manhattan Project and his unbelievable story in between. I am not a writer. But when I met Miller, I knew his story needed to be told. I was amazed that I had never heard of him. Why hadn't an author made his name commonplace? After many visits, I would learn why. Miller refused to talk until he met me. Oh, he had agreed to small articles, but nothing extensive and it was those small articles that caught my attention and made me aware that there was more to his story. Every member of his family said it was a miracle and that I knew him better than they did. His wife, Dene, said, "Stella, you have the magic key. Miller tells you aspects that he has never told anyone, not even me." I did my due diligence and tried to find a well versed author to take over and thought I had found one. But, his response was, "Miller would not talk to me." Unbelievable The word “unbelievable” defines the life of Dr. Harrison Miller Moseley. As a testament to grit, determination a... google and read enough pages online and see its value. I would be honored, if you would give me (Miller) the honor of reading Unbelievable and highlight his story on your morning program. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything It is in PRE SALE until March 1. The book will not be available until March 1. However, if purchased during the PRE Sale event, the price is only 19.99. Sincerely, Stella Brooks 817 312 3598
By: Stella Brooks on February 19, 2018

WWMM 107.5
A lot of fun ti listen to. Put you on as I leave for work in AM. You last a bit beyond Battison Park Rd. and 177.
By: Barbara heidenis on February 18, 2018

KQLH 92.5
You Run my ads during the day. Digital Network Advertising. Like to know who to contact to give you an update on the business and maybe do a new ad. Call me. Ron Witte 909-222-9293.
By: Ronald Witte on February 18, 2018

WKHB 620
HI, Donn Nemchick referred me to your station. I am the Executive Director of a Non-Profit Org, Operation Vet NOW Inc., that supports combat Veterans that suffer from PTSD, TBI and other combat-related stress issues. Donn mentioned you have some spots that touch on Veteran issues. Let me know what opportunities your station may have to promote our caus e and some upcoming events? Thanks V/R Tony Aubrey Executive Director Operation Vet NOW inc. USAF (R) Combat Veteran 412-347-1767
By: tony aubrey on February 18, 2018

KYGV 102.9
I'm so happy to have found this station. Best jazz since Leo Cheers.
By: Lee Burnett on February 18, 2018

KRTA 610
Beware of Enrique Smeke he’s is a sexual predator who molested his daughter lauren
By: The real truth on February 18, 2018

KMGI 102.5
Is it possible to find the name of a song. It was played early Sunday morning at 3:22 just before free bird. The song was familiar but could not remember the group.
By: Richard Bradley chase on February 18, 2018

WGKZ 88.7
Love this station. Has something for everyone. No annoying commercials and DJ chatter. Just good tunes that aren’t repeated over and over all day b
By: Sandy on February 17, 2018

KKTL 1400
I also would like to Know What happened to ESPN Radio?
By: Dave Johnston on February 17, 2018

WSVQ 92.1
Can’t pick up 92.1, WSVQ online, on TuneIn ! Help ! Like your music !
By: Carl J Eincagkiine Jr on February 17, 2018

WEOS 89.7
This message is for Ted Baker. I have always enjoyed your broadcasting of the games (lacrosse particularly) and do miss your commentary on the games. Since my son has moved on to Siena, the only time I have the opportunity to hear your broadcast is when Hobart and Siena play. You are a joy to listen to in that your descriptions are so vivid. It is almost as though one is seated in the stands and watching the game live. Keep up the wonderful work.
By: Michael J. Svec on February 17, 2018

WKLI 100.9
To Whom It May Concern: I am a vocalist in a local band. In the spirit of supporting local music, a spirit that thankfully artists like Moriah Formica have been trying to resurrect, I was wondering if Pamal Broadcasting would entertain the idea of airing professional recordings by local artists on your station. My group is simply looking for exposure and to share with the area what we've spent so much of our time creating. Just thought that I'd reach out and inquire. If you could respond with your thoughts, we'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Paul St. Pierre
By: Paul St. Pierre on February 17, 2018

WDVS 101.1
Dear all, I love the radio unfortunately, the signal is horrible and it's difficult to listen. I can listen a little bit when I am driiving to work. Depending on the time can't hear at all. For you to have an idea I can't get your frequency at home. Wish you could do something about it. Best regards, Vera Lucia
By: Vera Lucia on February 17, 2018

WETF 105.7
Help! I heard a great song around 10:55 a.m. Saturday, February 17. I think the title was "Jazz-a-bye." Can you confirm that and help me out with the name of the artist? I MUST have it!
By: Kate Adams on February 17, 2018

WXRR 104.5
Which radio station is broadcasting usm baseball?
By: Diana Hosey on February 17, 2018

KMPO 88.7
Whom can I contact regarding a Public Service Announcement for Al-Anon - a fellowship for (12 step program) for friends and family that have been affected by someone else's drinking? Thanks you, Diana
By: Diana Cotta on February 17, 2018

KRCX 99.9
"Lo siento." Pongan algo de palabras cariñosas para todo Sacramento. De parte del que se decia Madara. Preferrida una cantante mujer. Gracias.
By: Edwin on February 16, 2018

KSFH 87.9
Hi I am looking for a volunteering job interested Sammy Thomas
By: Sammy on February 16, 2018

KQSR 100.9
I have lived in many states and your station is one of the worst I've ever heard. Your format is awful along with a playlist that is so repetitive. What makes you think that anybody other than 20 somethings want to hear John legend or Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift etc. all day long. Your station has nothing original going for it. Do you even have a real DJ or just a people to do advertising. Why not have a call in request line for a couple hours every day? Try something to give any listeners something to look forward to; but you probably don't have a catolog of music other than the " canned crap " you play Over and over. Thank God for Internet radio!!
By: Rex Duncan on February 16, 2018

KSKS 93.7
will you air the classic country jamboree special this weekend from nashville on Daryle singletary wirh Earl Thomas conley. I dont want to miss it!
By: Barbie Henson on February 16, 2018

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