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WEEI 93.7
This stations changed back in 2011 to: WEEI-FM with sports talk and Boston Red Sox baseball. Same owner
By: Bob Nelson on April 13, 2018

WMLQ 97.7
Lithuanian Pot Luck Dinner Sunday April 29th at 1:00 pm MCE School Custer, MI. Please Bring a Dish to Pass and your own Table Service. Any Question Please Call Tina Miller @ 231-464-5032.
By: Tina Miller on April 13, 2018

KCQQ 106.5
Good Morning! Are you giving away tickets to see Jackson Galaxy at the Adler this evening?
By: Charisma Tandy on April 13, 2018

WSHT 100.1
This stadia Station serves no purpose. Just beautiful Music which went out in the mid 70s. No news,no weather, no traffic reports, no localism which is a requirement of a broadcast license. It's a low power radio wannabe. By: Robert Scharnhorst on September 5, 2017 ALL radio stations make adjustments in the beginning. I'm sure this new station will do likewise. I've seen it dozens of times over the years. Can't imagine why he would be compelled to spew out such negativeness. Maybe his Facebook page will provide the answer. By: Keith Reinart on October 10, 2017 Low power concept is to allow the voice of those not heard on the larger channels to have a place in the air spectrum. Listened to the channel while driving today, nice mix of music, needs to see if old broadcasters like me (well broadcast engineer - 45 years) would want to help out. By: Bill C on November 11, 2017 Programmed stations in Illinois, Kansas and Michigan. Would love to lend a programming hand...good on flow & tempo, music clock construction and depth of knowledge 60s and 70s. By: Mark Powell on November 24, 2017 I just found your station on Wednesday this week. Please whatever happens DO Not change your music format. It has brought back the feeling of the holidays back to me after 11 years. That's when my mother passed away. When y'all played the song Spanish Harlem I cried with happy tears and felt like my mother was with me right then. Keep up the great music. Merry Christmas. By: DONNA TAYLOR on December 17, 2017
By: dooby on April 13, 2018

KQQJ 90.7
KQQJ is a Christian radio station (website and is brought to you by the Juneau Seventh-day Adventist Church. Visit our website for more detailed program and contact information.
By: Sarah on April 13, 2018

KKOV 1550
We are so sorry that your format has changed because we listened to you more than 3 hours daily. The music selection was great, please bring it back.
By: Maureena Cravens on April 13, 2018

WVBU 90.5
I wanted to ask for a huge favor and give a shout out to my husband Matthew Taylor wish him a happy birthday an i love him.. He in Lewisburg Federal Prison. Please thank you.
By: Terrie ybarra from mn on April 13, 2018

WPRH 90.9
A fellow at church told me that he heard of a Christian debt relief program on your station and I would like to know the name of the organization please. Thank you.
By: jacob a. ervin on April 13, 2018

WRKS 105.9
Hi, Coach Jones is my name. I will be putting on an Event for the High School athletes in Jackson, MS. Bringing more notoriety to the MS area. I would like to talk to someone about this matter please? Thank You, Coach Jones, 303-505-9065
By: Coach Jones on April 13, 2018

WRRR 93.9
There is probably no better way of getting acquainted with Jon Napier’s musical influences than by taking a look at his record collection. Starting on one end of the stack, and working your way to the other, you are just as likely to thumb past Guy Clark, Jimmy Martin, and Stephen Stills; as you are to find The Staples Singers, James Brown, and Ray Charles. The only way to make sense of how all these artists culminate into a single songwriter’s musical talents is to listen to Jon Napier perform. Born and raised in sparsely-populated Ritchie County West Virginia, it was the gift of a guitar from his grandmother that gave Jon a creative outlet in an area known more for oil and gas than for its musical traditions. As with many small-town upbringings, it was this combination of quiet country life with little to keep a young man entertained, and the lack of distractions that gave him the ability to focus on the guitar from a very young age. Sitting around picking and singing with his friends and family, Napier had amassed enough of a set-list that at the age of 14, he was asked to play his first show. Seeing his gift for music, other locals in the community, including his future mentor Mike Morningstar, provided him with additional guidance in the form of musical recommendations that extended beyond the Top 40 classic rock and country being played on the handful of radio station in the area. This timely introduction to such artists as Richie Havens and Neil Young gave Jon the inspiration to begin discovering his own abilities as a songwriter.
By: Jon Napier on April 12, 2018

KLVW 90.5
What is happening? Odessa/Midland Texas can not pick up KLOVE anymore. It's only static. Help, we miss it! Any idea when it will be back on?
By: K. Miller on April 12, 2018

KMFO 98.1
Big Band Jazz on the radio! In Tulsa! Thanks!!
By: Susan on April 12, 2018

WMWG 89.3
The music played on this station is so wonderful, but i cannot always catch the name of the selections. Could you create a website playlist?
By: RB Hafemann on April 12, 2018

WKCG 99.1
Jimmie Doctrie at Wkcg is scamming recording artist out of money promising airplay on p1 and p2 stations. I along with other artist will be filing a complaint with the FCC.
By: adrienne johnson on April 12, 2018

KNHC 89.5
looking for "Hawaiian" music and programs
By: Anonymous on April 12, 2018

WNLB 97.7
I found this station by accident 2 weeks ago and I ABSOLUTELY love the playlist. It's a great addition music-wise to the area. I am so pleased to have this option. I have been listening non-stop in the car! Great job Springfield schools and Holland!!!! Sincerely, Ned Wright
By: Ned Wright -----Old Orchard and Dana Corp. on April 12, 2018

KQDI 106.1
Hi any word getting an app on the Google play store for q106 you can let me know Charles fry
By: Charles fry on April 12, 2018

KIVA 1600
Your Kiva station goes off air(static) randomly for sometimes hours at a time, sometimes right in the middle of a broadcast show, and you dont start broadcasting again until Fox network takes over. WHO WOULD ADVERTISE ON YOUR STATION WHEN THE ADVERTISING THEY PAY FOR DOES NOT GET AIRED????? LOCAL MERCHANTS ARE PULLING THEIR LATE NIGHT ADS.
By: Jay Perrone on April 12, 2018

KLVW 90.5
Where is KLOVE 90.5, ODESSA/MIDLAND, TX? All static...
By: Doris Welch on April 12, 2018

WWBA 820
I used to listen to AM820 every morning, to listen to Laura. Since you no longer want her, and you also (for some reason) brought us Bubba, I will no longer be listening. Stupid move on your part.
By: Paul G on April 11, 2018

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