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WOAM 1350
Enjoy 1350 ... wish that it were on more often. Is there a broadcast schedule?
By: Dot on February 16, 2018

KBTE 104.9
I have a professionally recorded song that I would like to be played on your station. It is a family friendly and clean rap song with a pop friendly beat. I have full rights to the song for it to be played on the radio. Feel free to give it a listen and reply back as to your decision. I am from Lubbock so the song can be promoted as a local record if need be. Also please let me know of you do or do not decide to put it on your station and what time it will be on if you do decide to play it. Thanks, Nathaniel Tracy
By: Nathaniel Tracy on February 16, 2018

WXLA 1180
Love listening to your music and news. I would like to comment on the Consumer's high rates that was discussed this week and it wasn't just the colder weather, I have a 960 sq. home and my electric and gas bill in December was $248.00 ! My gas usage was $60. and the distribution was $58.00. My electric usage was $50.00 and the distribution charge was $25.00. That 'distribution' charge is for delivering the gas and electric to your house, via power and gas lines! So I paid $83. for it to be 'delivered'. This is not right, this is unnecessary charges, price gouging. We can't contract with another utility, what can we do about it? BTW, it was approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission.
By: Lou from Eagle on February 16, 2018

WYBP 90.3
Dear Grace FM, I'd like to send you a copy of a song of healing that I wrote called "The Spirit of America" that can provide great comfort for those morning the unimaginable loss of their loved ones in Parkland. Please contact me at the e-mail address provided and I will send you the mp3. In Christ, Dominic.
By: Dominic on February 16, 2018

KMFO 98.1
I'm so happy to have found this station! Such a great lineup on the daily.
By: Macie on February 16, 2018

KBQC 88.5
I love listening to 88.5 at 5:00 am while I am drving. My day starts early and it's a great way to start the day! I have not been able to pick the station up this week. Has something changed?
By: Rita Stultz on February 16, 2018

WVUM 90.5
We'd like to send our condolences to the community of Parkland. The Sidecar Bandits featuring Sam the Armenian Comedian from Los Angeles Ca, KROQ 106.7 would like to do a concert to stop gun violence. Our music can be heard at and our song "Teenagers" sends a strong message that gun violence needs to "Stop!" Sam has been a featured guest on KROQ for over 30 years. His passion to speak out against gun violence is the courage we need to bring about change!! Please let us know how we can add our music and voice to end gun violence NOW!! Sincerely, Joe Sidecar Bandits - Get on the Bus
By: Joe Sidecar Bandits on February 16, 2018

WKIS 99.9
I live in Parkland County Alberta Canada. I’m a singer songwriter, in 2014 I wrote a song I call “Family” I would love to have this song somehow go to the people of Parkland Florida. If it gives even s bit of comfort to the persons suffering from the terrible shooting it would be so awesome. I can be contacted by calling my phone st 1-780-674-1799 or by return email. Can you make it happen??
By: Don Szybunka on February 16, 2018

WPJB 93.3
Stay tuned...New music is coming to Jesus Radio. Excited to be bringing it to you. Now uploading these new tunes. Hope to have them playing, within the next week. P.S. Revival by Third Day will be among the adds, I'm making.
By: Dan Presley on February 16, 2018

WQTL 106.1
wondering if you take requests, we will be coming through Tallahassee tomorrow about 8am if so could you send me your phone #
By: Rose Weyl on February 16, 2018

KEEL 710
Why is it that I can’t receive AM radio channels on my home stereo? I have a am antenna. What can u suggest that would help? I live in Bossier/Webster parish. Thanks
By: Brad Hileman on February 15, 2018

KTPL 88.3
I'm a long-time, daily listener to you station...however, in the past few months have been disappointed and frustrated by the station being off-air or when on-air--such as right now, and for the past month+ the audio is so poor it is sometimes not being fully received. It fade in/out and even at highest decibel it can't be heard clearly. I have programs (Chip Ingram; Mike Fabarus (sp) that I look forward to each a.m. and am wondering if this clear channel issue will be rectified or...?? I live in Pueblo West. Have others in SE Colorado asked about this issue? Thanks for you time, God Bless Lora
By: Lora Lee Wiggins on February 15, 2018

KMQX 88.5
Trying to get the word out. Mutton Busting & Bullriding this Sunday in Paradise TX. Buckles award to one of each event. ~ BOOKS ARE OPEN!! ~ Mutton Busting & Bull Riding in Paradise, this Sunday @ 1:00pm Don’t forget to call in! Mutton Busting Buckle Event. Open/Jackpot Bull Riding, 3/3 in Buckle Series. $100. Bounty Bull. For information or to sign up Call: Cayson Wilson @ 940-366-1530
By: Libby Uselton on February 15, 2018

WUTT 95.5
You've got my vote.
By: Mike S on February 15, 2018

KLDV 91.1
Our family really enjoys listening to your music. I love the fact that you make a mission that your music is safe for All Children's ears to hear. However, it is very frustrating that the news topics you cover are not always safe for children's ears. There are some things that take place in the world, such as school shootings, that I would prefer my younger children to not know about yet. We, as parents, at least have the right to choose when we introduce these topics to our children and it's very frustrating that they hear about them from a Christian radio station before we even get a chance to talk to them about it. We used to live in the St Louis area and Joy FM was particularly in-tune with making any major scary news events very vague. They would simply state that "there has been something tragic happened in Florida and we are praying for all of the people affected". They would not go into details which would in turn lead to our children's innocence taken away. Can you please consider maybe following this lead of being more vague with the scary details? Please. It's becoming harder and harder to feel like we can listen to your radio station because of this. Sincerely, Liz Rakers
By: Liz Rakers on February 15, 2018

KXPK 96.5
Stucco crews Needed/ Equipos de estuco necesarios (Denver Metro/Boulder areas) hide this posting compensation: great pay - piece work Looking for reliable experienced stucco crews 3-5 guys. Must have own tools, have experience installing new stucco as well as replacing EIFS with stucco, with all the flashings. Some framing required on occasion. Experience replacing window and building decks a plus but not required.
By: Metro Reconstruction Services on February 15, 2018

KLMX 97.5
Just sayin'... Y'all are sounding real good today... How 'bout some Molly Hatchet--"Flirtin' With Disaster"?
By: Shak Haisten on February 15, 2018

WIOD 610
I just saw this comments page for the first time. Can't believe all the negatives I see. Have been listener mainly at commute times & lunch since moving here in 2011. Love Cefalo & Manny. Always disappointed when Jimmy is gone but very pleased when he is back. Refreshing viewpoints and appreciate his candor. Rush is Rush. I'm a conservative and I eat up his show. Unlike Hannity, he does not relish bringing people on the air to argue them into submission or step on their neck to destroy. Rush puts out his thoughts and the facts to support them. I don't listen 3-6 anymore. After a full day of issues and problem solving at the office, I do not want to hear more contentious issues on the way home. I would listen however if it were Glenn Beck in that time slot. Lots of great stimulating thought on his show. One of the big mysteries to me happens when personalities just disappear (like Wendi from Cefalo show). I guess you have to be concerned about privacy, but maybe you could give us a hint. Final thought. Would like to be able to enter a conversation thru Twitter or something. Sanchez did that (maybe too much). Many times would like to add something to what Jimmy or Manny says. That's it! Thanks for giving us quality radio in Miami!
By: SteveP on February 15, 2018

WWCO 1240
What happened to 1240. No Brad & Dan? Just Latin music? Where did my station go?
By: Dorsey Garrett on February 15, 2018

WJLG 900
Could you please get this moose&Taz crap off and put clay Travis back on.
By: Jeff on February 15, 2018

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