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WCOM 89.3
My name is Dr. Leo and I am a chiropractor in Angola, NY and I am also a Christian author. I would like to be a speaker of health, chiropractic and anything else the Bible says about taking care of our bodies. I am a Christian man and I am always appropriate, entertaining, informative and Biblically-based. If you would like to invite me to be on your radio program, I can be reached at either my email, or by phone at 716-945-1668.
By: Leo August Jr. on February 12, 2018

WAEB 790
Bobby. When I learned the democrats were going to issue their own FISA MEMO, I suggested they would include so much classified material Pres Trump would be forced to require redaction. Well...wouldn't you know, now Adam S--T is crying foul! What a dirty underhanded group those democrats are! But then...who would be surprised? I learned to "think" through things such as this because YOU, Bobby have been instrumental in teaching me how to think critically. With WarmRregards, John G, Bethlehem PA
By: John Ganz on February 12, 2018

WOEN 1360
There has been nothing but static since the start of 2018. Did the station get sold?
By: Blazermaniac on February 12, 2018

WKLS 105.9
Drake Haynes turns 18 today in Wellborn, AL
By: Treia Sellers on February 12, 2018

KKTL 1400
What happened to ESPN radio?
By: Jim George on February 12, 2018

WSIM 103.5
To Connecticut's best radio station - can you play an inspiring song (you pick it) for Connecticut's own Emily Sweeney? I'm hoping she can win the Gold in the Luge at Winter Olympics!
By: Tim on February 12, 2018

WILK 980
Frank Andrews or Shimkus(it depends if he's running for office) is a big fat bag of mashed up jack ass. Nuff said
By: Jon Ezrin on February 12, 2018

KKCS 104.7
Blessings I'm looking for information on how to purchase some time to do a radio segment 30 minutes to an hour each week
By: Rita Chapman on February 12, 2018

KHHO 850
I used to.listen to this station every day. Imagine my surprise to hear political discussions from crazy conspiracy theorists. Well good bye forever to this station. Hopefully you lose enough money to rethink your poor choices.
By: Anonymous on February 11, 2018

WESP 102.5
You guys need to bump up the volume, it’s hard to pick up just 13 miles away. Also trying staying on the air more you must have a loose wire somewhere!
By: Frank R Sellars on February 11, 2018

WUBZ 100.7
Hello, My name is Anita Anderson I am the wife of Clinton Anderson from Fort Davis Amabama. My husband 's fsther fred Anderson used to sing on the Radio Station back I am goona say from the 1940's maybe to 1972 before hispassing in 1973 with the Saint Mark's Traveling Four and we were wondering if we are able to get a copy or a cd of some of his songs I know they did live shows but we were wondering if there might be a copy of a some around or some where I can purchase a copy it is for our genealogy records to pass down to our children. Thank you fro your time it will be greatly appreciated . We can be reached at 315-333-5074
By: Anita Anderson on February 11, 2018

WFAL 105.9
Greetings, I currently work with an Atlanta girl group. I was wondering what type of music is broadcast at your radio station?
By: Chan Allen on February 11, 2018

WKNR 850
I agree with Dan. Even when they are not doing commercials they are doing commercials. Guests are limited, sarcasm at a premium with open-mindedness and insight completely absent. If it weren't for the Browns show at one and an occasional Tony Grossi I would remove my 850 station preset. The afternoon show is a gigglefest.
By: Joe on February 11, 2018

WGBE 90.9
Stryker United Methodist church - All activities cancelled
By: James Ernst on February 11, 2018

WYFR 89.9
Radio experience for 40 years. Several stations in Mobile, WABB, Zoo 93, and many others including major market radio in Dallas TX. Always brought station ratings up when I was the morning DJ. Partially retired but still have the "bug". Please let me know if you might be interested. Not looking for big bucks, just an enjoyable time to share my talents Sincerely Trey Matthews
By: Trey Matthews on February 11, 2018

KOPJ 89.3
I have to say, whomever that was speaking at about 6:45 p.m. on Feb 10...comical and disappointing Granted I did not listen for long. I was driving and was fearful I was going to puke from what this man was saying. The speech was something to the effect that there is no mention of evolution in the Bible so therefore evolution could not have happened. This type of thinking only serves to hold us back and slow the advance of the human race. There are over 100 years of research and thousands of brilliant minds have played a part in advancing our knowledge of life on Earth. The planet is literally stacked with fossils from hundreds of millions of years of multi-cellular life on Earth. How can you air this fluff claiming evolution has not occurred?
By: Andy Ward on February 11, 2018

KLSN 92.9
Feb. 10, 2018 Hi. We have really enjoyed your programming, but we can’t find you any more. Have you discontinued broadcasting? If so, thank you for the listening enjoyment, and we hope you can get back on air soon. If you do, please let us know.
By: Cyd Kriletich on February 10, 2018

WHKT 1650
I believe your new format is another way for leftist to silence the truth about corruption in our government!
By: Jim Thomas on February 10, 2018

WWBB 101.5
I listened to Beatle Brunch every Sunday morning. Now I listen top nothing. Maybe I'm too old to listen to the radio all together. Will be 101 address the popularity of this program??
By: Rick Ihlefeld on February 10, 2018

KMMO 102.9
Would you please announce cancellation of our 10:30am church service, in boonville, mo, for tomorrow Feb. 11, 2018...we were told a lot of our members listen to your station..thank you so much..
By: Evangelical united church of christ on February 10, 2018

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