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KSVB 94.1
Love your station! Been waiting for music like this in Big Bear! Thanks - you rock & more. TS
By: Terry on September 8, 2017

KWHF 95.9
Hello, I was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas. Now living and a professional country singer in Nashville. Recently finished a new country cd with producer Gary Carter. The title song, Take me to Heart went to #3 on the London charts. Would love to hear my music played on your station. Please visit my website for bio and vocals. MP3'S are available upon request. Musically Yours Lissa Hart
By: Lissa Hart on September 8, 2017

WRXK 96.1
I am a Cape Coral resident and posted a hurricane song and video 2 months ago. Now my property is facing the hurricane. Talk about irony! I thought you might find this interesting. Here is the link to the song.: Thanks and keep rockin' Andre
By: Andre on September 8, 2017

WFKM 94.9
I am a Cape Coral resident and posted a hurricane Video and song 2 months ago. Now my property is facing the hurricane. I thought you might find this interesting. Here is a link to the song. Andre
By: Andre sadowski on September 8, 2017

KNEZ 107.3
Please, someone bring Glenn, Dave and Sean back!!
By: Linda on September 8, 2017

WDJR 96.9
I would like you all to help me get the word out to iraq you lease broker mark I have property in marianna florida that is high drive lane if I have a point self contained are very I'm opening the property upward I can come and all a donation basis do ride out the storm but they must provide their own the top our water and septic call 8506932 705 for directions to the property I have space for probably more need to 40 rv's
By: Richard smith on September 8, 2017

WOSH 1490
September 8, 2017 To whom it may concern: The 5th annual Forest Junction Fire Department 9/11 Memorial is setting up this Sunday Sept 10th at 10:00 a.m. at the Forest Jct. Fire Dept. The memorial will be on display for one-week Sept 10th – Sept 17th at the Forest Junction Fire Department. It will consist of 2,977 flags-each flag represents a victim. I am asking that your network covers this display to inform people about the memorial so they can remember the victims and recall the events of that tragic day. Call or Email me anytime. 920 427 7313 Jon Beach Reflect, Respect, and Remember.
By: Jonathan Beach on September 8, 2017

WLGU 90.7
I love WLGU 90.7 Lancaster NY! I listen every day. Would love to get a t-shirt to spread the word!
By: tom on September 8, 2017

KGLK 107.5 YOUTUBE posting of the Hurricane song!!
By: C.W. Pritchard on September 7, 2017

KHPT 106.9 This is a YOUTUBE link of the HURRICANE SONG. Ohio feels your pain.
By: C.W. Pritchard on September 7, 2017

KLMT 89.3
The station is off the air for 2 days, 9/6, 9/7. What has happened?
By: Susan Kimpton on September 7, 2017

WILM 1450
What has happened to your morning line up? NO LOCAL NEWS?! Totally disappointed. Please bring Mike Opelka back. PLEASE BRING BACK MIKE.
By: Ima Bogardus on September 7, 2017

WATV 900
First Congregational Church and the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District are offering a Health Fair Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Smithfield Court Community Center 150 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd. Fortis Institute will offer screening for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and dental. There will also be pediatric dental screening, vision screening, HIV/AIDS testing, plus information about diabetes, breast cancer, substance abuse treatment, nutrition and income taxes. Guests will be able to five the gift of life by donating blood. If you have questions, you may call First Congregational Church at 322-1331.
By: Marcia Bentley on September 7, 2017

WLQB 93.5
Mi nombre es Gilberto Baez si me pueden llamar estoy interesado en la radio. Me gustaria cubrir el espacio que esta libre con mi programa si se pueden comunicar conmigo en mi email.
By: Gilberto baez on September 7, 2017

KBLL 99.5
99.5 just isn't the same any more since the new owners of the station decided to let go Nicky T a home town kid that really knew Helena and how to relate to the audience. It's unfortunate but I just don't enjoy the station anymore there is no personalization to it, just music. It's to bad the new owners didn't put more thought into their decision, just not the station it was, very very sad and in my personal opinion a very poor move.
By: Shannon Hahn on September 7, 2017

KRZX 106.1
This station is so insanely good. Great old songs that fly under the radar in today's corporate run lowest common denominator playing classic rock stations. Keep up the great work! Here are some suggestions for great under the radar songs even you guys do not play (yet?) Fig Tree Bay - Peter Frampton (the original 1972 version on "Wind of Change" album) Disciple - Doobie Brothers ("Toulouse Street" album) Moon Song - America ("Homecoming" album) Rock and Roll Nights - Bachman Turner Overdrive (Rock and Roll Nights" album) NEVER go away!!
By: Terry2 on September 7, 2017

KSTE 650
Bring back Vince
By: Anonymous on September 7, 2017

WDFN 1130
In an effort to escape some the ideological bent of the other sport station in town, I thought I'd try WDFN on my way home from work. What I found was a level of even higher stupidity as one show host screamed in his high voice at the other guy that he "was being an absolute jerk" because he didn't realize how hard it was to be a big guy! The accused host kept apologizing; probably afraid of being called a "size-ist". Sports talk radio, where idiots go to congregate!
By: John Alessandro on September 6, 2017

WGH 1310
Looking for star 1310 am .Have they changed channel
By: LaVerne Roulhac on September 6, 2017

WSGX 95.1
We love this station. Can you please change the track that has been playing for the last week and a half. Would hate to leave but the same songs over and over are really getting old. Thanks for the tunes.
By: Diane Grigg on September 6, 2017

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