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WAGP 88.7
Can you post information about a local Holiday Bazaar at Heritage at New RIverside (200 Heritage Pkwy, Bluffton, SC). It is all small business owners and those who do arts and crafts who live in our complex and near it. It is on Dec. 9 from 10a-2pm. It is open to the public and there is no admission charge. Also each family will receive a free raffle ticket. We will have a raffle drawing every 15 minutes. We are a collection spot for Toys for Tots. Anyone who brings a new, unwrapped donation will receive an extra raffle ticket. Thanks, Heather Betz (330)808-0913
By: Heather Betz on November 12, 2017

WVNN 92.5
Is it true Roy Moore tried to commit suiside this evening? At his home At 8:45 pm.
By: Mike hale on November 12, 2017

WCRJ 88.1
Your station is truly a God send to the Jacksonville, Florida area Thank you for all that you do for King Jesus! Our church family loves you and your staff, and our prayer warriors pray for you daily. Thank you for glorifying Christ! Jeff Burnsed, Senior Pastor, Coral Ridge Baptist Ministries and Atlantic Highlands Baptist Church. 904485-7189
By: Jeff Burnsed on November 11, 2017

WABK 104.3
Rest In Peace, Don Brown! You'll be greatly missed... .
By: Robert Lloyd Wheelock on November 11, 2017

WONU 89.7
Would like to talk to someone about promoting the Christian rock band WHITECROSS show dec 17- maybe some ticket give aways etc. 708-254-5505 is my contact. I’m a police officer in the town of the venue and drummer for the opening band.
By: John Darge on November 11, 2017

WYFJ 99.9
Please send me the name of the ministry that i heard air on your station on Saturday am between 10:00 -10:30 am help me if you can. I appreciate your Godly service.
By: Lawrence Nuuman on November 11, 2017

KAAX 95.1
Hii i just wnna show love to my husband oscar almanza love you baby you will be home soon 30 more day ..
By: Susana sanchez de almanza on November 11, 2017

KTNF 950
By: Bizme on November 11, 2017

KHMR 104.3
Omg! I LOVE this station! I am your newest fan! Awesome!
By: Donna O'Brien on November 11, 2017

WLIX 94.7
I need to know of a song that was played between 1:30/2:00 pm on Friday November 10th. A song with summer breeze dreams in lyrics. Please!!
By: Peg on November 11, 2017

KTOX 98.1
OMG where the hell have you been? I am in love. For year and year I have had the choice of country or oldies, I know, bow did I keep from killing myself. I don't know. I want to have your baby.
By: Happy man on November 11, 2017

WSHT 100.1
Low power concept is to allow the voice of those not heard on the larger channels to have a place in the air spectrum. Listened to the channel while driving today, nice mix of music, needs to see if old broadcasters like me (well broadcast engineer - 45 years) would want to help out.
By: Bill C on November 11, 2017

KSKY 660
Still waiting for Michael Medved. I don’t need another conservative robot. I enjoyed the movie reviews and his high intelligence. Larry Elder is OK
By: Tom Pennington on November 10, 2017

WMVU 96.9
I would like a reply to my comment listed above thank you.
By: marvin anderson on November 10, 2017

KRRN 92.7
Was disgusted to see how you on the news this morning with all the Hispanic people calling in .Have you forgotten where you've come from ??if you're not a disgusted it's because you're not paying attention. And if you are here is because somebody in your family made the sacrifice to get here to for you to have a better life.I Can't believe you would support that racist pig. Have you not listen to what comes out of his mouth? What the 37% approval rate and to find out that it's my people And believe me I have a great Life but because my grandmother my gramp on made that sacrifice for me and they were from Mexico
By: Lizan Arzola on November 10, 2017

KWTX 97.5
I would like to dedicate "let go" to my wonderful boyfriend. He has helped me through the worst of times and there is nothing in this world than him and the baby girl we are having.
By: Sabrina erakovich on November 10, 2017

KMRW 98.9
Komarong k lelok 1 molo ak happy birthday nan Manai Kauwe ilo Minnesota ne jen lijeran im aolepen rimwe
By: Loeak on November 10, 2017

KXIQ 105.1
I just came across your station and am loving it. Local radio has been terrible for too long. Thank you for the refreshing change.
By: Lorrie on November 10, 2017

KWPQ 103.3
Great when you thought you had to break down and pay for sirrus and wow free radio wins nothing like it around THANKS LOVE IT
By: Darold H on November 10, 2017

KLCJ 104.1
What happen to oak grove 104.1 fm radio station? Been off air for over a week?
By: James Parker on November 10, 2017

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