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WPIO 89.3
Love the station and have been listening for years. Please send me a program guide so I can put copies in the Narthex of the Cocoa Presbyterian Church. Mailing address: 2130 Indian River Drive, Cocoa, FL 32922-7070 Thanks! bill
By: Bill Riddle on November 6, 2017

KLWG 88.1
Im a christian that listens everyday in morro bay.. Im wondering if you could tell what song was played after tony clark on the 31st of oct morning ?? It was amazing thank you for program we are blessed by it everyday
By: Derrick nieto on November 6, 2017

WMAL 630
What has happened to john bachelor? Has he been removed? His show was one of thr best shows on your station
By: Mike Klare on November 6, 2017

KZXK 98.9
Great radio station, some questions: were do you broadcast from? (were's your station located at?) Also how come you don't air commercials who pays for the airtime?? Just curious.
By: Phillip Morales on November 6, 2017

KVSB 96.9
I'm so sad to see KBRC go :( What TVSB did is so unfair. I hope to see you back someday DJ Moonbeam and if there's any way we can help let us know.
By: Kathryn on November 6, 2017

WYZK 98.3
Just found this station, word of advice, you are very repetitious, love the songs but you play the same thing over and over, please expand your library and I will continue to listen and recamend you, great station , again too repetitious,,,,,,,,peace out
By: Diana Givens on November 6, 2017

KOHT 98.3
Just want to say the station sucks big fat 14 inch cock just like the guys I listen to it and also they lick the wettest pussy ever just like the women that listen to it. I guess it love listening to a bunch of nonsense as much as they like hearing themselves πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
By: Armando on November 6, 2017

KESC 99.7
The classification still has not been changed from "talk" to "classical music." KESC is the local outlet for KUSC, to my knowledge the only listener-supported, exclusively classical music station in California. Also online at RadioLineup needs to make the correction.
By: Dave on November 5, 2017

KAHL 105.9
Can you start playing Christmas music this year? I really think people would like a lot.
By: Chad lacey on November 5, 2017

WEMR 92.7
It's absolutely great! Haven't heard some of those cuts for years. Just need a little more power for some times of the day. And, for all the locations where I listen about five miles north of Chambersburg.
By: Anonymous on November 5, 2017

KXL 101.1
My 18 year old son and I listen to Kremer Abrams and Pasero on the way to his job. We are trying to hear and learn different viewpoints. I would like to ask that you give each other the floor to speak one at a time. I appreciate the passion but it's really hard to consider what you're saying when you talk over each other. Thanks!
By: Debi on November 5, 2017

WLND 98.1
Hi my name is sean reid and i gotta say i love how yall play 80s music and all other kinds of cool stuff but why in gods name would yall start playing christmas music from halloween till christmas i could see if it was after thanksgiving but on halloween really ? Me and my family and a bunch of my friends who loved your station is listining to other stations now until yall stop playing that christmas crap its bad enough we have to hear it in stores like walmart and target and other stores so please put back on your normal music at least until after thanksgiving cause this sucks if its your general managers idea to put that crap on he needs to learn how to run a station !
By: Sean reid on November 5, 2017

KKHH 95.7
At December,28,2016 last year,KKHH changes the format to Adult hits in 90’s and 80’s to β€œ95.7 The Spot” From Hot 95.7
By: Vincent Truong on November 5, 2017

KDB 93.7
I recently became handicapped, so I purchased an AM/FM radio to enjoy some good background music. What did I find, nauseous Rock&Roll, talk stations, and rap crap. Remembering KDB from years gone by, I gave it a try. All I can say is, who in the hell programs the music! Three or four notes played over, and over again, is NOT music! With all the great music that has been written, composed, and recorded over the years , and the best you can come up with,is this repetitive noise! Use some imagination !
By: Chris Weiser on November 5, 2017

KKRO 102.7
LOVE YOU ALL! PRAISE GOD!! IM WRITING TOday to ask if u would plz send me that address for the lil boy.....Ashton spoke about him needing a card. Hope to hear from you soon & thank you. All my love.... πŸ’• annieπŸ’•
By: AnnMarie Otta on November 5, 2017

KWPQ 103.3
So, I have lived in Springfield many years, struggling with radio stations that were more commercial and mindless jabber than music. Pushed me to XM until their costs pushed them out of my interest zone. Never heard your station at all. None of my car radios seemed to even pick it up on scan, then I picked up a new old car. 03 Ford PU that was passed down to me after the passing of a relative. Rough, hand crank windows, no cd, no tape, just AM/FM and suddenly, as if my magic I find 103.3. Signal ghosts in and out. Could pick it up in parts of Ozark, but rarely in Springfield other than my office area at Battlefield and Lone Pine. I was baffled as the format was genius, and entirely alien to SWMO as far as I could tell. First thought was a college station, then maybe a pirate station working at low power (I ran one as a kid in the 60's from my basement one summer) Happy to know you are legit. Had to pull out an old Radio Shack tuner and dipole antenna, but finally have you in my house and intent to keep you here. Researching, it looks like your "corporate" address is near Luster & Primrose. Is that your antenna location? I am looking for a unidirectional antenna to improve reception as you get fuzzy still in Stereo, better in mono. I am thinking line of sight may be better. Keep up the good work! Love your station. I leave my truck tuned there and listen to static when I can't pick you up!
By: Tom Oney on November 5, 2017

WKKM 106.5
Camping up here at Wilson state park I came across this station. I’m from owosso, mi and wish I could take this station home with me! Real country!
By: Shawn graham on November 5, 2017

WEKP 90.1
Full blown liberal, non factual station might as well be cnn, fox is only balanced news
By: Arien Wisner on November 4, 2017

WPAK 106.9
Generally like the station, especially that you play novelty and rock (and sometimes country) oldies that many other stations (even so-called oldies ones) tend to usually ignore and keep out of rotation unless a special reason comes up for playing them (unfortunately, these days that's usually the death of the original artist or because some have to do a "lost oldie"). That being said, for two Friday in a row you did an oldies show and had the exact same format, down to same song rotation and the same things being said by the DJ (so this was obviously pre-recorded earlier [because it wouldn't make much sense to pre-record it later] and re-ran twice). I do understand that as a fairly new radio stations you might not have all the much content yet (when a lot of music video channels and segments started out in the 1980s [and played videos] they also had similar items with a limited amount of video to put into rotation) but if you must repeat yourself at least try to hide it better.
By: Chris on November 4, 2017

KWHK 95.9
Will the Buhler, McPherson Football game be on your station at 7:00 pm tonight tks
By: Paula Ballinger on November 3, 2017

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