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WLSW 103.9
What happened to the oldies on this station? All we hear now is disco or whatever never heard any of these songs. Very annoying!!
By: Marie on September 10, 2017

WEZV 105.9
What has happened at WEZV? Many of the announcers I enjoyed listening to are no longer there. What has happened to their website?? This new woman in the morning, Moni, is irritating! please tell us what has happened?
By: Peggy O'Neil on September 10, 2017

KSPP 89.1
Is it possible for me to listen to the program again of Sept 9, 3:00 pm refuting global warming theories? I only heard part of it and would love to be able to share it with others.
By: Lynn Zimpelmann on September 10, 2017

WYKE 104.3
The saff working at the Villages Regional Hospital are working 12 hr. shifts. The hospital has supplied mats approximately 45 of them all in 1 room but nothing else. They have no pillows, blankets or food provided. They are away from family and their homes. Can anyone help by providing these most needed supplies.
By: Me on September 10, 2017

WRMF 97.9
For those of us that don't have power and are listening to you on the radio and can't see the pictures and graphics... Could you please explain what you are showing. Things such as the graphic telling the power outages. Thanks for covering us in St Lucie county.
By: Sandy on September 10, 2017

WNLB 97.7
I love this station! It is THEE BEST! I wish it had more power so I could listen to it longer while driving. It's always on in my garage! I just can't believe all the great songs that keep coming! It's my favorite out of everything out there! Don't stop what you're doin!
By: KIM G SHEA on September 10, 2017

WFLF 540
I see fat boy left town. What a log of carp he put out about the storm. His dope man must have left tosn.
By: DC on September 9, 2017

KPIJ 88.5
Hi I was wondering if there is a way for me to rent or buy time in the air in you radio station? I just got the idea of having a few minutes in the air and speak to families and women in need during hard times and giving hope and pray for them (in Spanish) for the Spanish community in Salem OR. I attend a local church and have a desire to serve God and reach out to the people in need.
By: Angela Murphy on September 9, 2017

WCUC 91.7
Nice Format! Was in the area listening today. Thank you!
By: Brian Ruane on September 9, 2017

WSOC 103.7
We are coordinating a family fall festival for our neighborhood in November. I recall in our last neighborhood we had the local radio station come and provide music. Does your station provide such service and if so, how much do you charge? Thanks!
By: JONI HONYOUST on September 9, 2017

KVSB 96.9
Had a case of the Blues this morning. In SB for the day and found this at Random. Had to search for info about 96.9 online because I LOVE IT! Of course it's called KBRC. As a long time resident of Black Rock City, this totally hits "Home"! A million thanks Moonbeam. This takes me back to the days when this is what I would party to on the Playa. KBRC has just become my favorite radio station ever. What a gift to your community. (I have a sticker with your name on it.) Well done!
By: REaL Godslion on September 9, 2017

WTRR 97.1
Car show sept 16th Corinth Wal-Mart all proceeds to lebohneur children's hospital 9 to 3 top 25 best ofs door prizes holy smokes bbq
By: Tim Roach on September 9, 2017

WWBA 820
while giving updates on the hurricane, will you be playing the Irma shmirma song by the pig bubba the love sponge about mocking the storm and making fun of it? making fun of stupid people over reacting? making fun of the governor and local officials for trying to warn people? it's real funny. I'm sure you pieces of garbage will love to play it for the millions of folks without power and or homes to go back to. I hope you all are real proud of the racist, woman hating, liar pig that you gleefully promote. again, I am compiling all the racism and filth this pig spews in the name of your station and it will be sent to all advertisers.
By: jerrry johnson on September 9, 2017

WOSB 91.1
Thank you for being on the radio band,
By: RD Fayne PhD on September 9, 2017

WOXI 95.9
Hi my name is Jim Pitts. I lived in Louisiana for 30 years. I moved back here where I was born and raised. Rittenhouse from Avery Auto Sales. I paid my rent and deposit 2 weeks ago. I still don't have water in it maybe Tuesday or Wednesday till I get water. Can somebody please help me with this situation thank you my phone number is 337 212 5467 thank you
By: Jim Pitts on September 9, 2017

WTBJ 91.3
Hi my name is Jim Pitts. I moved up here after Hurricane Harvey after spending 30 years in Louisiana. I am rent a house from Avery Auto Sales. I pay my rent and deposit 2 weeks ago and they still don't have my water on. It's going to be at least Monday or Tuesday till I get my water on. I can't take a bath I can't cook I can't do nothing because I don't have water. Can someone please help me with this problem. My number is 337 212 5467 thank you
By: Jim Pitts on September 9, 2017

KTCX 102.5
GM we are headed to Orange TX with (2) 18 wheelers packed with Hurricane Harvey disaster aid! Hygiene, cleaning, toiletries, water, new Jordan tennis shoes, Tshirts & socks, clothes & more! Also serving hot food! TODAY ONLY at Power of Praise Church 1311 N. 10th St in Orange TX. 10a until supplies last! Spread the word!
By: Dale Barriere on September 9, 2017

WGMZ 93.1
I listen to your station daily, mainly because I don't care for the music formats of other stations. My issue is, I hear the same songs, and same artists day in and day out. Elton john, Kenny Loggins, hall and oats, Huey Lewis, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, seem to rule the roost of your seemingly short playlist. Those artists alone contribute 80 to 90% of your playlist. While they are all great and wonderful artists, I know there are so many more that could be played in the place of at least some of those. You identify as "Classic Hits", so please change up your play list once in awhile. I can't stand to listen to today's so called "Country" so you are bout my only choice I have in radio. And I literally do listen just about all day. I would just like to hear something different than the same songs I hear on a daily basis. When you play the same song, 3 & 4 times each day, it just gets annoying. I love "Classic Hits" so PLEASE expand your list and play more variety. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so very much!
By: Johnny owens on September 9, 2017

WPPN 106.7
I just listened to your station and heard a song, a beautiful tune with a piano and male singer around 9:00 pm could you see what artist it is?
By: Brenna on September 9, 2017

KTFY 88.1
I am a local small building contractor and was wondering if I could advertize on your station and how much I should pay.I live in Jerome but will work most anywhere. I have only been in Idaho for three years and its been hard to let people know what I do. Mostly i'm a home repair specialist, but my passion is decks, refinish, rebuild, repair and build new decks whatever. I have been a licensed contractor sents 1986. Thanks for your time. Buck
By: Buck Barnes on September 8, 2017

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