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WEPL 97.1
Felicidades kchipo en turn cumpleanos
By: Anonymous on July 8, 2017

WSSD 88.1
Hi, here's a video/slide show I for the song Hey Brother would luv your feedback, thanks Limo
By: Limo on July 8, 2017

WDRQ 93.1
Hello, my name is Chelsey Ray and I am the general manager at Mallies Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate. On July 9th 2017 we are making a 1000-1500lb hamburger in attempt to break the guinness world current record of 777 lb hamburger commercially available. In 2008 we held the worlds largest commercially available hamburger record at 164.8 lbs. In 2011 that record was broke and now we are attempting to take back the title. Guinness book of world records will not be here to officially weigh the burger however after we weigh it we will send them the proof and get it approved. The Food Network will also be here July 8th and 9th filming a television show called Monster Foods. They will record the process of the burger start to finish and the making of the oven that we will be cooking the burger in. July 9th is the day we are actually cooking and weighing the burger, we will open at 8am and it will be $10 to enter. We plan to have the burger ready and served in between 7-8pm. The $10 entry fee gets you a piece of the burger. We are also having a contest whoever guesses closest to the actual weight of the burger will receive free burgers for a year. In order to participate in this you have to come into mallies and fill out a slip with your name, phone number and guess. The record attempt is being dedicated to Steve Mallies late wife who passed away one year ago from breast cancer. She leaves behind Steve and three young children. The left over burger we will turn into chili, soup, taco meat and spaghetti sauce and donated it to local needy families. If you need any more information you can contact me on my cell phone at 313-492-8315. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Chelsey Ray
By: Chelsey Ray on July 8, 2017

KWML 570
I believe your station had a very early morning talk show that had subjects concerning topics and current news about Dona Ana County and Las Cruces, NM. The host of that show had an Irish name, but I can't remember it. He is also an excellent pianist. Please email me with the name of that show and the host's name?
By: Charlotte A Mercer on July 8, 2017

WGYT 92.1
Love this music great station l wiil listen
By: Robert wherler on July 8, 2017

WFFX 103.7
I am visiting H'burg from NC and my car keys were lost at the Turtlecreek Mall last evening. I would like to offer a reward. I am reaching out to local radio stations for help. I have contacted the mall security and both stores I visited with no luck. Can you please help me???
By: Kathie Cox on July 7, 2017

WHHL 104.1
Can You Play 2 of BrahBenji song If I Get Em Radio Edited
By: BrahBenji on July 7, 2017

WJMG 92.1
I am visiting H'burg from NC and my car keys were lost at the Turtlecreek Mall last evening. I would like to offer a reward for my keys if found. I am reaching out to local radio stations to ask for help. Thanks so much. Kathie
By: Kathie C. on July 7, 2017

KMVR 104.9
WOULD IT Be POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ANNOUNCE THIS FOR US? Mayfield Volleyball Camp of Champions Tuesday thru Thursday July 11-13 8 am to 12 noon Please call to register: 575-639-1494 THANK YOU!!
By: Mayfield High School on July 7, 2017

KGRT 103.9
I don't know how else to go about this. Can you please announce this for us if possible? Mayfield High School Volleyball Camp of Champions Tuesday thru Thursday July 11-13th 8 am to 12 noon To register Call: 575-639-1494
By: Mayfield High School Volleyball Camp on July 7, 2017

KTEH 98.9
"Power Kyd Live"Coming to Los Molinos Veterans Memorial Saturday, Aug.12th , presented by the churches of Los Molinos, Ca. 11 a.m. Visit For information call Mill Creek Baptist Church 384-0254.Visit Your church can host a Christ-centered event also. CLICK ON THE BOX BELOW About POWER KYD LIVE! - traveling ministry to kids and families, sharing the message of Jesus in a relevant and fun way. Ministry Overview Affect Eternity Ministries is a North Dakota non-profit corporation. General Information Bring Power Kyd Live! to your community for a kids crusade or outreach event. Mike & Colleen Parker come with a unique ministry that partners with the local church to reach kids and families with the message of the Gospel. PKL! features a break-through backdrop, multi-media presentations, lively worship, and interactive stories, along with a Power Kyd appearance at each service Messages focus on salvation, authority of Scripture, who God is, obedience, our identity in Christ, and the power of God in our lives. What is a Power Kyd? * a kid who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior * a kid who loves Jesus with all his heart * a kid who believes the Bible and does her best to do what it says * a kid who tells others about Jesus * a kid who is totally sold out to Jesus! Let's raise up a generation of Power Kyds! Power Kyd Ministry to kids by Affect Eternity Ministries POWERKYD.COM
By: James Nelson on July 7, 2017

KHSB 104.7
Your signal is bleeding all over The Horn 194.9 out of Austin. You need to clean up you transmitter. It is very dirty and bleeding al over surrounding frequensies.
By: Rodney on July 7, 2017

WGHM 900
Any giveaways this year for NASCAR next week? Just askin
By: Mike Patten on July 7, 2017

WCFW 105.7
I would like to commend WCFW Radio for your programming and venue. This the main station I listen to all the time. It seems like you've changed or added to your venue of music lineup, as I'm hearing more music from the 50s - 60s - 79s, and really enjoy it.......variety is good to your present venue. The Jack Raymond Show is a blessing in its own. I enjoy it at night and listen to it while reading before bedtime. When I leave my house, I leave WCFW on for my cat to listen to while she's napping. Thank you for your presentations!
By: Carol Ceraso on July 7, 2017

KXTE 107.5
To whom it may concern: Hi there, i'd like to be in touch with your sales department. I 've a question for them, insyead of a commercial, can I buy air to play a good alternative/indie song? It's well recorded in a professional studio in LA. Please advise, Enrique Diaz 702-986-5849
By: Enrique Diaz on July 7, 2017

WMMJ 102.3
what is the name of the song played around 12:30p today (sounded jamaican/reggae)? thanks!
By: Judy Sanger on July 7, 2017

KVSB 96.9
Updates so far: Digital HD transmitter , Stereo (used to be mono), Smoother transitions between mixes and sets (not perfect but getting better), More bass, added some new genre's like big room house. Still trying to see what everyone likes tho, so it will change again. Love to all! Moonbeam
By: Moon Beam on July 7, 2017

WJMG 92.1
Is there a phone number for the request line?
By: Cynthia Noble on July 7, 2017

KMON 560
RC Airport Open House July 8-9, sponsored by Big Sky RC Modelers. Free admission to rc airport, located at 101 Black Horse Lake Road, five miles north of the TV stations on the Havre highway. The best flying will be viewed in the mornings because of the temperature. The public can see radio control airplane, helicopter, and drone demonstrations. Members will be available to answer any of the public's questions about the hobby. For more info see our website see for more info contact Bruce Hadella at 868-1212 Thanks...
By: Bruce Hadella on July 6, 2017

WJUZ 107.9
Just happened to be going thru channels and landed on oldies music playing, Not sure this is correct station but my tuner shows 107.9, and the "child" announcer is saying it's 102.7? So far after over an hour it has been playing early 60s that you never hear on radio anymore- I love it! Hope you keep playing this era of music :-)
By: Nelda H. Reynolds on July 6, 2017

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